10 Best Things to Do in Seville Spain

by Jane Sophia
10 Best Things to Do in Seville Spain

Obviously, it’s a plaza of extraordinary beauty. It’s located in Spain. It’s difficult to shift your sight off this imposing, building. There are many such beautiful buildings, and places in Seville, a wonderful holiday destination in Europe. Let us know 10 best things to do in Seville, Spain in this blog post.

Where exactly is Seville located in Spain?

You can quickly locate Seville, near the south-west coast of Spain.

How to reach Seville? Does it have an international airport?

Seville is not connected by flights directly from other European countries and American states. You have to take a domestic light either from Barcelona or Madrid. Even the nearest airport is 80 km away from the city.

Since Barcelona city is too far off from here, tourists to Barcelona will not go to Seville.

I read Spain has excellent train connectivity. Madrid to Seville is 530 km which is covered in two hours and fifty minutes. That is real fast.

10 Best Things to Do in Seville Spain:

We will first look at the buildings of extreme beauty.

  1. Plaza de Espana

10 Best Things to Do in Seville SpainIts photo is given above as the title image for this article. It is comparatively new. It was built only in 1928.

The architecture is a mixture of Spanish, and Renaissance Revival. For your information, the ancient architecture of Renaissance, Gothic, and Greek were revived at the end of the 19th century. The whole area covers a mind-boggling 500,000 sq. ft roughly.

Fountains were installed at a few places facing the buildings and shops. As a public square, it is the prime place for meeting others, holing public festivals, and other Governmental ceremonies.

The plaza has numerous alcoves. They are said to represent the provinces of Spain. The plaza’s immaculate architecture, vast open space attracts Hollywood filmmakers. One of the most popular films, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ was short here.

  1. Setas de Seville

Setas de SevilleCan you believe this futuristic design of the building was made of wood? The name of the building means ‘mushrooms of Seville’

It serves as a market, shopping mall, restaurants, and a museum of archaeology. The final attraction is where, visitors go at first. It is open terrace, a large one that offers a splendid view of the city.

The Setas de Seville is one of the foremost attractions.

It is also known as ‘Metropol Parasol’.

Yes, it resembles a mushroom.

Another unmistakable attraction at the entrance of Metropol Parasol are these trees.

They are called, ‘ficus trees’.

  1. Seville Cathedral

It’s a catholic church and is awarded the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This Gothic style cathedral was constructed in 1507. If the exterior of the cathedral made you drop your jaws open, what will be your reaction when you see the interior?

Simply, spectacular!

  1. La Giralda (Bell Tower)

From the summit to its base, the tower stands at 343 feet tall. It can be seen as part of the Cathedral. Incidentally, this is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex of great cathedral ranks among the top 50 attractions in Seville. The UNESCO again recognized the palace’s cultural and historic value, and awarded the World Heritage status.

  1. Alcazar of Seville


  1. Tower of Gold (Torrel del Oro)

The words within the brackets point to the building’s Spanish name. It served as a defense watch tower . Its style is a unique dodecagonal (12 sided). This earlier prison is 900 years old. It’s a fine example of Spanish architecture, and one of the best attractions. Tourists are allowed to enter the tower for a fee except on Mondays when no fee is collected.

  1. Triana Bridge

Built over the Guadalquivir River, it connects this city with its sibling known as Triana. Triana is always included in the Seville city tour itinerary. The city bus has to cross this metallic bridge to take you to the other side of the river.

  1. Mari Luisa Park

I converted the Spanish name (Parque de Maria Luisa) into its English version. It is located very close the Plaza de Espana. It’s a beautiful garden with trees and fountains.

Some of the trees include orange, palm, and pine. A few ponds and a series of benches to sit and relax on the shores of River Guadalquivir lure the visitors to spend some time to watch the birds that have made the trees in the park, their habitat.

Statues of eminent personalities of the country decorate the park.

The park has several buildings, a library, a science center, and a pavilion. These buildings were built with fine taste.

Ex: Science center

It houses a museum also. It is an excellent building with stunning interiors.

  1. Alamillo Bridge

Alamillo Bridge

Underneath this beautiful bridge, flows the River Guadalquivir. The bridge serves as entry to La Caruja, an island in the Guadalquivir. Both the Alamillo Bridge and La Cartuja are good attractions in this city. A thoughtful lane is reserved exclusively for walking, and biking buffs.

  1. Centanario Bridge

One beautiful bridge built over the River Guadalquivir.

Both these two bridges were constructed as attractions and access during a world fair that Seville hosted in 1992.

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