11 Spanish Cocktails to Drink Only in Spain

by Jane Sophia
Spanish Cocktails to Drink Only in Spain

I was under the impression that cocktails are very colorful liquors. Well, obviously it is not necessary; the above image of a cocktail is an example. Let us try some Spanish Cocktails in this blog post.

If you mix two colorless liquids, the resultant cocktail drink will also be colorless-right?

Worldwide, cocktails of Spain and Mexico are very famous. I suppose even their cuisines are pretty similar.

Moreover, if you want to try an exotic mix of alcohol, such as a Spanish cocktail, you have to go to Spain. I am of the firm opinion that only native lands assure authenticity.

Even if I am recommended a top Spanish Tapas Bar in New York or Ottawa, I will be skeptic.

If you are proud about your ability to recognize the best of anything related to food or drink, browse through the list of Spanish cocktails that you should drink when you tour mainland Spain or some Spanish Islands.

Big cities in Spain.

Please be aware that Spain is not only made of Madrid and Barcelona. There are several big cities in Spain that are very touristy.

Here is a short list of big and bustling cities in Spain.

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Seville
  • Valencia
  • San Sabestian
  • Granada

When you are touring the land of ultimate cuisine, try my list of cocktails that are exclusive to Spain.

11 Spanish Cocktails to Drink Only in Spain

Before the list begins, I want to share my knowledge about cocktails.

We all know a cocktail is a mixture of two alcohols. Sometimes, a cocktail is obtained even when you mix some fruit juice to a single liquor.

In addition, the following liquids are also added to a cocktail sometimes but not in all cocktaiks

  • Tonics
  • Bitters
  • Fruity syrups
  • Shrubs

What is a liqueur?

You will come across the word, ‘liqueur’ often when you are reading a blog post on cocktails. A liqueur is not a liquor but a sort of flavoring agent such as fruity syrup.

For example, Martini is a cocktail that contains a single liquor such as a gin that is mixed with ‘vermouth’ a kind of flavoring agent.

The title image of this blog post pertains to a “Martini”.

Authentic Spanish Cocktails.

  1. Margarita


Margarita needs no introduction to regular drinkers. It is served on the rocks only in 5-star hotel bars.

Margarita contains tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. I assume you know what a tequila is but not what a triple sec is.

“Triple Sec “ is a syrup with tangy ornage flavor. Note it has an orange flavor but nor orange color.

The rim of the cocktail glass, a special wide-mouthed one will be rubbed with salt.

Interesting fact abut Tequila:

There is a town known as Tequila in Mexico’s Gudalajara region. The town grows abundant ‘blue agave’ plant from which the tequila drink is brewed.

However, when tequila is extracted, it is only a colorless liquid.

Catching up with the fancy of colored cocktails with sweet taste, other variations of Margarita have emerged and decorate the bar menu cards.

Flavored Tequila

Flavored Tequila

The flavours of cranberry, banana, apple, raspberry, cinnamon and peach are the latest flavored recipes while mixing special Spanish Margarita.

Let us move on to the second Spanish cocktail, boss!

  1. Beergarita

Not heard of this cocktail before? Instead of gin, a beer is used and the resultant drink is a beer cocktail’.

In the bars of Spain, Corona (a beer brand) is used to come-up with Beergarita.

  1. Sherry

A typical Spanish cocktail. It is made by mixing red wine with brandy. You might have come across the word ‘sherry’ if you have read English literature.

This cocktail is also known as ‘fortified alcohol’. Sherry is an exclusive Spanish cocktail because of the grapes that grow in a special wine region in Spain.

  1. Pinacolada


It seems the glass holds half a lite of this special Spanish cocktail.

Look at he ingredients; it contains unheard of mixture of coconut milk with rum (white rum), and finally, strained pineapple juice (pineapple juice (strained))

While I am of its good taste, I wonder what the drink will do to the mental status of the drinker. It will probably knock him down at the first time.

  1. Burraquito

Spanish Cocktail Burraquito

This cocktail is a mixture of hot strong coffee with sugar, and a liqueur made only in Spain.

Did you notice three different layers in the glass? They include the Spanish liqueur, coffee, and concentrated (beaten) milk.

Finally, for aromatic purposes, cinnamon powder is sprinkled on top of the glass but not stirred after adding the spice.

  1. Kamikaze

There is nothing Russian about this Spanish cocktail in spite of the name with the letter ‘Z’ in it.

However, the Russian favorite vodka replaces the gin in this margarita.

  1. Aqua de Valencia

Certainly a long name for a Spanish cocktail! The word ‘valencia’ points to its origin. Valencia is one of the top cities in Spain.

The base liquid is any hard liquor which then is mixed a liqueur called ‘Cava’, another native of Spain bars.

Additionally, sugar and orange juice are added. I think I would like this drink.

  1. Sangria

A very very Spanish cocktail made either with red wine or white wine, and some fruity liqueur.

The image above that shows floating apple pieces pertains to ‘Punch’ a kind of beverage invented by the Indians and introduced to their British rulers, long time ago.

Do you remember that you should drink Spanish cocktails only in Spain for certain reasons?

Here is one good reason.


Sangria is served in beautiful earthenware in the bars of Spain.


Do you know champagne is called ‘xampany’ in Spain?

  1. Queimada

Ah, this exclusive alcoholic drink from Spain packs a ‘punch’ really. Its incredible combination of ingredients makes it to be classified under ‘punch’, a drink containing either one of whiskey, gin, rum, brandy, beer, or wine and added to to this base liquor are coffee beans (yes, man, coffee it is), cinnamon, lemon peels, and above all sugar!

Thought it may not be called a Spanish cocktail or even a mocktail, it is a special drink in Spain with amazing ingredients. That’s why I listed Queimada here.

Queimada is a drink meant for occasions. When it is brought into a table, it is set on fire. It emits an attractive blue flame.

As it burns, brandy is added.

Amazing alcoholic drink of Spain!

  1. Carajilo

You guessed it right! Coffee is present in the cocktail that is consumed in Spain.

Actually, it is hot coffee mainly, to which a shot of brandy or whiskey is added.

  1. Clara Beer

Clara Beer is a famous Spanish beer. You don’t drink the beer straight, buddy; you add a bit of lemonade to the beer and tgus making it a mild Spanish cocktail.

The absence of vodka and rum in many of the cocktail drinks in Spain is obvious.

Felices Vacaciones!

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