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7 Best Venice Food Tours

by Jane Sophia
7 Best Venice Food Tours

A week after I wrote my post on Venice tours and attractions, I was asked to recommend some reliable Venice food tours that also promise to ‘skip the line’ and take a tourist straight to a historical monument or to a basilica without waiting in the queue.

Yes, such tours are offered in most of the big cities where organized tour operators have tie-ups with major tourist landmarks that charge an entrance fee and wait in line to get inside.

We are all in a hurry, especially while we are touring. In order to see as many tourist attractions as possible, we need to join a tour organized by authorized guides and tour companies who

are allowed to take their clients inside a museum or any such tourist landmarks that demand a queue.

Venice is a big city. There are various attractions such as historic landmarks, palaces, museums, art galleries, cathedrals, etc. Tourists wait outside these places in the queue.

In addition, there are food tours, island tours, boat tours, and so on in Venice. If you join such tours, you are assured of not missing anything important and at the same time, can save considerable time.

These city tours are money-saving too. In addition, you can pick up camaraderie with fellow tourists.

If the local language is alien to you, these tours do away with communication problems because the guide speaks the local language and English.

In this blog post, I will speak about different food tours in Venice assuming you know the names of a few Italian dishes and drinks.

7 Best Venice Food Tours

On your part, you better pick up the names of a few local foods that include pasta salad, bigoli, risotto, gelato, limoncello, Campari, lasagna, etc.

Some more Italian dishes that are popular among the connoisseurs in Venice:

  • Cicchetti
  • Spritz
  • Scampi
  • Baccala Mantecato
  • Baicoli
  • Fritole
  • Moche Fritte
  • Puccini
  • Sgroppino

I hope these Venetian foods and drinks have made you look forward to joining at least 6 different gourmet tours in Venice.

  1. Venice local food tour

Invariably, we look forward to knowing about the local food before we step out of our hotel room. Obviously, the local food culture is totally new to us when we tour abroad.

It is essential for us to join a food tour arranged by a local guide. When you arrive in Venice or even before you depart from your home, search for “Venice Food Tour”.

You will come to know about one such local food tour in Cannaregio, one of the local districts in Venice where more people live. Usually, this occupies the first rank in your search results.

For a real taste of Venetian food and drinks, join this local food tour in Cannaregio. The food tour guide is very valuable because he can introduce to you all about street food that can give you an authentic Italian food experience.

More Venice food tours.

You need to have more options when it comes to food tours in Venice. Italian cuisine range is quite broad. Here are more Venice food tours that you can go through, compare and choose.

  1. Venice Street Food Tour

It is offered by Viator, one of the most highly respected tour operators in the world.
You can find about 20 different food tours of Venice with different price ranges starting as low as $22.73 Some of the Viator’s Venice food tours cost as much as $180.

Actually, street foods are always cheap anywhere in the world. Even, New York is no exception. I wonder who will join such an expensive Venice street food tour.

  1. Venice street food and Rialto Market Tour

In Venice, Rialto is a prominent commercial area full of food kiosks, cafes, and bars. In addition, from Tuesday to Saturday, the place gets buzzing with frenzied activity as the popular Rialto Market opens. The majority of dining tables

are filled with exotic seafood that attracts connoisseurs and casual eaters.

Streaty offers memorable private Venice food tours. The guide will speak your language as well as Italian.

To find out what you can expect to eat and drink during this food tour in Venice, where you will be picked up from, the food tour duration, etc, and to request a private Venice food tour, go to their website While you are on that webpage, you can see several more food tours in Venice including:

  • Wine Tasting Tour
  • A tour of Tapas Bars in Venice ( this would be my first choice)
  • Venetian Spritz Tour (a tippler knows the value of this drinks tour in Venice)
  1. Venice Secret Food Tours

If someone confidently boats that he will take you on a secret food tour where you are, I would trust his promise. Probably he can take you to a place where you will be revealed a recipe for an extraordinary dish that is very popular or you may go

on a guided food tour to a cul-de0sac full of aromatic kitchens but still not well-advertised.

Here is very useful information for all food lovers, foodie travelers, and habitual holidaymakers. SecretFoodTours.com is an authentic source for food tours. Naturally, Venice is in their bag because of its high touristy city in Europe.

So, if you are looking to experience a unique Venice food tour, bookmark this URL:

Very appetizing!

They offer food tours on all the major continents in the world. As many as 50 cities food tours can be booked if you let yourself large on a big gourmet tour of the world.

  1. Desserts of Venice

Among the various food tours in Venice, a tour that promises exposure to the lip-smacking desserts will attract tourists who tour with their families.

Children would demand a taste of local ice creams and sweets that they can boast of when they return to their schools.

Their website that understands the needs of children who accompany their parents on holidays.

The site offers a 2-hours long Venice dessert tour. Children of this generation know fully about the world-famous Italian ice creams.

Apart from ice creams, you can taste delicious milkshakes and juices. Venice is known for its attractive mocktails.

Here are some of the tasty sweets in Venice that yu can expect to eat during this Sweets and Desserts tour in Venice. ● Pinza Veneta-a cake

  • Bussolai-a sweet cookie
  • Chocolate Salami
  • Favette
  • Zaeti
  • Gelato

Street Locals’s other Venice food tours:

  • Traditional Pasteries Tour
  • Drinks and Bites of Venice

For booking a Venice food tour with StreetLocals.com go to withlocals.com/experiences/italy/venice/tours/food-tours/

  1. Rialto Market food tour in Venice

Here is one more Venice food tour operator that you should know if you are hooked on Venetian food and drinks. Real connoisseurs would say ‘no’ to wide options when it comes to going on a gourmet tour.

FoodToursOfVenice.com seems to be a dependable source when it comes to going on a Venice food tour.

The big advantage of booking a guide food tour in Venice with this company is you would be picked up from your hotel and get dropped back. This will prevent tourist traps in a foreign city.

  1. Venice food tour in Cannaregio and Rialto Market

In this food tour, you are sure to visit two of the best places in Venice that are rated as the best for eating and drinking exclusive Venetian food and drink.
What I liked about this food tour company in Venice is the convenient time the food tour starts. It is 10.30 am, folks! An ideal time to begin with starters, when you reach the first spot and end up eating lunch by 1.30 pm when the tour ends.

See if you recognize any of the dishes of Venice.

Both the Cannaregio and Rialto markets are located on either side of the Grand Canal of Venice. By joining this food tour, you are assured of the best eating and seeing the best scenes. Ah, finally, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Try to live by the famous cliche: “When you are in Venice, be a Venetian”.

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