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6 Must Visit Night Markets in Chiang Mai

by Jane Sophia
Visit Night Markets in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is undoubtedly, the most under-visited place in Thailand. The majority of tourists go mainly to Bangkok, spend every evening in the street where the so-called massage parlors are located, eat their tummy-full of Thai street-food, empty their credit card limits in numerous shopping malls, and return.

During their second trip to Thailand, they buy a full tour package of Thai islands, including Phuket, one of the world’s highly visited tropical islands in Asia.

North Thailand is usually neglected. Chiang Mai is the largest Thai city in North Thailand.

There are many places to see, such as Hindu, and Buddhist temples, national parks, and theme parks.

However, in this blog post, you will come to know about several night markets in Chiang Mai, that pull thousands of tourists from Malaysia, Myanmar, Taipei, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and even from Indonesia.

Night markets are fun to linger around because; there are really myriad gifts, and souvenirs you can buy. In addition, the Thai food stalls and bars are wonderful places to give rest to your tired legs.

The daytime’s heat and humidity will be clearly absent. This makes your shopping experience relaxed.

While most of the night markets in Chiang Mai are in open grounds, some bazaars function under big buildings.

6 Must Visit Night Markets in Chiang Mai

Let us begin our tour of night markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  1. Pantip Plaza

Pantip Plaza

Pantip Plaza is for people looking to buy basic to advanced computers, and accessories, gadgets, infotainment devices, data chords, Bluetooth gadgets, and many more.

Moreover, you can buy just about every IT related software, computer games, OS, etc.

Another big attraction in Pantip Plaza are the tiny shops from where you can buy second hand hardware. The shop owners also offer to repair laptops, and cellphones.

Music players, mobile phones, video cameras are some of the hot selling gadgets.

  1. Kat Rin Kham Night Bazaar

It’s an attractive shopping bazaar that opens in the evening and stays open until midnight.

I could not find anything special about it. You find the usual handicrafts, dresses, hats, belts, and fancy footwear.

Of course, there are the ubiquitous noodles, soups, and fish fried rice served with unknown and unheard of sauce varieties.

I read this night bazaar is also called ‘students bazaar’.

If you are looking to impress your friends and neighbours back home with your Thai purchases, get quite a lot of wall decors, and furniture covers at dead cheap prices.

Generally, the prices of anything you like in the shops of night markets in Thailand will be shockingly cheap.

  1. Rachadamnoen Road Night Market

Buy some incredible handicrafts, and pottery in this night market. It is open only on Sundays. Shops open by 3 pm and stay open until midnight.

It is also a food market. You can dine, buy takeaway foods, and ready-to-cook foods such as noodles, sauces, cheeses, marmalades, fruits, and vegetables.

  1. Chang Phuak Gate

Amongst various night markets in Chiang Mai, this one is very popular amongst the locals. Your hotel reception desk will arrange a round trip for you.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

All the Thailand, all-inclusive tour packages will include a visit to this shopping market in the itinerary.

The added attractions are the street food stalls that serve extraordinary Thai cuisine.

Cooked in front of you and served piping hot, you should try the perfectly grilled chicken, mutton, and lobsters.

Somehow the western pork sausages found their way into this South Asian paradise.

The pork sausages are displayed in every food kiosk. I wonder how these mountains of sausages will get sold before midnight! After all, the night market is opened only around 5 pm.

If you are a fan of trying different soups, Thailand will satisfy your taste buds with its amazing range of soups. The best one is the pig leg soup.

Khao Kha Moo means fried rice with pork leg pieces.

Go up to the west gate where there is a push cart from which you can taste duck leg soup. I am sure this is as exotic as it can get amongst Thai foods.

I think you will first finish eating these strange meat-based soups, and rice, noodles, and soups and start walking towards shops that sell:

  • Ornaments
  • Thai vendor hat
  • Dresses
  • Ties
  • Footwear
  • Wooden handicrafts
  • Perfumes
  • Makeup cosmetics
  • China clay crockery
  • Belts
  • Spiced Tea

The range of goods is quite exhaustive. Allocate one full evening for this Chiang Mai night market.

I guess, you are likely to make a second visit before your departure from Thailand.

  1. Wua Lai Road

This market also sells mainly handicrafts. It is open only on Saturdays.

Both the above two markets don’t allow cars, buses, and motorcycles.

  1. Kalare Night Bazaar

If you think you have had enough of Thai cuisine and want to taste food from neighboring countries that include, Myanmar, India, and Cambodia, Kalare Night Bazar is the place to go to.

Even you can eat Sushi, the Japanese’s favourite.

Overall, all evenings during your stay in Chiang Mai, will be spent by visiting these night markets.

Street performers will be seen entertaining the visitors with several daredevil acts.

You can fill up both your tummy and suitcases. When you finally get seated on your return flight, you will have a satisfactory gleam on your face.


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