7 Best Food Markets around the World- Food Influencers Prefer

by Jane Sophia
Best Food Markets around the World

Out of various kinds of travellers such as family travellers, adventure travellers, wildlife travellers, foodie travellers, I think only foodie travellers are paid travellers because their articles and blog posts can generate business. Let us discuss more about the 7 best food markets around the world, which are prefered by food influencers.

Invariably, food markets across the world are attended by professional chefs also.

Another kind of the attendees includes food artists who specialize in presentation of cooked foods.

For example, cake artists who are skilled to improve the appearance of cakes, and pastries.

The professional bloggers and writers for vlogs, and food magazine promote their sponsors that include:

  • Spices and condiments dealers
  • Manufacturers of flavors
  • Food preservatives companies
  • Canned meat, vegetables, and fruits manufacturers

Finally, every holidaymaker does some research on the types of exotic food that they can eat in the city of their destination.

Let us get to know the world’s top 15 food markets that draw the above-mentioned visitors in large numbers.

Every country is known for something special to eat, and buy. For example:

  • Coffee of Jamaica
  • French pastries
  • Tea in Iran, and Sri Lanka
  • Hyderabad biryani
  • Kolkata is known for Rasagulla
  • Wine, and pizzas in Italy
  • Hotdogs of New York

7 Best Food Markets around the World- Food Influencers Prefer

  1. Fruits Markets in Madeira

Madeira is an island in Portugal. The local food market is largely visited by the people from mainland Portugal, Spaniards, and the Italians.

The island’s passion fruits are highly sought after. On this island, you can buy the passion fruits in yellow, red, green, and purple colors.

Fruits markets in MadeiraThese sweet delicacies come in round as well as oval shape. Both the pulp and the seeds are eaten.

  1. Cheese Market in Akmaar, Holland

Akmaar may be a little known city among vacationers, but it occupies a big spot in the food market radar.

The cheese market is open every alternate week from April to September. Incidentally, there is a museum in this small city on its cheese production history.

Look at the atmosphere of gaiety in this Dutch cheese market! You can even see them dancing!

The cheese blocks are in various colors, and shapes. I am sure this special food market in the Netherlands attracts quite a number of importers, and exporters of cheese exclusively.


Do you know the French people in France eat the highest quantity of cheese? Likewise, China eats the lowest volume of cheese. You cannot find much cheese in Chinese cuisine.

  1. Timeout Market, Lisbon

Timeout Market, LisbonLisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is one of the vacation hot spots in the world. Its Timeout Market is one of the highly mentioned food markets in the world.

It is held in a large hall. On one side, you can see the heaps of foods displayed such as:

  • Vegetables, and fruits
  • Fish and other catches from the sea
  • Bakery products
  • Dairy products
  • Drinks

The large dining area can accommodate several hundred diners. Seats are not available during prime time.

This world renowned food market is open on all days. The opening time is 10 am, and the closing time is midnight.

  1. Victor Hugo Market, Toulouse, France

Toulouse, one of the towns in the French Riviera, is an astonishingly beautiful place in the world.

The Victor Hugo Market is one of the top food markets in the world.

The popular foods of France such as, biroche, champagne, croissants, cakes, seafoods, cheese, pastries, etc are available considerably cheaply.

More than 100 stalls sell lip-smacking cooked foods, and raw vegetables, meats, and fish varieties.

An exclusive dining hall is always crowded. This market remains open only half a day. The timing is 6.30 am to 1.30 pm.

  1. La Boqueria Food Market, Barcelona, Spain

As such, Barcelona’s history, culture, and architecture attract tourists from all over Europe, and the United States.

We know, the Spanish cuisine is now mixed in every other nation’s cuisine.

The bell-peppers of Spain, the way the Spanish chefs use cheese, and olive fruits have made us great fans of Spanish cuisine.

Naturally, a Spanish food market, and that too in Barcelona is largely attended, and participated.

La Boqueria is usually listed on the first day of Barcelona’s city tour itinerary. Candied fruits are the much hyped food product here.

Though you can find the usual sugar syrup soaked such as pineapple, cherry, musk melon, and mango, you can buy some local fruits that include, the world-famous Seville Orange.

Do you know which candied fruit is the most sold in the world?


Yes, the candied cherries are found in cakes, and ice creams decoration too, apart from milkshakes, Indian sweets, etc,

Olive fruits, that are generally found in the candied fruits shelves, can also be bought in this Barcelona’s food market.

This food market had its humble beginnings in as early as the 13th century!

  1. Khlong Toei Food Market, Bangkok

Bangkok city just cannot be ignored when it comes to best food markets around the world. The Thai food is one of the widely appreciated cuisines in the world.

It is open daily for a whopping 20 hours! The timings are 6 am to 2 am.

The food products on display include:

  • Nearly 25 varieties of noodles
  • An equal number of ketchups, tomato, and fish sauces
  • A mind-boggling range of rice, and pulses
  • Seafood

I recognized candies fruits, vegetable salads, and sun-dried seafoods, in the video.

It is the raw meat section that attracts the purchase managers of star hotels, and the chefs of Bangkok restaurants.

Huge piles of raw meet will be kept hanging. Don’t be surprised when you spot the meats of whole poultry, and pig.

I read even insects (live), and frogs are displayed for sake.

When you visit Bangkok, don’t say ‘no’ to your guide when he announces Khlong Toei Food Market will be the next stop.

  1. Pike Place Food Market, Seattle

This food market on Seattle, in the state of Washington is the most visited markets in the U.S.

If you are new to America, then, probably, you may not be aware of authentic American cuisine which is actually a mix of native, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines.

The farm produce that are on sale here is fresh, and original as this is a farmers market.

It has been functioning for the last 117 years. That speaks about the patronage the food market gets from the public.

Pike Place is located close to some scenic coastal attractions that include a ‘sound’ called ‘Puget Sound’.

It pulls about 10 million buyers every year. In addition, among so many natural, historical attractions in the world, this food market is ranked 33rd most visited tourist attraction!

When you visit the cities, make it a point to visit the food markets also. Plan your next trip to visit those 7 best food markets around the world, most of the food influencers prefer.


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