10 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Los Angeles and Washington DC

by Jane Sophia
Surfside Taco Stand

Washington DC and Los Angeles, the two big cities in the U.S. either do not sleep or work till 4 am only to start working again from 6 am, hence they have 24-Hour Restaurants.

In Washington DC, politicians and their large support staff work almost round the clock. In Hollywood, Los Angeles, the headquarters of the world film industry also work 24-Hours.

Then, there are the insomniacs, 24-Hour -snackers that depend on restaurants who are ready to feed them all through the day, either through mobile apps or serve the diners in the restaurant building.

Oh, I forgot! Los Angeles is known to host parties till early in the morning. For them, it is still late-night and it seems there is no dawn for them. They too might run out of food and drinks and would like to if there are any 24-Hour restaurants nearby.

I compiled a list of 24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles and Washington DC that might also come in handy for tourists who arrive during ghostly hours from other U.S. cities and other countries.


Five, 24-Hour restaurants in Washington DC

Most of the all-night restaurants (all-day too) do not serve or door deliver every dish on their menu. You might get cakes, pizzas, and waffles. However, some restaurant owners are overzealous and are willing to offer you a full course meal!

  1. 24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC: Steak-N-Egg


24-Hour Restaurants Steak-N-Egg A favorite joint among students, this 24-Hour -diner is ready to feed hungry people with sandwiches, salads, pancakes, burgers, and boiled eggs. What more can you ask for from a restaurant at 3.30 am?

24-Hour Restaurants Steak-N-Egg

Address of this Washington DC 24-Hour restaurant:

4700 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016 Phone: 202 686 1201

Images sourced from http://www.steak-n-egg.com

  1. 24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC: The Diner

This 24-Hour restaurant is located at 2453 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 Call them at 202 232-8800 for directions.

24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC The Diner

Image source: https://www.dinerdc.com/

They claim to satisfy the night owls, early birds, and everyone in between. Nicely put-eh? This all-night restaurant serves everything printed on their menu and I assure you it is an exhaustive one.

A few dishes on their menu that would surely entice a night owl to order:

  • Fried Chicken Biscuit
  • Buttermilk pancake
  • Ponderosa Stomp Omelet
  • Scrambled Tofu


  1. 24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC: Surfside Taco Stand

Call for inquiries and address; 202 466-1830 This 24-Hour diner in Washington DC is located in Dupont Circle.

They serve even at odd hours the grilled chicken, roasted mushrooms, tacos, Belize quesadilla, grilled shrimp, and braised chicken. Of course, I did not mention all that is printed on their menu. It has received several positive reviews. I think they also deliver to your doorsteps.

  1. 24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC: Bob & Edith’s Diner

24-Hour Restaurants Bob & Edith’s Diner

This 24-Hour restaurant is located in Columbia Heights and you can reach them at 703- 920-6103

This restaurant is famous for their range of grilled meat, fried steaks, eggs and sausages, and multi-grain cakes.

Though you can visit any one of their 4 outlets in Washington D.C., you can also order food online.

  1. 24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC: Yechon


121 Hummer Rd, Annandale, VA 22003, (703) 914-4646

The name of this 24-Hour restaurant says it is Japanese. However, you also get Korean food. So, naturally, you can get the famous raw fish, Japanese Sushi, and Sashimi.

24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC Yechon

If you know at least a few of the Korean food names, you can order the ox bone soup, ox tail soup, steamed rice accompanied by your choice of various meat

24-Hour restaurant in Washington DC Yechon

Five, 24-Hour Restaurants in Los Angeles

24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles: Izzy’s Deli


24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles Izzy's Deli

Location: 1433 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403 Phone: (310) 394-1131

Yes, this 24-Hour restaurant in Los Angeles offers facilities to order food online but if I were in LA, I would personally visit the diner in order to catch a glimpse of one or two celebrities who are sure to linger around discussing their upcoming movie or serial.

This a 40 years old restaurant in Santa Monica that serves a range of overstuffed sandwiches, melted sandwiches, skinless chicken sandwiches and the Americans’ staple, hamburgers.

24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles: LA Café

 LA Cafe

Phone: (213) 612-3000

This restaurant’s doors never close. You get to eat vegan food and that too free from gluten. Wow! This is good news! When you eat anything after 10 pm, it is better to be free of gluten. Of course, to be a vegan or a vegetarian is your choice only. You can order all the favorite foods of Los Angeles such as sausages, eggs and bacon, all kinds of sandwiches and the ubiquitous hot dogs that the LA men seem to thrive on.

24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles: 25 Degrees

Address: 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

Ph: (323) 785-7244

What an address for this 24-Hour open restaurant in Hollywood, Los Angeles!

Meeting the requirements of the film world of Hollywood that doesn’t sleep, their menu is obviously quite lengthy hoping to satisfy the palettes of multi-national technicians.

Their most ordered food includes:

  • Sweet potato fries
  • Chopped chicken salad
  • Guinness milkshakes
  • Hamburgers

In fact, they give you an option of building your own burger with different vegetables and meat.

24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles: Kettle

Los Angeles Kettle

Address: 1138 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA Phone: (310) 545-8511

This is a beachside restaurant that did not close its doors ever since it opened in 1973. You can get wedges, fried steak, hummus, quesadillas, and tender chicken. Apart from the regular dishes, one every day of the week, there would be something special cooking.

24-Hour restaurants in Los Angeles: Bob’s Big Boy

Location: 4211 W Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA

Ph: (818) 843-9334

Los Angeles Bob's Big Boy

This well lit 24-Hour restaurant serves typical American food such as burgers, sausages, and sandwiches. Their special dishes are chicken fingers, vegetable quesadillas, and strawberry chicken salad.

Similar to these two big American cities, I am sure all other important cities in the U.S. will have non-sleeping 24-Hour restaurants.

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