Chocolate Tour in Costa Rica

by Jane Sophia
Chocolate Tour in Costa Rica

What can you expect during a chocolate tour in Costa Rica?

How many of you know that Costa Rica, the small Central American country, is a big chocolate producing country?

The nation’s rainforests comprises cocoa nut trees in large numbers.

When you go to Costa Rica, you should set aside half a day for a chocolate tour.

What does this mean to you? What can you expect during a chocolate tour?

During such a tour, you can expect unlimited chocolate tasting opportunity.

In addition, you can touch the tree that produces cocoa fruits.


Moreover, you can hold the fruit, touch it, smell it, and take a selfie under a cocoa tree.

Cocoa fruits are called “cocoa bean”.

Finally, your chocolate tour will include a tour of the chocolate producing factory. This is the most awaited part of the chocolate tour.

You are allowed to taste as much chocolate as possible in various stages of production, sorting, and wrapping.

Different venues of chocolate tours in Costa Rica.

If you read further, you are likely to plan an exclusive trip to Costa Rica, mainly to enjoy several chocolate tours that include:

  • Rainforest chocolate tour
  • Chocolate tour near a volcano

Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It is listed under top 20 active volcanoes in the world.

  • Cocoa tour near hot springs

You will come to know of several chocolate tour operators in various places across the nation.

Every chocolate tour exposes you to unique experiences because of different exotic locations, and a range of chocolate varieties.

Do you know?

Do you know that chocolate was a form of currency in Costa Rica? It speaks volumes of the county’s rich chocolate cultivation.

Chocolate Tour in Costa Rica

Among the various chocolate tours in Costa Rica, the La Fortuna tour is highly recommended because in addition to chocolate, you can know about:

  • Coffee production (an ultimate educational experience of coffee cultivation, grading, and production)
  • Rum tasting tour
  • Taste exotic tropical fruits
  • Buy rich chocolates, sugar, and coffee


This is a coastal town known for chocolate tours, and extremely picturesque beaches facing the Central Pacific Ocean, on the western coast of Costa Rica.

Apart from the chocolate tasting experience, you can also tour a few coffee estates, and coffee factories.

  • San Carlos is another place in Costa Rica that is known for cocoa cultivation, and chocolate factories.

I think the chocolates that are produced here are outsourced by major chocolate brands in the United States.

San Jose

Sam Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica. Here also, as one of the sightseeing options, chocolate tours are included in the city’s tour itinerary.

San Jose is among the high tourist destinations in Central America.

Manueal Antonio

There is a national park with this name on Costa Rica’s west coast. This place is also famous for guided chocolate tours.

The added attractions are wildlife sightings such as sloth bear, numerous species of monkeys, and extremely rare birds that include the terrific ‘Scarlet Macaw’.

What can you buy during your choco tours in Costa Rica?

  • Different varieties of chocolates including the pure, and very healthy dark chocolates. The most popular brand of chocolate in Costa Rica is ‘Nahua’.
  • Cocoa powder that is also known as drinking chocolate
  • Pure cane sugar
  • Numerous flavours of coffee beans/powde, straight from the coffee estates

Duration of Costa Rica coco tours.

The maximum duration is of three hours, and the minimum is of 2 hours duration.


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