Things to Know before Moving to Bonita Springs, Florida

by Jane Sophia
Bonita Springs, Florida

Which city in the United States is the most preferred city for settling down? This is the city of Bonita Springs, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida state, the United States.

Bonita Springs is the rage among the senior citizens of the U.S. Slowly, the city’s scenic beauty, ideal location, and ten months of assured sunshine, are catching the attention of just retired people who are exploring the continent’s various small cities to settle down.

It’s unpolluted, and clean beaches are alluring those who are about to retire in a few years and now itself started looking at the real estate advertisements in Bonita Springs.

What are the other popular big cities near Bonita Springs?

If Bonita Springs doesn’t ring a bell in your ears, probably, the following cities will.

  • San Carlos Park
  • Fort Meyers Beach
  • Naples Park
  • Cypress Lake

These are Floridian cities that are neighbors to enchanting Bonita Springs.

You can also see Naples south of Fort Meyers.

Our destination is located between these two very popular holiday destinations in the Southwest of Florida.

The distance from Fort Meyers is 45 km roughly. If you are driving from Everglades National Park towards Naples city, Bonita Springs is located just 22.5 km north of Naples.

How to reach this new haven for retirees?

You can fly up to Fort Meyers. It has the closest airport.

Things to Know before Moving to Bonita Springs, Florida

Other gateways to it by flight include:

  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Palm Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale

Florida Keys

Among several alluring factors to settle down in southwest Florida, I can cite:

  • Everglades National Park
  • Florida Keys including Key West
  • Dry Tortugas National Park
  • Marco Island
  • Beautifully lush tropical flora
  • White sand beaches

The cost of property in Bonita Springs.

While its neighbors Fort Meyers and Naples are boasting of high price per square feet of land, it is nearly 10% cheaper in our new retirees’ preferred city in Florida.

Estero Bay

Estero Bay

This beautiful sea is also one of the borders of the city.

Estero Bay is more of an extended arm (inler) of the Gulf of Mexico. The water is ideally lacking depth that is suitable for swimmers, snorkelers, and paddlers.

This part of the it is a gateway to numerous barrier islands, Florida Keys such as Long Key, and Lovers Key.

Estero Bay is one of the biggest attraction factors in favor of the city.

If you love the sight of an estuary where a freshwater river meets the sea, you are in for a surprise.

Not one but two rivers namely, Imperial River, and Estero River empty into the Estero Bay.

Therefore, it is a picturesque sight and also brings numerous aquatic birds to the sight for fishing.

Places of tourist interest in and around Bonita Springs, Florida

  • Barefoot Beach Preserve Park
  • Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. A swamp is a habitat for reptiles, insects, and small fish species, and crabs, They in turn become prey for birds. Actually, this sanctuary was created to protect two species of cypress trees namely, the bald cypress, and pond cypress.

Bald Cypress that don’t look bald in any way.

  • Bonita Beach Park that is swimmers’ friendly. In addition, the beach is fitted with a boardwalk running for 3 km through the cypress grove, a big attraction for beach lovers.
  • Birders can spot Wood Stork, Night Herons, Painted Bunting, Limpkin, etc.
  • The most beautiful bird that one can capture in his camera is the Snowy Egret.
  • Swallow-tailed Kite is also an impressive large bird.

I wonder whether it is included in the Raptors species.

  • However, I would like to take a selfie with the Little Blue Heron.

I am sure Bonita Springs clearly justifies its tag as a haven for retired people to settle down.


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