Ranipuram Hill Station, Kasargod, Kerala

by Jane Sophia
Ranipuram Hill Station, Kasargod, Kerala

Hmm… Ranipuram hill station, Kasargod, a typical hill station in Kerala. The misty hills with a thick forest cover, vast tracts of meadows on the slopes of the Western Ghats remind us of the ever-popular Munnar and Kodaikanal hill stations.

However, Ranipuram hill station is quite cheaper when compared with Munnar hill station. In addition, the altitude of Ranipuram hill station is also much less than its counterparts.

The highest point in Ranipuram hills is 2600 feet only! Therefore you can’t expect the weather to be as chilly as Kodaikanal or Munnar.

Nevertheless, Ranipuram hill station attracts a good crowd from the nearby plains of Kerala.

Let us learn a bit more about Ranipuram hill station, its accessibility, places to see, and hotels to stay in Ranipuram, etc.

Where is Ranipuram hill station?

Ranipuram hill station is located in the Kasargod district of Kerala on the border of Karnataka.

See the map of Kerala below. Zoom the picture to see clearly the location of Kasargod in Kerala.

How to reach Ranipuram hill?

Kasargod lies on an important rail route in Kerala linking with Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra. There is a railway station in Kasargod.

Therefore, you can reach the Kasargod railway station easily from Trivandrum, Kochi, and Mangalore. From Kasargod, Ranipuram hill station is 90 km away.

It is advised to hire a cab from Kasargod railway station to go to Ranipuram. You can pre-book your cab using most of the travel websites such as booking.com

If you wish to reach Ranipuram quickly, then, fly up to Mangalore airport. Kasargod is just an hour’s drive away from Mangalore.

Hotels to stay in Ranipuram hill station.

Not many options to stay in Ranipuram though a few are available with some amenities. I read Some resort and spa’s offers good service.

It is better to stay in Kasargod and make a day trip to Ranipuram. If you still are captivated by the rustic beauty of Ranipuram hills, you can opt to stay in a camp.

I suspect even Kasargod has not many options for a high-end traveler. If you are looking for a five-star hotel, I would suggest you choose Mangalore as your base to visit Ranipuram.

Places to see in Ranipuram hill station.

  • Kottancheri Hills

Kottancheri hills is a breathtaking and picturesque place. You can trek for hours, exploring the hills’ flora, seeing the silent mountain streams but still don’t get tired.

The misty hills and lush woods will steal your heart. You will be glad you have decided to visit Ranipuram hill station.

  • Visit Talakaveri

Talakaveri Temple

Talakaveri, the source of River Kaveri (Cauvery) is located on the Brahmmagiri hill range and is not far from Kasargod. It is a scenic place and is also a pilgrimage center.

Talakaveri is in the Coorg district of Karnataka, on the other side of Ranipuram hills.

  • Wildlife spotting in Ranipuram hills

You are visiting the Western Ghats, buddy, an excellent place for wildlife, especially beautiful birds. You can spot spotted deer, untamed elephants, and wild boars in the hills of Ranipuram.

  • Ranipuram viewpoint.

No words are necessary to describe the foggy Ranipuram viewpoint; the above video tells it all. Obviously, the only way to stand at the Ranipuram observation platform is to walk up to the peak.

  • Ranipuram waterfalls

What is a hill station, especially on the Western Ghats without a waterfall? Ranipuram hill station has a waterfall. It is a small one but nonetheless beautiful and cool.

Eating in Ranipuram

Food is a problem in the Ranipuram hills, Inotherwords, There are no decent places to eat. However, You can buy food packets in Kasargod along with water bottles.

That’s it about Ranipuram hill station. I must admit there is not much to see around Ranipuram hills but it is still a good getaway from humid Kerala and the hot Mangalore.

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