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Kanthalloor Kerala Unheard Hill Station in South India

by Jane Sophia
Kanthalloor Kerala

Where is Kanthalloor, Kerala hill station, how to reach Kanthalloor, what to see and where to stay in Kanthalloor hill station?

Here is a glimpse of Kanthalloor  kerala that is a sort of appetizer. Full course meals (major attractions and the climate) follow that will surely entice you to go for a one day trip to Kanthalloor, an unheard-of small, mountain escape especially for the residents of Coimbatore, Ernakulam cities and Pollachi town in Kerala.

Cool-eh? Yes, literally cool as the summer day temperature goes up to a maximum of 25 deg C.

Where is Kanthalloor, Kerala hill station:

Kanthalloor is part of the scenic Idukki district of Kerala. It is neither a big city nor a town but only an agricultural village.

Kanthalloor’s atmosphere is cool, misty, and breezy. It is calm, absolutely calm and serene.

So, how to go to Kanthalloor hill station?

Kanthalloor Kerala is located on the highway between Udumalaipet in Tamilnadu and Munnar in Kerala.

Distances from nearby towns and cities to Kanthalloor Kerala:

  • Ernakulam city in Kerala is 185 km
  • Munnar hill station is 60 km
  • Coimbatore city 135 km
  • Pollachi town 87 km
  • Udumalaipet town is 60

From all these places, you can go to Kanthalloor hill station by car. The drive is gorgeous with occasional waterfalls beckoning you to stop. You can see the Nilgiri Langur  at several places and spot beautiful birds of the Western Ghats.

Nilgiri Langur

All the above-mentioned gateways to Kanthalloor, Kerala have excellent rail connectivity.

If you are coming from other parts of India and want to know where to fly that is close to Kanthalloor, fly up to Cochin or Coimbatore.

Where to stay in Kanthalloor Kerala hill station?

If you are looking for a star hotel, there is nothing in Kanthalloor. They exist in Coimbatore and Cochin cities.

However, there are decent places to stay in Kanthalloor that provide comfortable rooms with very basic amenities.

Here are some highly recommended hotels and resorts to stay in Kanthalloor hill town.

  • St. Michael Garden and restaurant
  • Indregal Moonlight Woods Jungle
  • Golden Fern Eco Stay
  • Kerala Wild Stay
  • Sakthi Farmstay

These hotels and jungle lodges are located close to Anamudi Shola National Park is lush green and host a great range of flora and fauna.

What can you eat in Kanthalloor Kerala?

Well, the cuisine is predominantly Malabar. Since Tamilnadu state is also equally near to Kanthalloor, you can expect a fair mixture of two state’s cuisine.

The vegetables are absolutely fresh and organically grown. The varieties of fruits that are cultivated in the orchards of Kanthalloor hills are mind-boggling. You cannot find such a range of fruits in any other hill station in India.

Fruits that are grown in abundance in Kanthalloor, Kerala hill station:

  • A few varieties of apple
  • Plums
  • Oranges
  • Avocado
  • Peach
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry
  • Gooseberry

Fruits and vegetable garden in Kanthalloor hill station.

What to buy in Kanthalloor?

It is not a place to buy souvenirs and antiques, mate. Nonetheless, you can buy the freshest organic vegetables and fruits in Kanthalloor hill station.

In addition, you can buy pure honey, organic seeds of fruits and herbs, and cardamom.

Similarly, the flowers grown commercially in Kanthalloor, Kerala are sent to various cities of India. The colors and sizes of the Kanthalloor flowers will force you to stay in the flower farm for as long as possible.

Flower farming in Kanthalloor

What to see in Kanthalloor hill station? What are the major attractions in and around Kanthalloor?

There are as many as five national parks and wildlife sanctuaries near Kanthalloor Kerala.

  • Anaimudi Shola National Park
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanthalloor

  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary
  • Kodaikanal wildlife reserve (Kodaikanal is located 150 km from Kanthalloor)

Fauna to see in and around the national parks and wildlife parks of Kanthalloor:

  • Bison
  • Grizzled giant squirrel

Grizzled giant squirrel

  • Bengal tiger
  • Chinkara (Indian gazelle)
  • Grey Langur

Grey Langur

More places to see in Kanthalloor Kerala hill station:

  • Thuvanam waterfalls

Thuvanam waterfalls Kanthalloor Kerala

It is located 20 km from Kanthalloor.

  • Pattisseri Dam

  • Keezhanthoor Waterfalls
  • Sandalwood forest

You always wanted to know how a sandalwood tree looks-right? Here, see a sandalwood forest near Kanthalloor hills

sandalwood forest near Kanthalloor Kerala


The farmers at the various farms in Kanthalloor are knowledgeable and hardworking too.

Kanthalloor Kerala

This is not an accommodation for the tourists to Kanthalloor but the hut that is the residence of a local farmer.

Watch the breathtaking view of Kanthalloor, Kerala hill station unfolds before you dramatically.

Organize a trip to Kanthalloor Kerala hill station in Kerala and also visit the Munnar hill station nearby or Kodaikanal hill station.


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