5 Must Visit Caribbean Islands in 2020

by Jane Sophia
Caribbean Islands

You may be wondering why I keep going to the Caribbean archipelago frequently. If you happen to look at the images of the various islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea, you will also start a blog exclusively on Caribbean Islands attractions.

Caribbean Island

Look at the image above; do you think you can go back to your beachfront resort after spending 30 minutes in this Bahama beach?

There is so much to see and to do that you require a minimum of 60 days to see half of the West Indies.

The Caribbean archipelago comprises of 7,000 islands but not all of them are inhabited. I would guess only about 100 odd islands must be livable or people are presently living.

Caribbean Islands

Every island when you visit, especially in an open boat would beg you to set your feet on its white sand and wet your feet in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the isolated islands and islets, the pristine beaches that are surrounded by coconut trees, the sight of the natives who seems to be living a carefree life, wonderful seafood that is cooked mostly in Mexican or Spanish style, the Caribbean rum and beer are only a sample of attractions in the West Indies.

Let us visit some of the breathtaking islands of the Caribbean archipelago.

Junkanoo Bahamas, Caribbean

The Bahamas, Caribbean Islands

It is the highest rated island in the West Indies. Sure, you can indulge in all the beachfront water sports and spend the day lazily, sunbathing and all; for food, instead of eating in your hotel’s restaurant that is likely to serve international cuisine, please try to visit any one of the several local eateries and eat exclusive Bahamian food such as conch fritters and Bahama rock lobsters. If you happen to visit the Bahamas between Christmas and New Year, ask around for the Junkanoo, a big Bahamian festival that is celebrated with a lot of gaiety. It is the best time to witness the true Caribbean culture.

Saba Island, Caribbean

Saba Island, Caribbean

Lovely, isn’t it? The mountainous backdrop gives any island, a rich natural appearance. It’s a very small island and you can easily walk across the island in an hour on the single road that stretches from end to end. The total area of the Saba island is 13 sq.km. There is a dormant volcano called Mount Scenery. The must-visit place in Saba Island is the Saba Marine Park that children love. It is full of beautiful marine life that includes sharks, dolphins, and turtles. It is a popular scuba diving spot because of underwater attractions such as coral formations and even a mountain under the sea that was created due to volcanic activity.

Grenada Island, Caribbean

Grenada Caribbean Islands


It is an island in the Caribbean Sea that is one of the most beautiful in the entire archipelago. Grenada’s St. George harbor is a wonderful looking port in this region and hence, try to reach Grenada by ferry. The water is said to be a unique ‘cerulean’ color, a mixture of azure and blue.

Grenada Island is known for its large cultivation of spices, the prominent of them is the vanilla and nutmeg, the aroma of which, fills the air as you enter the market square. While in Grenada, don’t forget to taste the famous River Antoine rum and a glass of thick coconut milk.


St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis

It’s a twin-island and the later is the smaller of the two. The bigger St. Kitts is full of misty mountains, one of them is a dormant volcano called Mount Liamuiga. American tourists frequent this island for the scenery and vibrant nightlife. When not lying down the seashore, you can take a ferry to go the smaller Nevis island. These two islands are home to Vervet monkeys.

Vervet monkeys

They happily live in the tropical rain forests in the twin islands.

St. Kitts is a gourmet paradise. You can eat some of the best Caribbean food that includes jerk chicken, deep-fried conch and a rare fruit called ‘soursop’.

soursop Caribbean Islands

Some of the beaches wear black sand; I don’t think it is beautiful. You must taste a drink called killer bee’ in Nevis Island. It is served in ‘Subshine Bar’.

killer bee

The ingredients of this strong liquor are rum, honey, juice of orange and passion fruit, nutmeg, soda, and star fruit. OMG! What a combination!

The Cayman Islands


Three islands comprise the Cayman Islands. This is a British territory.

  • Grand Cayman as the name suggests is the largest island. Naturally, it is visited by more number of tourists and to cater to their needs, quite a few number beach resorts have come up facing the sea. This island has several water sports sites for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Little Cayman, though the smallest of the three but is not lacking in tourist attractions. This little island is the place to watch the endangered green iguanas (a large lizard). Seasonally, one can spot the red-footed boobies.

red footed

Similar to the other Caribbean Islands, the conch fritters are popular local food in the Cayman Islands. One more item that you should ask for is the ‘Chocolate Lava cake’; it is served in Deckers restaurant. Cayman Island archipelago is home to medium size lobsters and just about every restaurant serves that.

All the 3 islands are rich in coral reefs; however, the scuba divers are warned not to touch them. If violated, the trespassers have to pay a fine of $6000


Whatever I read about the Caribbean islands, I found nothing negative. Most of the travelers to the West Indies spoke highly of the natives. Blue waters, beautiful beaches, tropical forests, food, and drinks seem to attract even me who am not much of a beach buff.

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