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Eco Tourism in In Portugal Mountains

Written by Jane Sophia
As we all know, traveling always rejuvenates our mind and body and gives us a break from our hectic lives. It is a fresh breeze of air which reminds us that there is more to life than our busy, hectic everyday schedule. To all those adventurous travelers out there, pack your bags and be ready to explore the Schist villages of Portugal for your next vacation.
 Portugal MountainsWhat are Schist Villages?

Basically, the landscapes in these villages are dominated by a single variety of rock, namely Schist. These villages have homes made out of locally sourced stones and the people living in these villages depend upon their cattle breeding and farming for their livelihood. Life is pretty much uncomplicated. Earlier, these villages used to be deserted forests with dilapidated houses. Thanks to the Eco Tourism of Portugal, these villages are now developed and welcome tourists from all around the globe to enjoy their stay in one of the cosy and comfortable cottages. From not having electricity or water supply to becoming one of the major tourist attraction spots in Portugal, these villages have come a long way.

Portugal _2

What to expect from these villages?

Stone hamlets with very few residents, the Schist villages offer you all the amenities that you need to relax and enjoy the vacation. There is never a dull moment in these stone villages hidden in the dense forests. With the help of the Eco Tourism of Portugal, these villages welcome visitors from all over the world to share their stories about their rich cultural heritage and peaceful lives. Here, you actually get to spend quality time with your family or even with your own self. You get to live in the stone cottages and enjoy their cuisine, enjoy the local activities offered by the Eco Tourism of Portugal. The various activities include exhibitions, theatre, pedestrian walks, meetings, music, markets and festivals. You will not regret your stay in these villages.

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A few must to-do’s

With the co-operation of the local residents of the villages, the Eco tourism of Portugal has developed this place significantly. Here are a few things that you must do if you go to Portugal. Do not forget to spend a lazy evening on the beaches of the Schist villages. Loosen up and let yourself be at these beaches and enjoy the view.

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For the adventurous traveler in you, go mountain hiking on the Schist paths and enjoy the thrilling experience of the mountain bike trails. Do not forget to satiate your love for food, try the maranhos which is the lamb sausage and tigeldas which is an oven baked egg dessert. Also, do not forget to buy herbs for cooking and tea. For the nature lover in you, explore the villages and soak in the beauty the Fraga de Pena waterfall and the rock formations of Penodos de Gois.


So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, book your tickets and head to Portugal for your next trip!

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