Salento: This Jewel Like Paradise in the Andes is One of Colombia’s Hottest Tourist Destinations

by Jane Sophia

Salento might be a small town nestled quietly amidst the hills of the Andes, but it stands for everything Columbia is known for, be it the picturesque countryside, the delectable local cuisine or the friendly nature of its inhabitants. Salento holds a charm of its own for coffee aficionados and the town ensures that the town remains one of the most beautiful places in the entire Latin America with its community of artisans and craftsmen.


Once you reach Salento, you would never feel overwhelmed by the feeling of being a tourist since this place would make you one of its own. Here are some of the things you might try out on your trip to Salento.

  1. Take a hike in the Cocora Valley, Salento

If you are heading towards Salento, chances are that you were inspired by one of your friends who couldn’t stop bragging about the breathtaking beauty of the Cocora Valley. It is one of the prime spots where the national tree of Columbia, Quinto wax palm grows in its full splendor and falls within the boundaries of the Los Nevados National Natural Park. Surely, You witness the ethereal vision of the forests which filled with clouds. Salento_2

  1. Eat all the fish you can find

Salento only known for its fresh trout so there is a high likelihood that you surely enjoy this delicacy during your meal hours. Visit the Café Jesus Martin to gobble down creative dishes of the trout fish while La Fonda de los Arrieros is famous for its garlic and lemon trout served with delicious salads.


  1. Visit a coffee plantation in Salento

Salento is part of the Coffee Triangle of Columbia. So it is a great idea to explore the coffee plantations if you want to know how the coffee beans picked? And how they blended. The plantations that offer thorough tours in Spanish and English language are Plantation House, Don Elias and Finca El OcasoSalento

  1. Indulge in Bird watching

Since Columbia is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, both in terms of its flora and fauna, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will spot some of the most exotic and exquisite bird species in Salento, be it the Emerald Toucanets or Andean Motmots. You can go to the Mirador or Viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular views of the birds and the mountains.


  1. Practice the game of Tejo in Salento

Are you staying in Salento just for a day and want to make most of your trip? You can’t miss out on the wonderful local sport of Tejo at Beta Town and Club de Tejo ‘Los Amigos.’ It involves throwing metal pieces to gunpowder so that there are explosions. Moreover, it is a tradition in Salento that you have to play this sport whilst drinking cold beer or any other alcoholic drink of your choice.

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