Expert Travel Guide to Paris for First Time Visitors

by Jane Sophia

Paris: Everything You Need To Do While There

Paris is the city that has been synonymous with love for centuries. And not just the amorous kind, but the kind you have for a place, a city. It is a bond that strengthened with time and does not quite fade away. And while there are a million things to do in Paris, year-round it all comes down to when you are actually visiting the city!

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While Paris is a tourist’s delight all year round, it is especially beautiful during the spring time when all the trees are in bloom and you are simply sipping your coffee on the terrace of a beautiful Parisian cafe, with your vacation perhaps coming to an end with fete de la Musique on 21st June annually! But Paris in winters is a grand affair too when you can feast on oysters and enjoy the ample festivals all abound! But if you are a first time traveler to Paris then here are some top travel guide tips to guide you through, in case you are feeling a bit intimidated!Paris _2

Complete Travel Guide to Paris

  1. Know your addresses and phone numbers: it might sound like a no brainer but perhaps this is where people go wrong! You need to keep your contacts handy- of your embassy, hotel and likewise.
  2. Speaking French: French is a beautiful melodic language, albeit an intimidating one. But having a few phrases handy can really save your life. And you can flaunt that you can, after all, speak French to save yourselfParis _6

Do not Forget to Visit Galleries and Restaurants

  1. Not just the touristy sights: Not a lot of travel guide would tell you this but, yes, have tour de Eiffel on your list, yes you must go to le Louvre, yes chateau de Versailles, but don’t just visit Paris- live there, even it is just for a few hours. Learn the Parisian way. Roam the streets, find the new and upcoming galleries and neighborhood and go to quaint little restaurants, yet walk the boulevard and see the Eiffel tower all lit up. Go up to the Pont des arts and walk about the bridge where very recently lovers would vouch would to be with one another! And yet if you are a bibliophile find out the exact street where Samuel Beckett was stabbed… roam about the midnight streets and you might never know, Eliot might just pick you up!Paris_3
  2. Look at Sienne: look at her as she deserves to be looked at, take a cruise. Visit Notre Dam as your cruise passes by. Look at Paris in the twilight and fall in love.
  3. French food: there are people in this world who would gladly shift to Paris, even if it just for the food. You know why people love French cuisine so much? Why the very high regard? The simplest answer is butter! Butter makes everything better. Indulge in wine tasting while you are there. Even if you are a teetotaller. You would be making memories.Paris_4
  4. French fashion: even if you are not into fashion, go and take a look at the iconic shops and boutiques. You might just be inspired. At everything beautiful that exists in this world. Because every travel guideincluding the most erudite ones would tell you what a delight it is!

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