The City Break Guide: Amsterdam

by Jane Sophia

A Beginner’s Travel Guide To Amsterdam

There are very few cities in the world which re-defines the phrase, “without binaries there is no progression”. Amsterdam is a metropolis, it has the same buzz that any of the other metropolis in the world might have! Yet the rustic lanes and by-lanes, the cobbled stone streets which give you ample opportunity to cycle through, is a world wrapped in history and nostalgia! Everybody should visit Amsterdam at least once in their lives, just to experience what words cannot possibly define. And if you are a first-time traveler to Amsterdam, then here is some expert travel guide to help you navigate smoothly throughout the entire trip:

Amsterdam Travel Tips

Amsterdam _1

  1. There are just so many places to explore this city especially because it is a city steeped in history and culture. While most people who visit Amsterdam definitely pay a visit to the house, Anne Frank, many people decide to ditch the Amsterdam central library which should have its own little notch whether you are a bibliophile or not! You should, of course, pay a visit to the Stedelijk Museum as any travel guide would tell you which is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. And of course, its biggest competitor the Rijkmuseum is obviously worth the visit with its exquisite collections of hundreds of famed Dutch master painters with this also being the home of the Rembrandts The Night Watch. And is a trip to Amsterdam really complete without visiting the Van Gogh museum? This museum houses the legendary self-portraits and sunflowers and irises! Amsterdam _2
  2. Food scenes: the food scene at here is quite opulent and vibrant, especially the Indonesian food culture. If you want to try what the locals are gushing about then you must put herring brodjee, a dish authentically Dutch. And whilst you are there, chances might be slim that you would be able to resist the stroopwafel!Lanes
  3. Bike you way through: the streets of the city are ideal for biking, with the cobbled stone streets and the winding narrow passageways, cycle your way up the Jordan with eerie narrow pathways on one side and the beautiful leafy canals on the other.Amsterdam _5

Other Best Things to Do

  1. The other side of Amsterdam: something very few travel guides will tell you is within every city there resides another city which only the insiders know and cherish about. This is Amsterdam on the outside of the canal bed. All you need to do is take a free ferry ride from behind the Central Station and arrive at the place which is known as Amsterdam North. Here the architecture varies greatly from the touristy places in Amsterdam being much more modern. Plus, the view across the canal is to die for and there are plenty of hip places to hang out and enjoy the view.Canals
  2. The canals: what is Amsterdam without the plethora of canals flaunting and crisscrossing the length and breadth of the city? Get on a ferry and explore away from the golden age canal belt with all its famous gables and bridges. There are plenty of glass roof boats to make your canal dreams come true.


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