Poland: Eastern Europe on a Budget

by Jane Sophia

Experience the stunning landscapes of Eastern Europe in Poland in budget-friendly style!

When we talk about visiting Europe, what are the places that come to your mind? Let me take a guess. London, Paris, Spain, Switzerland or maybe even Rome, right? However, there are a lot more wonders like Poland in Europe than these few countries and cities.

Now, as we all know a Europe tour is going to be quite expensive and brutal in your pockets. Well, not always. Poland is one such country which provides you with the wonders of Eastern Europe and that too at very cheap prices. Poland is a large enough country in Eastern Europe and lies on the edge of the Baltic Sea.


It is a country that upholds the history of renaissance, the medieval castles, the debris of the destruction forged by World War II and the gothic style cathedrals. There is such a huge diversity to Poland that it is a difficult feat to wrap your head around it.


It has gorgeous countryside where you can experience the quaint rural life. It has serene beaches thronged with tourists, old cities upholding its traditional architectural wonders and so much more. So let us discuss Poland without renting a huge hole in your wallet.

Accommodation in Poland

When in Poland, choose your accommodation with care. If you are traveling on a budget, choose the off-season time. During off-season the prices of most of the mid-range hotels are slashed to half. Mid-range and business hotels can be easily rented at that time.


However, another popular choice of accommodation for backpackers are the hostels. There are a lot of hostels available in the city regions and they are easy to book.

But do not expect five star accommodation for the duration of your stay. Hostels are an interesting option because you get to meet so many different people from all around the world and share your travel stories.

Food Style

There are many local eateries in Poland, which will serve you a full course meal and that too at a very cheap price. Their full course meal often includes a dish of meat, their signature dumplings filled with cheese and meat, pickled vegetables and their own specialty- Bison grass vodka.

If you are a vegetarian, you will get a lot of vegetarian options in the main city. However, it is difficult to get a lot of vegetarian options in rural areas. Some cities like Cracow and Danzig may be a little costlier than the others as they are tourist areas.


Travel Destinations in Poland

Public transport is the best mode of transport in Poland. You get a lot of options such as trams, buses and trains to travel from one tourist destination to the other.

Buses are way cheaper than trains. But, you should opt for a train for inter city travels as they are more comfortable and takes less time as compared to the buses. These modes of transportation will hardly cost you anything and you can save up on the money for food and accommodation. However, do remember to carry a map of Poland with yourself at all times.

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