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Copenhagen Travel Guide: How to Spend Two Days in the Happiest City in the World

by Jane Sophia
Copenhagen Travel Guide

Denmark is considered as one of the happiest countries in the world, with its enormous fishing harbors, ports, castles, splendid flora and fauna, which are collectively made this place a beautiful and peaceful haven for vacations. These days, while people are more prone to international traveling and want to have a remarkable vacation in a European country; Denmark comes to their mind as the most favorite place for its peaceful, serene environment and social structure. At Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark; the Travel Guide uses to provide some relevant information for their valued clients, who want to have a two days vacation in this happiest city on this earth.

The best time of visit Copenhagen; from the month of June to August when the entire days are relatively longer and warm,  considered as the high season. But at the same tie, there are some people, who enjoy the winter at Copenhagen more than Danes. Sometimes these visitors plan their vacation at the time of Christmas when this beautiful city looks like the Royal Kingdom, where streets, canals and castles covered by ice and winter snowfall.

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Copenhagen Travel Guide-Issues to be noted

Like any other country or city, there are some common issues, which are to be taken into consideration, prior to the actual visit for experiencing a smooth and well-defined visit of the place. Transportation is one such issue, which is having the maximum importance, for any visitor, to take a stroll around the city’s places of interests and the Travel Guide can provide relevant information about the variety of transport facilities, available in the city. Due to the high tax regime, Denmark is having the most useful transportation services of various modes, such as; bus, S-Train, Metro etc., which are able to transport personnel to any destination with extreme ease and comfort.

It can be noted that Copenhagen is a small city, therefore. it is always a faster and cheaper option of traveling by two-wheelers, including cycle, which provides the maximum support in traveling through the streets of the city. The language of the city is Danish, but English speaking people are available, so it would not be a very big issue for potential visitors, while the Travel Guide will always be there to play the role of interpreter.

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Other Information

The currency in this country is Danish Krone, popularly known as kr., but the Travel Guide can help his client to get the exchange of some other currencies like US Dollar and Euro, which are commonly available with most of the travelers. In Copenhagen; there are some astonishing places to be visited by any tourist, which are; the 100-year-old amusement park, the statue of the famous Little Mermaid, Tivoli garden, Kronborg castle, Christiansborg palace, Stroget, Nyhavn, Amalienborg palace etc. Apart from these, the Travel Guide can be of great help to explore some other places of interests in this old 1043 AD city, full of historical landmarks, very interesting sights and well-planned museums.

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