Finding Traveling Deals to Save Big Money

by Jane Sophia

If traveling makes one into a story teller, then, I am a story teller than a blogger. A travel blogger is doing yeomen service to travelers and holiday makers because he shares his personal traveling experience which is truly valuable to a reader.

In this blog post, I am sharing some of my own practices that used to save me substantial money while planning my holiday trip either abroad or in my own country. I am of the opinion that if you do not listen to these valuable tips, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Be wise and read the following with open mind.

We are living in the digital information era where any information is available online and you can find them by using appropriate search words in the search console.

What kinds of information related to traveling can be found online?

  • Cheap Flights
  • How to get premium seats for free
  • Using your flight miles for free business class upgrade
  • Free food or snacks in flights where they are only sold for money
  • Train traveling packages
  • All inclusive tour package in cruise ships and in trains
  • Best hotels that give you premium rooms at the cost of a normal room
  • Hotels that offer free breakfast
  • Hotels that offer you free pick up and drop to airports

Do you know that most of these money saving travel deals are not grabbed fully and they lapse? Are you surprised? It’s not that the travelers are not aware but they suspect something hidden in such deals.

No, there is nothing hidden there to make you pay at the last minute. I came to know about this fact during my recent pilgrimage tour.

Buying a full package for your traveling.

It is wise to look for complete travel package offered by tour organizers. They arrange hotels based on feedback and that’s why you always end up appreciating your hotel stay. They have partnered with star hotels to offer you cheaper and affordable rates that are otherwise expensive. This is possible for them because of high tourist traffic arranged by the tour organizers.

You are offered free breakfast at the hotels that are quality food.

Tour organizers appoint experienced drivers who know the routes thoroughly. They strive hard to maintain their fleet of vehicles.

Buying a complete package is certainly less expensive than arranging individual part of your traveling.

How to find the tour operators for your travel plan?

Just type the words, “List of tour operators in (your country or city)” and you will have more than a handful of reputed companies to deal with.

Talk to them one by one, state your requirements clearly and get the quotes to compare and decide. Do not feel shy to ask for something extra. You will be pleasantly surprised to get it.


Cancellations do happen to every one of us however meticulous we have planned our holiday trip. The cancellation and refund policy with most of the tour organizers are very reasonable. You won’t lose much money when you have to cancel.

Many of the tour operators’ websites you visit online will allow you to sign up for special offers and promotions. Be smart by signing up so that you don’t have to repeatedly return to their website to check for changes in prices.

There was once an option to state my preferred price so that I can be notified if the price of the trip matches mine. Cool, isn’t it?

Flexible dates.

You will be surprised to receive a fat discount if only you are willing to postpone or prepone your trip by just a day or two. So, at the stage of planning your trip with your family members, remember this flexible traveling date option.

Some cool resources to find traveling deals

There is a website called Sky Scanner. As the name suggests, it is a website from where you can find cheap flights operated at any part of the word.


What exactly Sky Scanner can do?

I quote to avoid ambiguity.

It Everywhere search lets you look at multiple destinations from your chosen departure point, so you can spot the cheapest deal in an instant ….”

There is a clear tutorial with easy to understand screenshots on how to do your search to find the best money saving flight deal. I think it is an excellent tool.


Do you remember the wisdom of having flexible dates for your travel? Well, helps you if you are flexible both on your date of travel and even destination. It may not suit the majority of the travelers who will not change their destination but vagabonds like me won’t mind. After all, I may end up enjoying the new destination more. This website is pretty cool, folks!

Google Flights is a kind of alerting tool that keeps you sending email alerts as and when there is a price change based on your travel related browsing. Remember, the price change may be both ways.

Renting a car during your traveling plan.

When it comes to car rentals, we all tend to quickly complete the deal due to impatience-right?  Hotwire is a superb resource to hire a car in advance at a much cheaper rate as it offers the best deals based on the rates collected from its eight car rental companies it has partnered with that include some of the big names in the car hire industry such as Alamo, Hertz, and Enterprise.

Train travel deals

If you are a train traveling buff like me, then, you need to bookmark However; this is only for the train journeys in Europe. But then, which continent offers the most comfortable train journey in the world than the Europe?

There are literally hundreds of websites that offer money saving travel deals. Since each one is different from others, it is really not possible to rank them. With each one’s personal experience, the ranking varies but I would rate them all under the dependable money saving travel deals.


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