Holiday Travel by Train in 5 continents

by Jane Sophia

Train travel is undoubtedly more enjoyable than any other mode of travel. If you care to ask 10 of your best friends, 7 of them would say they love train journeys though they may always not go by train but would take flight because of time constraints.

When people take a holiday, say about two weeks or so, I wonder why don’t they take the trains or even a cruise instead of flying in and out of vacation spots in a hurry? Scurrying is not holidaying; it is the actual phase of going to one place from one place that gives you the utmost pleasure than being in a place.

Travel by Train

Train Travel Across the world.

Europe can boast of more train travelers than the United States because of the most beautiful landscapes, water bodies and mountains. In addition, as you travel by train from one country to another, you experience different weather, meet totally different cultured people and eat completely different food.

There are several agencies through which vacationers book train tickets and some of them are below:

Of the three, more people are choosing Amtrak as a reliable way to travel. The U.S. based Amtrak is very family-friendly. For long train trips, Amtrak offers sleeping quarters of various sizes. A normal cabin offers enough space for two adults and two children comfortably. That must be spacious really!

At most times of the year, Amtrak announces great money-saving deals and they are grabbed up fast. People who are known to procrastinate would miss out on the deals that would include free meals on board apart from the discounted prices.

What Does Each Continent offer for Train Travel Buffs?

Let us go by each continent’s most sought after trains and the rail routes.

Travel by Train


Of course, African travel by car gives one plenty of opportunities to encounter wildlife, a train journey through the African wilderness could be fantastic. There is this Blue Train, South Africa’s pride. There are rave reviews by ardent train travelers who shared their delight in traveling through scenic Namibia on a train.


India as one of the Asian countries is well known for its wide rail network that is considered as the world’s largest rail network though the onboard comforts in Indian trains would shun a westerner. For them, the Indian railway operates several luxury trains that can match even a Trans Siberian train. The Palace on Wheels and the Maharaja Express called luxury hotels on wheels. As far as the speedy trains are concerned, none can match the Japanese bullet trains. Even China is not lagging behind the Japanese when speed and efficient trains are concerned.


The landscape of Australia is the biggest advantage for train operators there. The varied landscapes of Australia and New Zealand are the best explored by train only. The fabulous Ghan expedition takes you to Adelaide from Darwin covering a distance of approximately 3000 KMs. There are two other railways in Australia that are the favorites of the train lovers; one is called Kuranda Scenic Railway and the other is Katoomba Scenic Railway.

Holiday Travel by Train in Europe

Ah, probably the world’s scenic train journeys operate only in Europe and Russia. The Trans Siberian express takes you all the way to Mongolia from Vladivostok.

The small countries of Europe well connected by various railways that include:

  • Euro-star
  • Bergen Railways
  • The Glacier Express
  • Jungfrau Railway

Holiday Travel by Train in the United States and Canada

The two most exciting train travels in America are through the Rocky Mountaineer and the Grand Canyon Railway. I believe the Americans are not fond of long rail travel.

The pride of Canada can be the Rocky Mountaineer that offers a scintillating journey through Canada. The travel takes you from Banff to Kamloops, through the two great canyons called the Thompson and Fraser Canyons.


Some of the world’s best travelogues were written by passionate explorers only by traveling on a train through the length and breadth of a country. Mahatma Gandhi was said to have traveled in a train for several days in order to understand the real India.


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