4 Useful Travel Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs

by Jane Sophia
Travel Mobile Apps

In this blog post, a few valuable and time-saving Travel Mobile Apps are covered that are very useful for travel enthusiasts.

Travelogues in print form are not referred anymore. This is a digital information era. Any data is accessed only through the computer. Well, that too is a thing of the past. We reach out to our mobile phones to search for anything. No need to spend back bending hours in front of our desk top any longer.

Another evolution is the so-called ‘app’ short form for ‘application’. With the help of an app, our search time for information has shrunk so much so that, if there is no mobile app for any specific task, we don’t take the trouble of continuing with our task.

Useful Travel Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs

However, we hear about a new app that is developed which we missed a short while ago.

Mobile apps for travelers are being developed in large numbers. Every Travel Mobile Apps is an improvement of the previous one. These Travel Mobile Apps are fast becoming the best way to connect travelers with travel locations, hotel booking, flight reservations, car rental and what not? Travelers are only too willing to share their travel experience and this leads to the development of so many mobile apps.

Most of the popular travel websites have been converted into apps for additional functionality while many apps are developed specifically for on-the-go use.

For example, you want to be sure that:

  • your vacation is spent in seeing only that are worth seeing
  • The hotel rooms that you have in mind are well maintained and nearby to transportation
  • You dine only in positively reviewed restaurants

Travel Mobile Apps

FourSuare Travel Mobile Apps

Foursquare is an app that acts as a city guide across the globe. You are able to get excellent tips and guides in a city that is no more a strange place for you.


Foursquare has been a highly used app for travel planning since many years. The app allows you to search for attractions based on your current location.

With this app, you can find and follow other travelers who have likings and preferences as yours. As in any app, you can read reviews by fellow travelers that are always useful to anyone to make a decision. Of course, you too can give your own feedback.

Travel Mobile Apps


The moment you open this app, you are taken aback by the beautiful images of the various locales under different tabs that include ‘hot’ and ‘new’. The added advantage is the ‘hashtag’ based feeds that makes it easy for you to find the information that you are looking for.

This Travel Mobile Apps is more of a sharing oriented than of planning a vacation.


Now, this is a well thought of Travel Mobile App that was developed for a few specific purposes and situations such as last minute flight cancellations or the hotel reservation that you made have gone all wrong for no mistake of yours.

HeyLets Travel Mobile Apps helps you cope up with such unpleasant situations by making decisions on the go by knowing the fun activities and places that attract based on your stranded location.

Trip.com (GoGoBot)

GoGoBot is a Travel Mobile Apps with a user-friendly interface and provides you a great deal of information including weather apart from hotels, restaurants and other entertainments based on your current location.

As an avid traveler, I used these Travel Mobile Appto a great extent and at a few times, unearthed exotic attractions and hotels that I have visualized. I wish to report more Travel Mobile Apps in the future that I consider more useful than the ones I have covered in this article.

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