11 Beautiful Villages in the World You Must Visit

by Jane Sophia
Beautiful Villages

Few people choose beautiful villages for their vacation. Somehow, we all have gotten used to going to big cities for our holiday. Impressed by the colors, comforts, wonderful resorts and hotels, and gourmet food options, we invariably select world-famous cities for our holidays.

Even if there are more enchanting and equally colorful cities, we settle for the capital cities of the countries we visit. We are oblivious to the gorgeous and more beautiful villages or small towns that are away from the big cities.

The Beautiful Villages are great places to stay because of:

  • Unpolluted atmosphere
  • Ultra-clean water
  • Garbage free streets
  • Quaint roadside cafeterias
  • Very friendly people
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Fresh food
  • Relaxed way of life
  • Undisturbed privacy

How many of you know of very beautiful villages around the world that are just perfect places to spend a quiet weekend? Even a two-day stay can be highly refreshing and rejuvenating.

Here are several beautiful villages that you can choose to go for your impending holiday.

Truly Amazing Beautiful Villages to Visit Before You Die

1. Simiane La Rotonde, France

Beautiful Villages Simiane La Rotonde

A village on a green mountain! Such beautiful villages don’t come by often, mate! The Simiane La Rotonde is a French village, located in southern France. Are the houses built by solid stones? Stone houses are cool inside though may not be well lit by the Sun.

I see a castle on top of the mountain and I guess it is located at height of 3000 feet!

What awaits you at Simiane La Rotonde?

  • Mont Ventoux
  • Grand Luberon mountain
  • Lure Mountain
  • Rows and rows of Olive trees.
  • Lavender fields

Lavender fields

There are a handful of hotels to stay in this beautiful village in France.

  • Le Grenier
  • Holiday home Simiane-La-Rotonde
  • Maison authentique
  • Haute Provence
  • La Buisse

The famous French city Marseille is located 130 km away from Simiane-La-Rotonde.

2. Giornico, Switzerland

Beautiful Villages Giornico

Well, it will not be fair to name only a few places in Switzerland as beautiful-right? The whole country is beauty personified. Every city, village, town, even a small village outpost would command you to stay, at least for a day.

I once read every small town in Swiss Alps is ideal for honeymooners. I am sure such a declaration is not an exaggeration.

Now, as an example, look at this most picturesque Giornico village one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Don’t you think it oozes peace?

Giornico is too small a village to have hotels and inns. You have to stay in Ascona, a lovely looking Swiss town, 60 km away.

3. Cinque Terre, Italy

Ah, Cinque Terre needs no elaborate introduction. Of late, every travel related websites, blogs, and forums are talking about the beauty of it, its tourism value and the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from anywhere on Cinque Terre, Italy.

Beautiful Villages Cinque Terre

A collection of five sleepy fishing villages comprises Cinque Terre, Italy. The brightly colored houses on the rocky mountains, the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, uninterrupted of view of the sea from hotel rooms, and above all, the simply delicious Mediterranean cuisine attract every tourist to Italy to go to Cinque Terre.

The Italian Riviera is the most scenic tourist destination in entire Italy. Our beautiful Cinque Terra village is part of the Italian Riviera.

There is no dearth of staying options in Cinque Terre. The leading hotel booking lists 30 properties to stay in Cinque Terre whereas other one’s reviewers recommend only 10 hotels and resorts that suit different wallet sizes.

Choose the one that matches your expectations to stay in those beautiful villages.

4. Montenegro, Europe

Look at the location of Montenegro in Europe. The surrounding countries of Sarajevo, Kosovo means, Montenegro is part of Southeast Europe.

It is one of the most beautiful European countries with full of natural beauty that includes mountains, Adriatic Sea coats, and a fjord.

Every village in Montenegro you choose is striking to look at. However, Kotor is one of the most beautiful villages Montenegro.

Beautiful Villages Montenegro

The Kotor Bay is located in the Gulf of Kotor, a nicely secluded place that is ideal for tourists who want some peace during their holiday. The bay is located in an almost recessed space making to look a ‘fjord’.

The walled city of Kotor has more than 150 hotels and inns to stay. You might be pleased to know that the fortified Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Hallstatt, Austria

Austrian churches and lakes are perennial attractions for the tourists from other European countries. We all have heard much about the imposing architecture of Austrian buildings that are built mostly in Gothic style.

Every small village and town in Austria has impressive buildings that house cathedrals and museums.

Hallstatt is one such Austrian village situated right on the shores of Lake Hallstatt.

Here is a photo of Hallstatt village, Austria

Beautiful Villages Hallstatt

What a picturesque village on the banks of a lake with a backdrop of lush green mountains! A glacial garden, a ride on the unique funicular rail, a visit to a subterranean salt lake and a trip to the beautiful Echern Valley are all things to do in Hallstatt.

Go on top of the Hallstatt Skywalk for a panoramic view of the Echern Valley.

Above all the sightseeing places in Hallstatt village in Austria, the Waldbachstrub Waterfall is an enchanting place to spend time. I assure you, buddy, you won’t see no more than a dozen people at this scenic waterfall.

Not many hotels dot the Hallstatt Lake but only a few. If you book well in advance, you will be lucky to get a room in one the lake view hotels.

Hallstatt, Austria

However, about 6 hotels are generally available at last minute also because they are not located on the lakeside.

6. The beautiful villages in Japan: Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

The beautiful villages in Japan

That’s an aerial view of the twin Japanese beautiful villages Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. All these houses have the same elevation but the size certainly vary.

The backdrop of the mountain you see in the image is Mt. Haku-san. A Homestay will be a very good option if offered but I have read the Japanese don’t invite a foreigner into their house.

The beautiful site of the twin villages is protected by UNESCO.

There are only 4 hotels in Shirakawa-go and one of them is a 3-star hotel and another is named as “Ant Hut”.

7. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Beautiful Villages Giethoorn

Yes, I know this beautiful Dutch village where there are no roads and hence no cars. It has only waterways. All the houses, restaurants, markets and even post office are located on the shores of the canal. It was amusing to read the local post-man rows his own boat to drop off the mails.

Similar to the canals and bridges of the Venice, the Giethoorn too has canals interlinking with each other. As many as 150 bridges are built across the canals at various points of the Giethoorn village.

Imagine staying in such a beautiful village where you don’t hear any motor horn, you don’t smell any carbon-monoxide and in fact, you don’t even hear any human voice. Won’t that be absolutely preferable for a quiet holiday?

Of late, noiseless electric boats are engaged and they are aptly called “whispering boats”.

The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is located adjacent to the Giethoorn village.

Hotels offer individual cottage like accommodation on the canal front. There are about 8 such properties to stay in Giethoorn village.

Here is an image of an individual wooden hut, right on the canal in Giethoorn.


During winter, the canal water freezes and becomes ice-skating ground.

8. Bosa, Oristano Province, Italy


Oh, what a breathtaking village in Italy! The more I hear and read about Italy’s small towns and villages, the more impressed I am. Italy is not only, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.

Similar to Cinque Terre, there are numerous small and beautiful villages on Italy’s lengthy coastline.

Bosa is one such picturesque coastal village, located atop a mountain overlooking the Sardinia coast.

A lovely Temo River flows through Bosa village and it is a scenic place to take a nature walk along the river.

Similar to Cinque Terre, the houses in Bosa also have colorful and bright paints on their roofs and outer walls.

Tourists fall instantly in love with Boas’s atmosphere, the silent roadside cafes, isolated beaches, and the beautiful castle.

Bosa Marina

That’s Bosa Marina Beach for you. Did you spot at least seagull hovering over the Mediterranean?

If you want to stay for a day in Bosa, there are 10 luxury hotels to choose from.

9. Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

Beautiful Villages

I know you have been waiting to read at least one beautiful village in Germany. I was not going to disappoint you, buddy.

Located on the fringes of the famous Black Forest of Germany, Staufen im Breisgau is a peaceful village that is known to produce great wines.

The town’s landscape is beautiful with a soft green cover and strikingly beautiful meadows.

If you are visiting Strasbourg in Germany, stay there and make a day trip to Staufen im Breisgau. The distance between the two points is only 75 km.

Don’t forget to taste unheard of wines here, but don’t blame if you don’t get the same wine in your home town even if it is New York.

10. Folégandros Island, Beautiful Villages in Greece

Beautiful Villages

Oh, the entire town seems to be situated on a high cliff! This is an island that belongs to the Cyclades archipelago, Greece.

Out of the 6000 islands of Greece, only 227 are inhabited. It won’t be an exaggeration to say every one of the Greek islands is an absolute gem.

If you choose the smaller islands in Greece, they are more secluded and less crowded.

Folégandros Island is located on the Aegean Sea. It is surrounded by a few small islands namely:

  • Sikinos
  • Ios
  • Anafi

In less than two hours, you can reach Folégandros Island one of the most beautiful villages from the popular Santorini Island which also belongs to the Cyclades group of islands.

Ferries ply between the two points and also from Piraeus, in Athens.

Your choice of accommodation leaves you no room for drab places as every hotel is overlooking the Aegean Sea from the tall cliffs. There is no big restaurant in the beautiful island village. A small grocery shop will prepare homely food to the guest of just two hotels here.

11. Wengen One of the Beautiful Villages in Switzerland

Beautiful Villages Wengen

That’s the Swiss Alps you see on the image. Wengen is located here at an elevation of about 5000 feet approximately, making it a typical alpine village in Switzerland.

Wengen is a highly visited tourist destination in Switzerland. Hundreds of beautiful villages dot this scenic mountain range and every one of them is just perfect for a peaceful and picturesque holiday destination.

In fact, Switzerland is best appreciated if you opt to stay in one of their beautiful villages.

You might have heard of the wooden chalets in these beautiful villages of Alps. Wengen too offers several chalets. You can eat authentic Swiss and Italian cuisine in Wengen.

Cable cars take you to dizzying heights for breathtaking viewing platforms from where you can watch in awe the Aletsch Glacier and Mönch peak.

A trip to the Trümmelbach glacier waterfalls on the outskirts of Wengen is a must. Wengen receives truckload of skiers during winter.

Sometime later, I will take you to the fascinating, charming and more beautiful villages and small towns in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The countryside of the three countries offers incredible sceneries and excellent food.

Generally, the rural side of mountains is the most pleasant places to visit. Even if there are no places to stay in such quaint villages, it is worth going around them, witnessing the life of farmers and artisans. That exposure will enrich our life.

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