5 Beautiful Small Towns of Germany

by Jane Sophia

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Now, we will pay a visit to some of the most beautiful small towns. For that, I have selected Germany as the first country of visit. Is Germany more romantic than France? You bet! Go and stand before the Bavarian Alps or sit quietly on the shores of the scenic Rhine River and you will realize the truth behind my opinion. The hosts in these lesser small towns of Germany will charm the socks off you.

5 Beautiful Small Towns of Germany

I always found out that spending time in and around the small towns surrounding the big cities will be more memorable and less expensive than roaming in big and famous cities like Rome and Berlin.

Cities can be imposing and polluted but the small towns and tiny villages can give us invigorating experience. In addition, the food can be of high quality and clean.


Enchanting Town: Rottach-Egern

If you land in Munich than the usual airport at Frankfurt, you can reach Rottach-Egern, about 56 Km on the banks of Lake Tegernsee. It is part of Miesbach district, Upper Bavaria. The Austrian border is a stone throw away from Upper Bavaria.

The blue water of the lake Tegernsee will beckon you to touch it which you can do while on board in a sailing boat. The area around the lake is full of tall, green trees and if you bother for a walk, it can refresh you.

It’s a perfect picnic destination and the view of the Alps is breathtaking. There is a hotel called Althoff Seehotel Ueberfahrt ( don’t try to pronounce or memorize) that is overlooking the lake and the mountain beyond. A typical calm stay will envelop you.

There is a cable car that takes you to the top of the mountain in 15 minutes. It is popular winter sports area and skiing and snowboarding entertainment attracts adventure sports lovers to Germany.

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Mittenwald, Mesmorizing Town of Germany

Mittenwald was aptly described by the famous German writer Goethe; “A picture book comes alive”. Mittenwald is a town in Germany and the Alps is looking down on it. Actually, any village, town, or city with the backdrop of the Alpine peaks of Bavaria, Germany is more beautiful than a city facing an ocean.

The town dwellings are colorful that depict the villagers’ aesthetic taste.

The lovely forested paths pass Lautersee Lake and the Laintal waterfalls in the west of the town are ideal sightseeing locations. Hiking is popular on the slopes of the mountain Hoher Kranzberg.

A ride on a chair lift is more exciting than a ride on a closed cable car. You reach the top of the Kranzberg Sesselift either on the chair lift or just hike through a forest trail.

A lake called Lautersee is said to be a very beautiful picnic spot. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is at a height of over 3000 feet. The walk up to this point will consume 45 minutes. If tired, you can cool your heels at a restaurant overlooking the hills. You are served drinks too in the restaurant.

For unlimited and gorgeous views, you should take a walk from the Mittenwald railway station to a golf course named Karwendel-Golf-Mittenwald.

During the winter, this small town is shrouded in thick snow. The sight must have prompted Goethe to have poetically described Mittenwald as mentioned above.

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Wertheim am Main, Small Town of Germany

I was browsing through several images of the Germany countryside. And I think people are mad to live in cities having migrated from the small towns such as Wertheim in southwestern Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. I said migrated and here is the proof; the population is less than 25K. The town’s main attraction is its prime location in Germany; just on the confluence of the rivers Tauber and Main.

The second main attraction is an imposing castle on a hill built during the 12th century.

Have you heard about the leaning tower of Wertheim? The lean was caused by natural wear and tear and by flood waters. The flood is a frequent phenomenon here. To protect the people from the floods, the roads were continuously raised over the years resulting in the houses to sink below the road level. The windows of the houses are at the road level.

There are many small towns in Germany where glass-goods making is a popular vocation. Wertheim am Main is also famous for its glass-making. You will have a difficult time choosing glass souvenir due to too many options.

A memorable way to reach this town is to take a river Main cruise from Frankfurt to Nuremberg. You can also take a cruise on the river Main.

Buy exciting chocolates to your heart’s content in Wertheim am Main.

Binz, The Island Town

Binz is actually a beach town of Germany. People call it as a beach resort and it is located on the German island of Rügen. It is situated between the bay of Prorer Wiek and the Schmachter.

The lovely view point is to go on the 1200 odd feet pier extending on to the sea. The Jasmund Nation Park, a UNESCO heritage site is nearby. Just one look at the photo and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the towering pine and chestnut trees.

Plenty of water sporting activities are here that include snorkeling, scuba diving and boat rides.

Beautiful Town of Germany: Rüdesheim am Rhein

Did you notice more than one word in most of the names of towns in Germany? Though difficult to pronounce, they are charming really. Rüdesheim am Rhein is a town in the Rhine Valley of Germany. I remember the name Rhine river and its enthralling course across the Europe starting from the lovely Switzerland.

This small town in the Rhine valley is very famous for Riesling wines

Other attractions are:


  • Drosselgasse lane lined with shops,
  • Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet- a museum of automated musical instruments
  • Medieval type taverns and restaurants.
  • Medieval Brömserburg Castle
  • Rheingau Wine Museum

There are 12 more small villages and towns to visit Germany. The drawback I am facing is the lack of English guides and travelogues. May be it is high time that I should start attending German tuition.


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