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Top 6 Italy Natural Hot Springs to visit

by Jane Sophia
Italy Natural Hot Springs

I remember mentioning in a blog post of mine that Italy is the most complete country for travelers. Italy is so full of pleasant surprises like Hot Springs all over the country. Not only the big cities and famous holiday landmarks but even small towns, and serene villages of Italy beckon tourists from every nation, however, remote they are.

Let us look at Italy’s major tourist attractions:

  • Rome as the richest city historically and culturally.
  • The Vatican-the world’s Christian headquarters.
  • Pisa-the leaning tower
  • Venice-the city of canals
  • Milan-a stunning city that has so many attractions in and around the city
  • Florence-the city of natural hot springs
  • Siena
  • Cinque Terre-seaside villages
  • Amalfi Coast-seaside towns and villages
  • Scenic islands-Capri, Sicily, Elba
  • Volcanoes
  • Cliffside Beaches
  • Imposing cathedrals and Basilicas- Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna and St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Ancient Monuments-Verona Arena
  • Mountain ranges

For every category of tourist attraction, you can find more than a few in Italy.

Today, I am going to show you around six outdoor natural hot springs spread over Italy but particularly in the Tuscany region.

These natural geysers have been in existence since the Roman reign and the shrewd Romans knew the therapeutic value of these mineral-rich hot springs.

  1. 1. Cascate del Mulino Natural Hot Springs

Cascate del Mulino Natural Hot Springs

Oh, the water is not only hot but milky in color! Look at the number of people who are getting soaked in these fantastic hot springs named Terme di Saturnia. They are located in the small town of Manciano. The hot water pools are fed by the falling Gorello waterfall nearby.

The temperature in the hot pools maintains a steady 37+ degree.

The water is rich in sulphur and Thermal Plankton.

  1. 2. Bagni San Filippo natural hot springs

Bagni San Filippo natural hot springs

What a picturesque place! This natural hot spring is less crowded, small and is located in the region of Siena. It is believed to have deposits of calcium carbonate. This is a well known hot spot, literally and is reached quickly from Pienza town. The volcanic Mount Amiata is also in the vicinity of this natural hot water spring.

  1. 3. Bagno Vignoni natural hot springs

The natural hot water formed a rather large pool at Bagno Vignoni. The hot water gushes out from the earth making at all-natural hot springs. After enjoying a nice and relaxing hot bath in San Filippo, you can come to Bango Vignoni natural geyser in about half an hour of driving time.

  1. 4. Petriola natural geyser

Petriola natural geyser

The natural hot water here is not voluminous as it seems from the shallowness of the pools. The water covers only up to the ankles of the people standing in the natural hot water pools. Nevertheless, it is natural hot springs and the temperature points to 42 degrees C in the thermometer.

I also noticed that these natural hot springs in Italy are not located on any road; they are all seemed to be hidden in natural settings. I suppose you need to walk some distance to go to the edge of the outdoor geysers.

  1. 5. Bagni Di Bormio

Bagni Di Bormio

The thermal hot bath here are centuries old. Due to a large arrival of tourists, a few spas and retreats have come up here and it seems they are all doing good business.

  1. 6. Viterbo Bullicame natural hot springs

This natural geyser is located in Lazio in the Lombardy region. The countryside is an ideal setting for a lazy hot water bath, letting your skin absorbs all the permeable minerals.

Since these natural hot springs are located in picturesque locations and away from any big cities, it is essential for the tourists to stay somewhere and enjoy the hot outdoor springs. These are not day-trip destinations.

Viterbo Bullicame natural hot springs

So, in order to cater to the needs of travelers, hotels, Inns, and Spas have come in and around these natural hot spring villages in Italy.

Italy as such is not cheap. Since these natural hot springs are located at not-so-convenient places, the hoteliers and restaurant owners need to pay a lot to get their supplies and this, in turn, increases the rates of the hotel rooms. However, the food is still affordable.

Do your due diligence before you even book your flight tickets to Florence or Milan.

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Maheshwaran Jothi September 10, 2018 - 7:44 am

Wonderful collection. I really missed the Bagno Vecchio in Bormio during my last month visit. Time to go back! Thanks.

Abhijit September 10, 2018 - 7:51 am

Truly beautiful country. Nice pictures. I wish I will go someday.

sapana September 10, 2018 - 6:12 pm

They all look so beautiful. Relaxing too. I have tried a few in Japan they are sometimes too hot but after a while you dont feel like getting out..


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