Mumbai to Maldives Cruise Starts from November

by Jane Sophia
Mumbai to Maldives Cruise

 Can I go on a cruise to the Maldives from Mumbai? If so, what other ports of call, the luxury ship will dock at? What is the Mumbai to Maldives cruise duration? How much does it cost? Get all the answers by reading this article fully.

Finally, the long wait of passionate travellers who yearned to visit the Maldives from Mumbai through a luxury ship is about to end.

From November 2019, you can go cruising to the Maldives from Mumbai, India’s highly visited tourist city.

When you book your all-inclusive Mumbai to Maldives cruise package, you can go on an inland tour to a few more places in India that includes Mangalore and Cochin.

This new cruise route from India is the outcome of excellent patronage for the luxury voyage to Bali, Indonesia from Mumbai.

Mumbai to Maldives Cruise 2020

This popular cruise destination has become an instant hit among the ardent cruise lovers because of the cruise ship moors at:

  • Goa
  • Cochin
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands

However, the Indian holidaymakers have to wait for a few more months for the exotic Mumbai to Maldives cruise to start leaving the Mumbai harbour.

Taking a cue from their cruise offerings from Mumbai to Bali, the Indian Government came forward to include Mangalore and Cochin as stoppages along the cruise route.

Dream Cruise from Mumbai to Maldives

Let us find out the answers to every question that the eager passengers are waiting for.

Which cruise line is going to operate this romantic Mumbai to Maldives cruise?

Costa Cruise India is the shipping line that will be proudly taking Indian passengers to the Maldives, a virtual paradise of sorts on the Indian Ocean.

Maldives Cruise ship

How many passengers can this luxury ship accommodate?

I read the capacity of the luxury yacht will be 2400 voyagers spread over in different classes.

What is the duration of the sea passage from Mumbai to Male, Maldives?

You can reach the Maldives in just seven days.

The distance covered will be approximately 1700 km.

Do you know the distance you will cover when you board the luxury ship at Mumbai on your way to Bali? It is a whopping 5500 km!

Can I choose to get on board at Cochin? If so, what will be travel time to the Maldives from Cochin?

Yes, you can buy your cruise ticket from Cochin. You will be spending three nights on the luxury ship before you disembark at Male, the capital of Maldives.

What about the VISA to the Maldives? Is it a costly and lengthy affair?

Good news, Indians! You don’t require a VISA to visit the islands of Maldives. Just a valid passport is sufficient!

What is the price of the ticket to Mumbai to Maldives?

The price starts at Rs.32,000. It may go up depending on the type of accommodation you want, such as a suite with a private balcony or a cabin with just a glass window to look at the Arabian Sea or the Indian Ocean.

Check to see what all the amenities included in your tickets such as food, drinks, entertainment and wellness facilities, etc.

Usually, inland tours wherever the ship docks will be extra payable by you.

Mumbai to Maldives Cruise inside cabin

What are all the facilities available on the luxury ship?

The competition among cruise lines is stiff, especially on the highly popular cruise routes. Since this is going to be a virgin cruise from India to the Maldives, Costa Cruise India expects to sell all the 2400 seats.

They lure us by offering the following facilities in their Mumbai to Maldives yacht:

  • Wellness facilities such as gym, SPA, Turkish baths, Jacuzzi, jogging track, swimming pools, and Sauna baths.
  • For the gourmets, there are as many as five restaurants with different themes and various cuisines.
  • The number of bars doubles up to ten!
  • The library is there for bookworms.
  • For the youth, a big disco is also onboard.
  • Casino
  • Shopping arcade

Why the launch date is ideal:

The Maldives will see no rains from November which is when the cruise is said to be launched from Mumbai. The dry season lasts until March.

What are all the inland excursions offered?

  • The elephant caves of Mumbai
  • Mangalore city tour that also includes a trip to Udipi town and a traditional Udipi lunch
  • Cochin city tour, a boat ride on the backwaters

What can you see and do in the Maldives when you buy your all-inclusive luxury cruise package that starts from Mumbai?

You will be taken on a short island hopping tour of small islands and islets of Maldives. Please be aware that the Maldives is an archipelago comprising 1200 islands. Islets and atolls. Not all of them are inhabited, buddy! You will set your feet on Bandos Island, Paradise Island, and Cinnamon Dhonveli overwater villas.

You can look forward to an exciting and thrilling expedition on a submarine that will bring you face to face with stunningly colourful Indian Ocean marine creatures. It will be a subterranean trip of your lifetime.

If you are afraid of going underwater in a submarine, you can simply wear a snorkelling mask and float on the water, watching the fish of all sizes and colours swim by ignoring you totally.

You will be offered to stay a full day at the ‘Adran Vadoo’, a luxury resort. You will have to pay even for a cup of tea.

Other thrilling things to do in Mumbai to Maldives:

  • Dine-in, an underwater restaurant in Male. I think it is the first underwater restaurant in the world.
  • Similarly, you can visit two more underwater places in Male that include an underwater SPA and an underwater nightclub.

I am afraid the tickets to the inaugural Mumbai to Maldives cruise might have been already sold out. Nonetheless, try your luck today. Opt for an ‘ocean view’ cabin.

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