Yeosmite FireFall 2020: Don’t Dare to Miss It This Week

by Jane Sophia
Yeosmite FireFall 2020 by David Gaiz-Reuters

Don’t dare to miss the Yeosmite FireFall 2020 this week.

If you are watching this video in your mobile, you won’t be able to admire the miraculous beauty of the Fire Fall.

Open this video on your desktop, view it on a ‘full screen’ mode. Still, it is not enough to see the falling fire is actually ‘water’!

Bend forward and look closely at the Yeosmite FireFall. You will see it is water that is posing as ‘fire’.

It is the ‘Fire Fall’’, one of the most wonderful sights and incredibly spectacular.

All this geographical phenomenon is happening right now or might happen in just a couple of days.

Yeosmite FireFall 2020

Where to watch the Yeosmite FireFall 2020 ?

In Yosemite National Park, California, United States, the FireFall is a yearly event.

When to watch the ‘fire fall’ in Yosemite?

The breathtaking ‘Yeosmite FireFall’ will happen starting from the second week of Feb and lasting for just a week or so.

Yeosmite FireFall 2020

How and why the Yeosmite FireFall?

The answers to Firefall, the how and why are given below.

At the outset, please be aware that the phenomenal firefall might decide to get elusive. I mean it might not show as it depends on a few factors such as clear sky, no mist or fog, the sunset time and so on.

Where in Yosemite National Park you can you watch the ‘Firefall’?

Don’t worry; just follow the hordes of tourists in Yosemite National Park. All of them would be heading towards ‘HorseTail’ waterfalls.


Don’t treat yourself as a celebrity and stand in front of the HorseTail waterfalls patting yourself that you have smartly avoided the crowds. The angle of your viewpoint of the Horsetail falls is very important to see the ‘waterfall’ turning into ‘Firefall’.

Therefore, mingle with other tourists and take your vantage position among them.

The fiery orange of the dipping sun will miraculously match the Firefall. It is just an incredible sight, buddy!

How long the Yeosmite FireFall 2020 will last?

It is just a matter of a couple of minutes before the falling fire turns into the falling water. Therefore, don’t blink as you stand with the other tourists.

Don’t look at your camera because your naked eye focus on the Firefall is very important to capture all its beauty in your memory.

El Capitan rock formation.

When you watched the video clip above, did you notice the towering rock zoomed large dramatically in front of you?

El Capitan

It is called “El Capitan”. The ‘Horsetail’ waterfalls will appear on the face of El Capitan.

Is it too late to see the ‘Yeosmite FireFall 2020’?

No, I hope not. The Firefall is expected to last up to 23rd Feb 2020. This is a lifetime experience, folks!

Watch the creation of fire from water without anyone actually igniting it. It is too brilliant a geo phenomenon to put into words.

Nearby places to see in Yosemite National Park.

Sometimes, viewers might return very disappointed not to witness the ‘Firefall’ due to natural factors. At such times, they can take time to visit several other attractive places in Yosemite.

  • Ribbon Falls Ribbon Falls
  • Wapama Falls Wapama Falls
  • Wawona Tunnel
  • Bridalveil Fall Bridalveil Fall
  • Yosemite Waterfall

Staying options near Horsetail falls in Yosemite National Park.

You would naturally want to know about staying options in Yosemite National Park before you plan your trip to watch the ‘Firefall.

Yosemite National Park encompasses a huge area. Staying options are also scattered around the large national park. In order to watch the Firefall miracle, you need to stay near the Horsetail waterfalls.

The following cottages and inns are conveniently located near the El Capitan rock where you will see the thundering Horsetail waterfalls.

  • Rush Creek Lodge
  • Blue Butterfly Inn
  • Wawona Hotel
  • Yosemite West Cottages
  • Yosemite Tented cabins

Yeosmite FireFall 2020 Tours

Remember, Yosemite National Park is too large an area to explore on your own and see all the tourist landmarks.

You need to join an organized Yosemite tour operator. Use the following keywords to search for reliable and experienced Yosemite Tour Operators.

  • Yosemite tour
  • The Yosemite Hiking tour
  • Yosemite Chartered Tour
  • Giant Sequoias Day Tour
  • Glacier Point Hiking Tour

Time is running out fast. You need to be in Yosemite National Park in just two days time to watch the Yeosmite FireFall 2020 spectacle.

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