Bentota Beach: World Top Beach for Exciting Water Sports

by Jane Sophia
Bentota Beach

This blog post takes you to the world’s topmost beach, namely Bentota beach that offers more than ten exciting and thrilling water sports. In fact, this is the only beach in the world for heart-pumping adventure sports numbering 14. No other beach in the world, not even the beaches of Goa in India offers so many water adventure activities in a single beach.

I kept questioning people’s passion for a beach vacation. What is there on a beach except for splashing around or lie lazily on a beach chaise? Maybe you can ride a catamaran to really experience the harsh bumps of the waves and feel pity for the fishermen’s tough life.

What is a perfect beach?

My idea of beach vacation took a new turn after reading about the fun-filled water sports in Bentota Beach, SriLanka. If the beach of your choice can engage you by way of offering several adventure-filled water sports, then, you can take your entire family to that beach.

Of course, the evenings are pleasant in beachfront villas but throughout the day, you have to stay indoors in an air-conditioned room to escape the heat and humidity-right?

However, if the beach offers several water sports, then, it is a different story. Water sports are for all ages including children. They are the only way to lure tourists to a particular beach-isn’t it?

There is a beach in SriLanka called “Bentota” that offers about 14 different and thrilling water sports activities.

Overview of Bentota Beach in SriLanka.

Bentota is a very famous coastal resort. It’s rather a lengthy beach measuring nearly eight km! No wonder, Bentota Beach can operate so many water adventure activities.

The majority of the tourists to Bentota are from SriLanka only because not many beach buffs are aware of its water sports facilities.

Additionally, it is just too hot, buddy. Unless you indulge in water sports to stay cool, you are not likely to enjoy touring SriLanka at all.

Bentota beach has dive spots too because of its rich and diverse coral reefs.

Water sports in Bentota Beach:

  • Wake Boarding
  • Jet skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Water Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Canoeing
  • Banana boat rides
  • Tube Boat rides
  • Wind Surfing
  • Water Polo
  • Speedboat rides
  • Kite Surfing
  • Seaplane rides
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Bentota River Cruise

Location of Bentota Beach.

Bentota beach map

Bentota Beach is located on the south-west coast of SriLanka. Facing the Bay of Bengal.

Bentota Beach

How to reach Bentota coastal town?

It is rather easy and quick to reach Bentota beach from Colombo, the capital of SriLanka. The distance separating the two places is just 85 km.

Another popular tourist spot Galle in SriLanka is located about 50 km away.

Therefore, essentially, you land in Colombo from wherever you are and then hire a cab to Bentota.

Water Sports in Bentota Beach, SriLanka.

  1. Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding is my favorite water adventure activity because it is rather easy and less scary. You hold on to a rope attached to a speedboat and stand on a board called ‘wakeboard’.

Wake Boarding

As the boat surges forward, you also slide on the water, splashing water around you and on you. It is an exciting water sport and you will invariably go for a second round of wakeboarding.

If you are a veteran of this water sports, you will do a few midair tricks as you saw on the above video.

  1. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing means a ride on a water scooter, either alone or with a companion, preferably the instructor.

This is a great fun-filled water sport if you are not afraid of water and sharks. Initially, you will gingerly test the watercraft. When the instructor clears your fears, you will slowly gain momentum and start screaming in delight as the water scooter picks up speed.

The sea in Bentota is friendly to indulge in water sports.

  1. Standup Paddleboarding

You stand up on a board and paddle the water to move forward. It is much easier in rivers and lakes but paddleboarding is different on the sea because of the waves.

Using the paddleboard, the rider can either stand or kneel down or even lie on his stomach to paddle the board.

Bentota Beach offers this water sports facility.

You must have strong arms and be sure-footed to indulge in standup paddleboarding game.

  1. Seaplane Ride in Bentota Beach, SriLanka

Seaplane Ride

Seaplanes are wonderful innovations in the aviation industry. They are used mainly for entertainment and rescue operations.

When you ride in a seaplane, you will be able to see the place on the ground where you were walking a few minutes ago.

In addition, the topography will give you a different perspective of the region. An aerial view of an island is always thoroughly enjoyable. Bentota Beach offers a ride in a seaplane up to Colombo!

I think the seaplane’s departure is from Bentota River, Bentota town.

Do you know?

Do you know the seaplanes are also called ‘floatplanes’?

  1. Kitesurfing

It has an alternative name ‘kiteboarding’. In Bentota Beach, this ultimate water sport is offered to daredevils.

Similar to wakeboarding, you hop on to a wakeboard and latch onto a kite through its rope. In this thrilling water sports, your movement on the sea depends on the movement of the flying kite, which is determined by the wind present.


By ‘kite’, don’t imagine the usual kite made of thin paper, mate. Polyester is used to manufacture kitesurfing kites.

Do you want to see how a surfer moves across the water using a kiteboard? Watch the short video below.

  1. Water Polo

Well, the name of this water sports is self-explanatory. The video below further demonstrates the game of water polo.

Bentota Beach has set up a fine facility for playing water sports.

  1. WindSurfing

The wind energy used to propel yourself on the water. There is no kind of fuel used whatsoever in windsurfing adventure.

See how a woman boards a surfboard on water, how she sets up the fiberglass sail and surge ahead, all alone, without any fear.

If you have the strength in your arms and legs to pull the surfboard on to the water and hail the sail, then, you are fit to enjoy a session of windsurfing in Bentota Beach, SriLanka.

  1. Sofa Ride in Bentota Beach

This is for children mainly. They sit on an inflated sofa and towed away by a speeding boat.

  1. Bentota Estuary

Another main attraction in Bentota Beach is the Bentota Estuary where the Bentota River meets the Bay of Bengal. It is a scenic place and worth spending some time, gazing at the sea.

Well, the other water sports such as banana boat rides, tube boat rides, snorkeling, kayaking in Bentota Beach need not require much textual description here-right?

Bentota Estuary

Staying options in Bentota Resort Town, SriLanka.

Oh, there are too many options to stay in Bentota town. You can choose among boutique hotels, independent cottages, luxury seafront resorts, and budget lodges.

The food is not expensive at all in SriLanka.


Looking at the range of water sports, I am sure a weekend is worth spending in Bentota Beach town in SriLanka.

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