Cape Town Resorts: Top 10 Weekend Escapes Near Cape Town

by Jane Sophia
Cape Town Resorts

Where do the residents of Cape Town go on a weekend to escape the city’s clutches? Are there any Cape Town Resorts? Are there exclusive weekend escapes near Cape Town where the short-term tourists to Cape Town can spend? Look at the best ten weekend getaways in and around Cape Town.

It is highly improbable for tourists to plan just a weekend in Cape Town, a huge bustling city on South Africa’s southwest coast. There are nearly 100 places to see and things to do in Cape Town including dining at restaurants to taste the mouthwatering South African cuisine.

I spent a hell of a time to shrink the list to just 10 best Cape Town Resorts and weekend places to spend a memorable time near Cape Town.


Do you know there are three capitals for South Africa meant for three distinct purposes?

  • Cape Town-parliamentary capital
  • Pretoria-executive capital
  • Bloemfontein-judicial capital

Cape Town is rated as one of the best cities in the world to tour by the popular magazine.

10 Best Cape Town Resorts and Weekend Escapes

Like any city or a remote village in South Africa, Cape Town is a wonderful place for wildlife viewing. After all, you cannot return to your city without visiting at least just one game park-right?

Peruse through the top 10 places in and around Cape Town where the permanent residents of Cape Town spend their weekend with their family.

The choices for you to spend your weekend near Cape Town are:

  • Beach cottages facing the Atlantic Ocean
  • Campgrounds at the foothills of Table Mountain
  • Farmstays
  • Cabins in the game reserves
  • Cottages in the vicinity of Sonderend River
  • Camping sites near the Clanwilliam Dam
  • Lodges in Langeberg Valley

I will just name the recommended places of stay or the host’s names of the farms. It is up to you to do your research and finalize your weekend Cape Town Resorts.

  1. White Water Farm near Cape Town

It’s a farm of vegetables and livestock. The farm is located in a scenic place and you can expect a very peaceful stay. You can eat home-cooked food using the freshest of organic vegetables and fruits.

This weekend farmstay near Cape Town is located near Klein River Valley, Stanford, about 2 hours drive away (150 km approximately) from the city.

The occupancy level must be good to start with as can be seen from several types of accommodations that are offered at White Water Farm.

  1. River Goose Campsite near Cape Town

Well, the distance is a bit longer for considering a weekend escape site near Cape Town. The distance is nearly 200 km. If that’s ok with you, you can definitely book your campsite on the banks of Breede River.

Since there is no town nearby, you should be well-stocked with your personal needs.

Food will be on the house and it is included in your overall charges.

A cruise on the Breede river can be an enjoyable pastime.

Though it is a campsite weekend getaway near Cape Town, there is no facility parking your RV. You need to stay in the tent only.

  1. Cape Town Resorts: Slanghoek Mountain Resort

The Slanghoek Mountain Resort where you can book your weekend accommodation is located 100 km only from Cape Town.

There are tents and chalets to choose from. This is South Africa, buddy, where staying outdoors is considered natural. Besides, tents are cheaper than closed accommodations.

You can hire an RV also and is certainly advantageous. You can park your motorhome on the banks of Slanghoek stream.

This weekend Cape Town Resorts is good for nature lovers that want to detach from the life of the city at least for a couple of days.

  1. Die Laaitjie Farmstay near Cape Town

Die Laaitjie Farmstay near Cape Town

How will you respond to this exquisite setting where the verandah of your weekend escape accommodation is facing the gloriously sunlit valley?

After spending a siesta inside the villa, I would spend the rest of the day gazing at the mountain and waiting for birds to show up or photographing the butterflies feeding on the nectar of wildflowers.

You have to cover a distance of 170 eastwards from Cape Town to spend your weekend.

The mountains you see on the image above are named Langeberg mountains.

This weekend farmstay near Cape Town can be rejuvenating. It’s a fruit farm, mate, where the aroma of ripe fruits can fill your nostrils when you walk on pre-trodden trails on the mountain.

  1. Akasha Mountain Retreat near Cape Town

Akasha Mountain Retreat near Cape Town

This place is good only for a long weekend because you will be spending nearly 10 hours to go and come back. The farm retreat is 300 km away from Cape Town.

However, the effort is worthy because of the picturesque setting.

In addition, if your family is large, the villa can accommodate them as it is fitted with 3 rooms apart from a kitchen and a living room.

It will be wonderful if you cook your food in the kitchen because you will be cooking without any time-bound pressures.

  1. Buffelsfontein Game Reserve Chalets near Cape Town

The game viewing forest chalets are ideal for weekend escapes from Cape Town that is about 90 minutes of driving distance away.

On your lucky day, you can boast of spotting all the big wild animals such as:

  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • White Rhinoceros
  • Cheetah
  • Zebra

Twice a day, a guided safari tour is available. If possible, go on both the safaris to increase your chances of spotting the real forest animals roaming in the real forests of Africa.

Your weekend staying options include chalets, camps, and self-catering huts.

Buffelsfontein Game Reserve Chalets near Cape Town

This is just palatial for a couple. Yes, it has 6 rooms!

  1. Sanbona Wildlife Reserve near Cape Town

This weekend escape near Cape Town is located inside a game reserve. As the website described itself, it is in the middle of nowhere.

There won’t be a human soul to disturb you. Isn’t that an ideal ‘escape’ from the city grinds?

Four types of accommodations are offered and my choice is theexplorer camp. You will have to sleep under a canvas tent. There will be a campfire going throughout the night to ward off the animals.

Sanbona wildlife reserve is located 230 km away from Cape Town. I think, in South Africa, the drive will take nearly three hours to reach the secluded weekend getaway.

The wilderness and the silence will be your company through the weekend. I think this place can rejuvenate you for several weeks ahead.

A relaxed boat safari in the afternoon after lunch is an enjoyable experience.

If you are looking for an ultimately peaceful weekend escape near Cape Town, the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is the best chat choice.

  1. Aquila Game Park near Cape Town

Game Park near Cape Town

Watching the real African elephants roaming freely in the game parks in Africa is more thrilling than spotting a glimpse of a leopard or a jaguar. Elephants’ size and their relaxed and unperturbed way of living will teach us something valuable.

This weekend escape near Cape Town is located inside a privately owned game park. The distance between the two destinations is just 130 km only. You need not spend more time on the wheels.

At Aquila Game Park, you can spend your valuable weekend with your family by staying in any one of the six types of rooms and cottages.

Aquila Game Park Cape Town Resorts

Staying in rustic accommodation inside a game park in Africa is a lifetime opportunity.

Beachfront Cape Town Resorts and Weekend Escapes


  1. Cape Town Resorts: Last Word Long Beach Resort

Cape Town is a blessed city because it has all the exciting and scenic landscapes that include:

  • Wildlife Parks
  • Mountains
  • Coastal area
  • Water bodies


Cape Town has two lengthy coastlines that are:

  • 400 km on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore
  • 500 km on the Indian Ocean’s coast

Therefore, there is simply no dearth of beachfront Cape Town Resorts to spend your weekend if you are in Cape Town.

Just drive for half an hour towards the Atlantic coast to reach the popular “Last Word Long Beach”

The video of the Last Word Long Beach hotel conveys what you can expect to experience at this beachfront weekend getaway near Cape Town.

The rooms are fitted with plush furniture. The spread on the buffet table looks fairly large and inviting.

The activities on the sea such as surfing will be thrilling.

  1. Weekend Escape at Cape Point near Cape Town

Cape Point is located 70 km away from Cape Town. It is a breathtakingly scenic place. Instead of curling up on your resort’s cozy bed, you must sit for hours together on the promontory facing the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s what every tourist will do when they visit Cape Point. It is irresistible.

A pretty place-eh?

Spending your weekend at Cape Point’s beach resorts is highly recommended. Cape Point is the most preferred choice for the residents of Cape Town to spend their weekends.

There is a funicular rail to go to the top of the lighthouse. The ocean view while riding up or when you have reached the top, is simply dizzying.

In addition, Cape Point is a wonderful haven for bird watchers.

Overall, Cape Town is a terrific place to tour. Instead of keeping your base at the Cape Town city, you are encouraged to stay in any one of the top ten weekend escape destinations and Cape Town Resorts.

If you have another place in mind that is better than my list of best Cape Town Resorts and weekend getaways near Cape Town, please input your feedback in the comment section below.

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