Punta Ala Travel Guide

by Jane Sophia
Punta Ala Travel Guide

Punta Ala is a breathtaking holiday spot in Italy. Let us know more about it in this Punta Ala travel guide.

Shall we go to an off the beaten track for a change? How about this town, an Italian town in Tuscany region?

Does the image above appeal to you? It is the scene of Punta Ala’s harbour.


This exciting vacation spot is located just outside the city of Castiglione.


Castiglione, Grossetto province, Italy.

Our destination Punta Ala is looked upon as an extension of the city of Castiglione.

Both of them look stunning to me.

Please be aware that Tuscany occupies the central (middle) of Italy.

Punta Ala sits right on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the great Mediterranean Sea.

How do you go to Punta Ala?

Rome is a bit far off at 220 km south. Pisa is much closer at just 130 km.

You can fly directly to Pisa. From there, hire a cheap taxi to your destination. The drive takes about 2 hours.

The much celebrated, and the beautiful city of Florence is also your gateway. Florence to Castiglione is only 100 km.

If a taxi is not affordable, catch a train to Florence. It will get you to Punta Ala in roughly 4 hours.

Four hours of train journey to cover 120 km is considered as dead slow.

I think you can as well board a train from Rome to reach the coastal town in 2 and a half hour.

Are there hotels to stay in Punta Ala?

Oh, the options are abundant. Resorts, hotels, villas, and Airbnb homes are at your disposal.

The rates per night will startle you, buddy! It ranges from 200 to

450 US$ per night.

I recommend you book your accommodation in Punta Ala Camp and Resort.

It costs around USD 80 per night. The location is on an elevated ground, with a view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Punta Ala Travel Guide: Best Things to Do

This tiny fishing town has become a throb of the Italian and French tourists. The view all around is awesome.

  • Le Rocchette Beach, and Resort

Obviously, La Rocchette is one of the must-see places of interest in Punta Ala.

It is basically a glamping (luxury camping) site that was further developed into a full-fledged resort near the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The beach is rated highly by the international travelers. That’s why, the small town rose to stardom quickly.

  • Grosetto

This is a big city that belongs to a province by the same name. It lies just 50 east of Punta Ala town.

The city has some historical buildings, tall churches, and modern restaurants that functions from age-old bistros.

There is an archaeological museum that is worth seeing if you have a fancy for the charming Italian history.

Roselle village that is on the suburbs of Grosseto has some archaeological ruins.

The Sam Lorenzo cathedral is an important tourist landmark.

The hills that surround the old city, gives it a tranquil look.

  • Follonica


Follonica is actually in a gulf (Gulf of Follonica). It is an inlet of

Tyrrhenian Sea. This coastal town is an upcoming holiday destination near Grosseto. Punta Ala is about 21 km south of Follonica.

If you have to reach Punta Ala by train from Rome, you have to get down at Follonica.

Known for friendly summer temperatures, the town attracts weekend holiday crowds from Grosseto and from other parts of Tuscany.

The seaside is simply spectacular. The view is awesome.

Popular also for the food, and sea-view hotels, Follonica has earned a nick name that goes by ‘Miami of Italy’s Maremma’.

Tourist landmarks include churches, a castle, a monastery, and several beaches with wonderful amenities.

Follonica is worth a day trip from Punta Ala.

  • Montemassi

Its location on a small hill overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea pulls people from various parts of Tuscany, and also from France.

It is just a village with the fort on the hillock. Since, the fort is the only attraction in Montemassi, many tourists may not be interested to travel nearly 50 km from Punta Ala.

  • Pisa

Pisa, the site of the world wonder, the ‘leaning tower’ is 130 km west of Punta Ala.

pisa tower

The image above shows the city of Pisa on either side of River Arno, an important river next to River Tiber in Italy.

Apart from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are many more places of interest that include:

  • Pisa Baptistery
  • Pisa Cathedral
  • Piazza der Cavalieri
  • Composento Monument

It’s so majestic! In addition, it is a typical Italian architecture for a monument of mammoth proportions.

  • Piazza der Mirocoli

The building is simply stunning! One of the prominent buildings inside the piazza is a large cathedral. Saint Mary f Assumption is the presiding deity in the cathedral.

Pisa’s history and culture demand at least two days from you to see, and admire.

Unique geographical fact of Pisa.

Pisa was once near the Tyrrhenian Sea. Only 4 km separated them. Now, due to withdrawal of sea, the distance from the nearest beach is roughly 10 km.

  • Yacht Club

With the proximity of the sea, there is no dearth of water sports in Punta Alka. Sailing in a yacht is a thrilling experience. The sea and the mountains behind the sea are very picturesque.

The yacht club periodically organizes two boat races, namely Luna Rossa Challenge, and Regatta.

  • Castle of Punta Ala

It is an old castle, built on the peak of a hillock. This castle acted as an observation tower to watch out for pirates. It is nearly 450 years old.

As of now, the castle functions as a luxury accommodation, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Won’t you feel like a royal guest, staying in the castle?

Here is another view of the watch tower from the sea.

  • Play Golf

Punta Ala’s sprawling golf courses are patronized by the wealthy people of Tuscany. They have holiday homes near the golf course, and frequently spend quality time, playing golf.

To sum up, Punta Ala, the coastal resort town is an ideal summer getaway. Great hotels, fantastic beaches, and mild summer are the plus points of the town.

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