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Lake Iseo: A Very Beautiful Lake Iseo beckons you to Italy

by Jane Sophia
Lake Iseo

 A lovely Lake Iseo beckons you to Italy.

Know how to go to Lake Iseo in Italy and see all the most beautiful sights around Lake Iseo.

Lake Iseo

Time and again, I am returning to Italy. As a travel blogger,  I am simply bewitched by its diverse beauty that includes:

  • Cliffside beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
  • Brightly painted houses on small towns located on rocky hills facing the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • Breathtaking islands of Adriatic Sea
  • Lovely beaches on the Ionian Sea
  • The floating city Venice
  • The most frequented cities of Italy that includes Milan, Siena, Naples, Rome, Florence, Turin, Verona, and Genoa
  • Enchanting green hill stations of Italy that include Civita di Bagnoregio, Pitigliano, Assisi, and San Casciano Dey.

Apart from these popular vacation destinations, there are gorgeous looking lakes in Italy. Their enchanting beauty, their mountainous backdrops, and nearby attractions could convert your weekend holiday to a very memorable one.

The beautiful lakes of Italy:

  • Lake Como
  • Lake Garda
  • The Lake Bolsena
  • Lake Iseo
  • The Lake Ledro
  • Lake Maggiore

Today, I will take a virtual tour of Iseo.

Location of Lake Iseo, Italy.

Lake Sebino is its alias name, and it located in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. The world-famous tourist destination Milan is the capital of Lombardy, Italy. Milan is known for the biggest commercial hub for world fashion, terrific cathedrals built in Gothic style and a few art galleries.

One of the most visited Lake Como also located near Milan.

Lake Iseo, our subject today located between Lake Como and Lake Garda. This means all three prominent lakes located in the Lombardy region of Italy. You can easily imagine the tourist crowd that is visiting Italy’s Lombardy.

How to reach Lake Iseo?

Italy is one country that has excellent transportation linking to all cities of top attractions and even islands by means of planes, trains, buses and cabs, and above all ferries and yachts.

The nearest airport to the Lake Iseo is Milan city in the Lombardy region. From Milan’s airport, go to the Milan rail station either by taxi or by boarding a Government bus.

Buy your train ticket up to Brescia. The distance between the two is 95 km.

Lake Iseo has located about 35 km from the Brescia railway station. Taxis are available at Brescia station to go to the lakefront.

Overview of Lake Iseo:

Lake water is clear as glass. River Oglio’s water drains into the Lake Iseo. It surrounded by lush green mountains. Lake Iseo is a much sought after weekend holiday destination for Lombardy. Therefore, you can find a few lake-view resorts and hotel rooms. Italian cuisine will not disappoint anyone. Iseo

Top 12 places to see and things to do in and around the Lake Iseo:

  1. A boat trip to Monte Isola islet on the middle of Lake Iseo.Monte Isola islet
  2. On the same boat, you can also set your feet on San Paola Islet and Loreto Islet.
  3. Floating Pier.Floating Pier of Lake Iseo

It is a pleasure walking on a platform laid on the sea from the beach.Floating Piers – San Paolo

  1. Come back to the shore of Lake Iseo and enjoy a snack of freshly cooked lake fish named Tinca, the permanent resident of these clear water lakes.
  2. Take a long stroll on the banks of Lake Iseo. Enjoy the wildflowers, beautiful butterflies that feast on the wildflowers, see how the water birds dive in and out of the lake with a fish in their mouth wriggling for life.

Swan on Floating Pier

  1. Stay in Town Iseo located on the southern banks of Lake Iseo. Good mid-size restaurants serve local Italian delicacies that would not disappoint you at all.

Town Iseo
Iseo other Attractions

  1. Take the time (you will have plenty of it on your hands) to visit the Castle of Grumello built during the medieval period. I think the worldwide, medieval period was the ages of magnificent constructions of cathedrals, palaces, castles, and forts.
  2. If it is lunchtime already, reach out for the best of Italian wine and order Sardines, the best fish of Italy.
  3. Sit on a park bench without making any sound. The only sound would be coming from trees that will attract beautiful Italian birds that you won’t see again in your life.
  4. If you are by chance interested in fossils (almost no tourist will show inclination), there is a Fossil Lake Park nearby.
  5. This is a lake, buddy, with still water. You can make use of various water sports facilities that include scuba diving gears, canoes, and kayaks.
  6. If museums ignite your pastime interests, you can allocate some time to visit one or two museums in the Town of Iseo.

I think a weekend is more than enough to enjoy the serene atmosphere of Lake Iseo in Lombardy, Italy.

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