Milan Shopping: What to Buy in Milan?

by Jane Sophia
Milan Shopping

Get to know Milan Shopping and what are the best shopping areas in Milan. Treat this blog post as your ultimate shopping guide in Milan, Italy.

What should you buy in Milan?

Milan is a sprawling metropolitan city in Italy’s Lombardy region. It is Italy’s biggest tourist center and major commercial center.

Milan is the world’s most important fashion hub. If Paris is the world’s boutique for women, Milan is the fashion trend center for both men and women.

Milan Tourist Attractions:

Apart from being a highly visited shopping capital in the world, Milan’s has two most famous tourist landmarks, namely:

  • The Gothic Duomo di Milano

The Gothic Duomo di Milano

This is a world-famous cathedral. Look at the imposing and ornamental façade of the church. It is no wonder the building took six centuries to complete.

  • Santa Maria delle Grazie

This is a well-known church in Milan because it is where the painting titled; “The Last Supper” by the world-renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci is displayed.

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Come on, let’s get on with the shopping business in Milan. First, I will tell you about several shopping streets in Milan. Then, I will guide you as to what you should buy in Milan in this Milan Shopping guide.

Note I used “should buy” and not “can buy” because you will scold yourself later if you return home without them during your Milan shopping. You will be reluctant to share your Milan’s tour experience if you can’t showcase your purchases of souvenirs and gifts in Milan Shopping Malls.

Milan Shopping: Must-Visit Shopping Streets

  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan shopping district

Milan Shopping Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

A dash of awesomeness added to this popular area meant for shopping in Milan because of the glass dome that covers almost the entire area.

This bustling Milan shopping mall is located within the heart of the city. You can buy all the famous Italian merchandise that includes:

  • Fashion apparels
  • Italian leather wares such as belts and footwear
  • Red wine and white martini
  • Expensive Italian perfumes such as Givenchy, one of the most luxurious fashion labels in the world. It is a French product though the name Givenchy sounds very Italian.
  • Jewelry
  • Porcelain products
  • Myriad varieties of pasta
  • Famous, original, and authentic Italian pizza toppings

You can save your valuable shopping time if you go to the eight-floor shopping mall called “La Rinascente”.

Milan shopping La Rinascente

Corso Venezia, Milan Shopping Area

Corso Venezia, Milan Shopping Area

I read this is not a place for ordinary tourists; it is where Europe’s highest-paid models, socialites, and celebrities linger around to buy truckloads (planeloads?) of trending fashion apparel and luxury goods.

Wikipedia says it is an exclusive shopping avenue, and from the look of it, it is not an exaggeration.

Well, so be it; at least we can stroll through the shopping street in Milan if not buy anything. Take a selfie in front of some shops such as Gucci leather jacket showroom as proof of your shopping session in Milan’s high-end shopping avenue.

Gucci leather jacket showroom

Corso Buenos Aires, Milan shopping street

Corso Buenos Aires, Milan shopping street

Beautiful! Doesn’t it resemble the famous Champs de Elysees in Paris?

Oh yes, the Corso Buenos Aires in Milan can be comparable with the Champs de Elysees. During late evening, this long (1.2 km) shopping street turns into a brightly lit paradise on earth. It is Milan’s shoppers’ haven and rightly so because of more than 300 shops selling all that is prestigious to buy in the world of glitter and glamour.

If you want to buy the latest fashion dress and footwear, it has to be Milan’s Corso Buenos Aires shopping street.

Sounds like, “If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium”-eh?

Via Monte Napoleone

Via Monte Napoleone

If you want to boast of possessing the most expensive footwear in the world, you must visit the Monte Napoleone shopping street in Milan. The word ‘Via’ means a ‘street.’

Please be aware that everything on display in this shopping area in Milan is costly but exclusive. The quality of the designer luxury goods you see in Via Monte Napoleone revealed in their appearance itself.

These are the four exclusive shopping streets in Milan.

Next, we will look into what you should buy in Milan.

Before you begin your Milan shopping venture, you should know the names of some of the world’s topmost labels on:

  • Dresses
  • Leather jackets and women’s handbag
  • Jewelry

Peruse the following list of highly acclaimed brands in the world and see if you recognize what they relate to:

  • Channel
  • Gucci
  • Henry Cotton’s
  • H&M
  • Givenchy
  • Stone Island
  • United Colors of Benetton
  • Swatch
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Zara
  • Brooksfield
  • Fendi
  • Bottega Veneta

Now, to your wishlist of gifts, souvenirs, edibles, and memorabilia that you should buy in Milan:

Milan Shopping Guide to buying at Exclusive Shopping Streets:

Panettone cake you should buy in Milan

We say ‘endemic’ to flora and fauna, which means they are found in a particular place and not found anywhere else in the world.

Milan shopping Panettone cake

Similarly, the cake you see above called “Panettone” is an exclusive product of Milan. You eat and buy some to bestow them upon your neighbors. Hey, don’t they have to know you had just returned from your vacation in Milan, Italy?

As per the legend, Panettone can boast of its existence since the reign of the Roman Empire!

Craft Umbrellas you should buy in Milan

I don’t know why they are called ‘craft’ umbrellas! Perhaps it is because these designer umbrellas are handmade.

Craft Umbrella

I think the material of the lovely umbrella is silk-what do you say?

The image of the pink umbrella above is a fancy umbrella deviating from the regular black umbrellas found ubiquitously in England and in Kerala.

These craft umbrellas sold widely in Milan. You should buy at least a pair of craft umbrellas as souvenirs.

Ask for these handmade designer umbrellas with Francesco Maglia found on the label. Remember this item as a should-buy in Milan.

Porcelain goods you should buy in Milan

Not many people know that Milan’s Marazzi labeled porcelain goods are world-famous. After all, we have heard much about the Italian marbles and Italian ceramic tiles-haven’t we?

Buy a box of Marazzi brand coffee cups and saucers in Milan. If you choose an ornamental coffee mug with colorful prints in Milan’s shopping streets, your taste will be appreciated.

Italian Rice Shopping in Milan

Are you surprised to find ‘rice’ in the list of products you should buy in Milan? Don’t be because the Italian too love rice, especially the long grains. Well, you don’t have to take my word, mate, taste once in Milan’s restaurants and then buy. You will end up buying it.

I am sure you have come across the word ‘Risotto’. It is an Italian rice dish mixed with mushrooms, vegetables, or meat.

Italian Rice Shopping in Milan

Peck is the familiar food products brand in Milan. Apart from rice, Peck is also well known for cheese and pasta.

Ah, the pasta! Naturally, you should buy a few packets of authentic Italian pasta in Milan.

Italian Coffee Shopping in Milan

Italians are passionate about coffee, and they drink it black. When you are doing your rounds on any one of the shopping streets in Milan, you will see shelves display numerous brands of coffee.

Do we credit Italy for the invention of world-famous Cappuccino-right?

The most bought coffee brand in Milan is Caffè Ottolina.

Designer Lamps you should buy in Milan

Oh Milan, thy name is design? Milan and designer goods are inseparable. Anything artistic, aesthetic, and unique in design and shape are made in Milan only.

Though designer furniture is attractive in Milan, obviously you can’t carry them in your flight-eh? So, why not buy just a piece of a designer lamp in Milan? You won’t regret it.

Campari you should buy in Milan


Campari is a famous Italian liquor. Tourists to Milan used to buy a bottle to take back home. It is a fruit and herb-based drink. The Milanese drink it just before a meal as an appetizer.

Designer Leather goods you should buy in Milan

Agreed that any authentic Italian leather item is expensive. If you can’t afford a Gucci handbag for your spouse as a gift, at least gift yourself a small men’s wallet.

  1. Football memorabilia you should buy in Milan

The Italians are mad football fans. They buy their favorite team’s jerseys, sneakers, and whatnot. Why don’t you become a fan of an Italian football team purchase something related to them? It would make a memorable souvenir from Milan.

White Martini Shopping in Milan

Do you like Martini? In Milan, you can get a bottle of white martini. Martini, an Italian drink used in cocktails,

Do you want to see how a white martini mixed in Milan bars? Look at the video clip below:

This is the end of the Milan Shopping Guide of what you should buy in Milan and what are the names of highly acclaimed Milan shopping streets.

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