Things to Do in Brazil: 16 Wonderful Places to Visit in Brazil

by Jane Sophia
Things to Do in Brazil

Here are the 16 cool and unusual things to do in Brazil.

Brazil Map

Visit 16 top-rated tourist attractions in Brazil for a fun-filled visit to Brazil.

OMG! Look at the size of Brazil! From the image above, I could see most of the countries of South America are located on Brazil’s lengthy border.

Brazil is obviously the largest country of South America and I believe the major portion of its land is occupied by the mighty Amazon Rainforest.

Before we peep into the top things to do in Brazil, let us look into the vital facts of it that are also very interesting.

Interesting and vital facts of Brazil:

  • Brazil comprises 8.5 million! Can you visualize how large land that is?

The phenomenal geography and a great mixture of culture put Brazil as one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world. Do you know the meaning of “megadiverse”? When any single country is home to the majority of the earth’s species of human life, flora, and fauna, it is a ‘megadiverse’ nation. In addition, out of the overall percentage of flora and fauna, the number of endemic species among them is one of the highest on the earth.

  • It is very interesting to note Portuguese is the official language of Brazil despite the fact that the European country Portugal is about 7500 km away! Incredible!
  • Brazil’s population comprises numerous ethnicities and thus too diverse a country culturally.
  • The festivals of Brazil attract a large number of American and European tourists. The biggest festival in Brazil is the “Rio Carnival” held in Rio de Janeiro. Here is a video of Rio Carnival:

Are you hooked as soon as the video started? You are not alone and that’s why it is the most awesome, gorgeous, and colorful festival in the world. The costume is flamboyant. The dance of hundreds of Brazilians is bewitching! What choreography!

  • Brazil’s coastline measures a little short of 7500 km!
  • Brazil’s extensive coastline has a mind-boggling 2000 beaches making it the largest beach vacation destination in the world.
  • The best time to visit Brazil is from September to October. You could not find any affordable places during carnival time and vacation time.

Enough of facts and figures about Brazil-eh? Let’s get started with the top things to do in.

16 Best Places to Visit and Interesting Things to Do in Brazil

Iguazu waterfalls

You were dramatically taken to the edge of the Iguazu waterfalls and this is a sight that will never leave your memory. It is simply breathtaking. I suppose the real meaning of the ‘breathtaking’ can be attributed to Iguacu (alternative spelling) waterfalls.

It is a series of waterfalls, buddy, comprising 275 falls and the total width of the waterfall from number 1 to 275 is 2.7 km!

Additionally, here is an interesting fact about Iguacu waterfalls. Only 20 % of the 275 waterfalls are located inside the Brazilian territory. The remaining 805 of the Iguazu waterfalls are within Argentina, another beautiful South American country. To enjoy some adventure activities in Brazil, one should visit Iguacu without fail.

Top-Rated Tourist Attraction in Brazil: Christ the Redeemer

Top-Rated Tourist Attraction in Brazil

This is a statue of the Christ the Redeemer and it is 124 feet! To see this massive tourist attraction, you have to go to Rio de Janeiro, one of the biggest cities.

It is visible from a big distance because the statue is erected on top of Mount Corcovado.

Things to Do in Brazil Christ the Redeemer

What a terrific view from the base of the statue!

Visiting Noronha Island – Things to Do in Brazil

There are 21 islands and islets in Brazil. I think you are not aware of the Brazilian islands-right? Not many people know of the islands and islets of Brazil. Of the 21 islands of Brazil, the Noronha Island is the smallest one measuring just about 19

Visiting Noronha Island - Things to Do in Brazil

Beautiful island-isn’t it? Did you notice a few mountaintops on the Atlantic Ocean? They are all submerged mountains-mate!

All the islands of Brazil are too far away from Brazil’s coast. The nearest Brazilian island from Brazil’s mainland is located at 275 km!

Its full name is Fernando Noronha and is described as a very beautiful and unspoiled island of Brazil.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are pursued actively off the beach of Noranho to see some exotic marine life of Brazil.

All the islands of Brazil start with the word ‘Ilha’ meaning island.

Example: Ilha Grande, Fernando de Noronha


Ilha Grande-Things to Do in Brazil

Very picturesque island in Brazil!

Things to Do in Brazil: Visiting the Amazon Rainforest

Without mentioning the Amazon rainforest as one of the top places to see in Brazil, a travelogue is meaningless.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

See how dense the jungle is. It can easily be the ideal place for hundreds and thousands of insects, snakes, birds, and wild animals. However, it is too large an area to visit on a single day.

There are numerous organized Amazon River cruises lasting one day to a week. When you buy your seat in anyone the short Amazon River cruise packages, you will witness a sample of Amazon rainforest and the endemic biodiverse species of flora and fauna.

In addition, you will see the ferocious crocodiles and large snakes on the Amazon River; so don’t dip your legs inside the river.

Itatiaia National Park

Brazil is a blessed country geographically.

Things to Do in Brazil Itatiaia National Park

There several national parks covering extensive mountains and rainforests. The Amazon rainforest alone is home to more than a hundred rivers.

The Itatiaia National park should be in your list of top places to see in Brazil.

This Brazil tourist attraction is located near Rio de Janeiro.

A few attractive mountain ranges of Brazil are part of this national park in Brazil and that’s why it is a must-see place.

  • Mantiqueira mountain range
  • Agulhas Negras mountain range
  • Prateleiras mountain range

The highest peak is situated at 9400 feet and this is an excellent national park in Brazil for bird watching.

Birds and animals that you can spot in Itatiaia National Park:

I just name a few here as there are more than 300 species of birds in Itatiaia National Park.

  • Atlantic Royal Flycatcher

Please watch the video to appreciate the bird’s magnificent crest.

  • Toucans


It looks like a hornbill!

Fun Things to Do in Brazil, Santos Beach

As I already mentioned, the coastline of Brazil is 7500 km long. There are 2000 beaches in Brazil and you know it is tough to choose just one best beach among them.

Santos Beach is in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The são paulo beach is bounded by a 3 km long garden and remains crowded always.

If you like the famous Brazilian coffee and follow the Brazil football players, Santos is a good place to see in Brazil.

When you are visiting Brazil, Sao Paulo will definitely be on your agenda as it is a sprawling modern city.

Paraty, Brazil

Things to Do in Brazil Paraty

Oh, stunningly beautiful! A water body with a backdrop of tall, misty mountains with dense foliage is always a compulsive attraction.

Paraty’s mountains are known as Costa Verde. If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro (you will certainly visit), you can go to Paraty that is close to Rio.

You can go on a hike on the forest trails on the mountains, discover hidden gems of waterfalls and eat wonderful Portuguese cuisine.

Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

Can you believe it is a church? At first sight, I thought it’s a football pavilion or some theater.

What modern and innovative architecture! This beautiful building is naturally a wonderful pace to see in Brazil.

Here is another view of the cathedral that would make you determined to visit this important tourist landmark.

Things to Do in Brazil

Most Beautiful Beach in Brazil: Copacabana Beach

Most Beautiful Beach in Brazil

A mere glance at this beach in Rio de Janeiro is not sufficient to know why this beach attracts about two million visitors every year. Maybe the image below would pique your curiosity.

Fireworks Copacabana Beach

Breathtaking! It is not a laser show, my friend but fireworks! The 20 -minute long extraordinary fireworks shown right on Copacabana Beach, Brazil is once in a lifetime to watch the event.

Watch this short video clip capturing the fireworks on the Atlantic coast in Brazil. Hello, please do watch it in a full-screen mode.

Spectacular, isn’t it?

Things to do in Brazil: Visting World’s Most Beautiful Staircase- Escadaria Selaron

Read a brief overview of the Escadaria Selaron, Brazil below and you will realize why these steps are a big tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro.

These steps are called the ‘Selaron Steps. The tiles to create the steps are actually donated by 60 countries. The donation spree started when a neighboring country came to know of the number tourists visiting this Brazilian attraction and they appreciated the artist who constructed the 215 steps using tiles found on the rubbish on Rio de Janeiro streets.

Very interesting story-right?

When you tour Brazil, go to Selaron Steps and ask someone to take a photo of you standing on a step.

It would add to your interest to know that these Selaron Steps have received widespread mention in numerous travelogue videos, and Time-American weekly news magazine.

Sugarloaf Mountain

The Sugarloaf Mountain is a top place to see in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro city. The shape resembles a sugarloaf and hence the name of this tourist attraction in Brazil.

Things to Do in Brazil Sugarloaf

The peak rests at an altitude of 1300 feet!.

The mountain itself seems to be jutting out of the Atlantic Ocean. Visiting this sugarloaf mountain is one of the things to do in Brazil. Don’t forget to visit this beautiful place in Brazil that is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

See this view of the sugarloaf summit:

To reach the summit, you can take an exciting ride in a cable car.

Note: If you get a chance, go when the evening lights are on in Rio de Janeiro city. It will be a gasping sight. Of course, the daylight ride is also breathtaking because of the view of the majestic Atlantic Ocean far below.

Pantanal, Brazil

Have you ever seen a swamp? If not, see this sight below of Pantanal, Brazil. It is one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

Pantanal, Brazil

A swamp or a marshland is a rare occurrence throughout the world. Because of the perennial lagoon with water, hundreds of species of birds flock due to abundant availability of prey. The list of birds that one can spot in Pantanal is just too long. Hence I just display the photograph of this world’s most favorite bird called “Hyacinth Macaw”.

Hyacinth Macaw

I am sure this one bird is sufficient to urge you to visit Brazil just to see the range of Brazilian (Amazon) exotic birds.

In addition, when it rains, the entire area turns into a livid green with myriad flora.

The swamp at Pantanal is one of the world’s largest wetlands. Do you know how large is it? It occupies a whopping 195k sq km. and only a part of the swamp is located inside Brazil and the remaining part of it spills over to two neighboring countries Paraguay and Bolivia.

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

You simply cannot afford to ignore this top natural place in Brazil. Watch a very short video clip below that depicts only a small piece of attraction in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, Brazil.

Is your mouth still agape, buddy? Isn’t it something out of a film? That is River Preto falling from over 350 feet!

The stunning waterfalls, thick jungles, steep ravines, and quite a lot of original inhabitants of Amazon rainforest that include jaguars, macaws, toucans, and the rarest of mammals called “Armadillos” will capture attention.


What is this? A pig? An anteater? A combination of both?

If your eyes, still wide opened at the first sight of Armadillo, then, how about this ‘sloth’?


It is a native of South America, Brazil to be more exact because it is where the Amazon jungles originate.

Gruta Do Lago Azul

The video of the electric-blue grotto (cave) promotes itself as one of the top places to see in Brazil.

The azure water’s source traced to a subterranean river. The lake’s Portuguese name is tough to remember; hence just ask for “ Blue Lake Grotto” to your tour Brazil tour organizer and tell him it is your top priority to see this ultra-natural tourist attraction on Brazil.

Dunas de Genipabu

It is not a desert as you guessed, reader. This is a naturally formed sand dune, one of the geological phenomenons of Brazil’s inexplicably diverse landscape.

It lies off the Atlantic coast at a particular place from where the wind is strong and continuously blows away the beach sand.

Things to Do in Brazil Dunas de Genipabu

Over the decades, the sand thus brought in by the wind, formed into a wonderful sand dune and it has become a world top-rated attraction in Brazil. This is one of the things to do in Brazil. Additionally, it is also the site for several adventure sports such as sandboarding and buggy ride.

I think I justified its listing as one of the top things to do in Brazil.

Things to Do in Brazil: Visit Botanical Garden

Don’t fret over your lack of time to go inside the Amazon rainforest. All the unheard-of an unseen flora of Amazon forest can be seen inside this incredible botanical garden that must have taken decades to cultivate and showcase Brazil’s rich flora.

Warning: Don’t fix an appointment soon from your entry at this sprawling botanical garden (garden must be a misnomer; it should be a botanical paradise) because you will spend the rest of your day inside this magnificent botanical garden located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These are the top-rated tourist attractions in Brazil and the number one place to see in Sao Paulo and Ouro Preto of Minas Gerais which are bustling modern cities. Almost, we come to the end of things to do and see in Brazil.

I am sad to end this blog post of Things to do in Brazil as I believe there must be 50 more tourist attractions in Brazil that you will be pleased to learn. During your visit, visit the art museum without fail. Visit Brazil without fail once in your lifetime; before you start, plan what to do in Brazil.

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