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10 Best White Sand Beaches in the World

by Jane Sophia
10 Best white sand beaches in the world

The Best White sand beaches are the most picture-perfect beaches in the world. We have seen in films featuring a very beautiful woman who looked at her stunning best when she is shown walking or running with bare feet on a white sand beach with the blue water as a contrasting backdrop.

What the advertisers don’t realize is we immediately forget the woman model and our focus turns to the lovely white-colored sand on the beach that is more romantic than the bikini-clad woman.

White sand beaches certainly appear dreamy and somehow the white-colored sand gives the impression of softness-right?

What is the reason behind white color sand on some of the beaches?

10 Best white sand beaches in the worldDead coral that get pulverized to powder form due to infinite pounding of the waves is one of the reasons for the beaches that wear whitest sand.

The next big fact is the sand in the white sandy beaches is all white quartz and looks like branded and refined sugar crystals.


Do you know the most number of best white sand beaches are found in Mexico, especially their coastal areas near the Caribbean coast?

There is no official record as to how many amazing beaches in the Mexican coast are white in color.

10 Best white sand beaches in the world

Come, let us get to know the world’s 10 most beautiful white-sand beaches.

  1. The Best white sand beaches in the world: Destin white sand beach, Florida

Best white sand beaches in the world Destin beach, Florida

The first of my white sand beaches in the world is in Florida’s Destin beach.

Appropriately known as Emerald Coast because of distinctly green water, Dustin city’s white sand beach is a big attraction for the South Floridians.

How big is the attraction of this white sand beach in Florida? A little less than 5 million tourists visit Dustin City’s white sand beach.

To serve such a large floating population, there are countless hotels, resorts, condominiums and holiday rental villas facing the Gulf of Mexico in Dustin city, Florida.

  1. Sunrise white sand beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand.

Sunrise white sand beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

What a beautiful beach with white sand, a green mountain, and the lovely navy blue water! This is a Thai scene; I mean it is how a typical island in Thailand would like. Tell me, who would not be attracted to this gorgeous white sand beach? I would even forget about Thailand’s nightlife and spend most of my time gazing at the distant horizon.

The island of Koh Lipe located in the Andaman Sea and You can reach it via flights from Thai capital Bangkok.

There is a bioluminescent microorganism beach, which is a very occurrence in the world. Marine biology offers unlimited scope to unravel.

If you know scuba diving, there is a lot for you to see underwater. Alternatively, you can either go on a snorkeling session or take a kayak individually. The exciting experience will give you goosebumps.

You can go up to Koh Adang, a neighboring island with a white sand beach at just 6 km away.

Marvel at a sea-fire show at the beach late in the evening.

  1. Orange white sand beach, Alabama

Best white sand beaches in the world orange beach

The name is confusing-eh? Let me rephrase. Orange beach is the name and it wears white sand. Alabama is a southern state in the U.S., and the Orange beach is very close to the border of Florida Keys, a set of picturesque islands you can reach through connecting bridges.

One of the things to do when you are visiting the Orange beach is to go on a short island hopping tour in a boat. There are small islands off the shore of Orange beach namely:

  • Robinson Island
  • Walker Island
  • Bird Island
  • Gilchrist Island

Collectively, these four Alabama islands are called Perdido Pass.

If you enjoy jet skiing, you can reach the Perdido Pass in an exciting way.

  1. Alucida Sparkling white sand beach, Mallorca Island, Spain

The white sand beach above seems to be a favorite of beach buffs. I read once the beaches of Mallorca Islands attract more than 10 million people collectively.

The majority of the tourists are from the United Kingdom. The Germans too visit the sparkling white sand beaches of Mallorca in huge numbers.

The Mallorca Islands known as Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Another name for the Balearic Islands is ‘Catalan Island.

It seems most of the beaches in this Spanish Islands wear beautiful sand.

  1. Nungwi white sand beach, Zanzibar, Africa

Nungwi white sand beach, Zanzibar, Africa

Sparkling white beach-eh? Zanzibar is an island in Africa and shows a pretty large dark spot on the tourist radar.

The tourism picked from 1990 with the opening of the first of the several luxury resorts right on the fringes of the lovely white beaches of Zanzibar.

There are pubs and bars that are not so ambient, and the restaurants too but they serve authentic African cuisine.

Generally, the northern part of the Zanzibar Island is touristy but its southern counterpart is where the natives live leading a relaxed African life.

  1. Porto Katsiki white sand beach, Greece

There is no dearth of white beaches in Greek Islands numbering 6000. It is a difficult to point out which white sand beach in Greece is the best. Nonetheless, I will go with the crowd and choose to add the Porto Katsiki white sand beach in my list of world’s 10 most beautiful white beaches.

Porto Katsiki white beach is located Island of Lefkada, Ionian Sea. Porto Kastsiki is a very gorgeous beach.

Did you notice the towering, mammoth cliff right on Porto Katsiki beach?

I think because of the rocky mountain, the beach narrowed down.

  1. Ritz White Beach, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

There are 10 white sand beaches in the Philippines and the beaches of Cebu Islands archipelago are some of them. They are all fine sand beach.

There is an island called Bantayan Island that it rated most beautiful and best white sand beaches in the world.

Ritz White Beach, Bantayan Island

It is an extremely scenic and filmic place with numerous attractions that include colorful starfish and rare ‘blue heron. Hello mate, it is just no ordinary heron with tinges of blue on its wings; it seems the whole bird is dipped in Indigo blue.

colorful starfish

Look at the stunning striated heron below:

striated heron

Below is another blue colored Kingfisher with a white color:


Bantayan Island is located on the Visayan Sea. Somehow, the marine life is rich that attracts several species of sea birds and other migratory birds. In addition, the evergreen mangroves offer abundant prey for the birds and reptiles.

Here is an image of Rudy Turnstone:

Rudy Turnstone

Best White sand beaches in the Caribbean Islands:

All over the world, white sand beaches exist mostly in islands and islets than the mainland beaches.

The Caribbean Islands are very famous for white beaches. I will over some of them in this blog post.

Best white sand beaches in the world: white beaches in Caribbean

  1. Shoal Bay white beach, Anguilla

Shoal Bay white beach, Anguilla

Anguilla is an island in the Caribbean and is a British Overseas territory.

This beach wears white sand and is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water is very clear here that invites snorkelers.

  1. Rendezvous Bay white sand beach, Anguilla

Best white sand beaches in the world rendzvous beach

The beach looks deserted but I guess it was shot in high-noon. This Caribbean white sand beach is a big holiday destination for the beach buffs. The range of wonderful food is also an attracting factor for this Caribbean paradise.

  1. Meads Bay white sand beach, Anguilla

Strikingly white color-sand that contrasts the azure water distinctly-eh?

There are various colored-sands on the beaches that include:

  • Golden
  • White
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Green

However, the best white sand beaches are more in the world than any other color except the ubiquitous golden sand.

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