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Lake Como Travel guide: Best Things To Do Around Lake Como, Italy

by Jane Sophia
Lake Como Travel guide

This is all about visiting Lake Como and the cities surrounding the lake thus creating one of the most beautiful lakeside resorts in the world. Hope this is a perfect Lake Como Travel guide

This blog post Lake Como Travel guide is dedicated to Italy and its proud residents. In addition, I dedicate this Lake Como travel guide to the passionate travelers who rave about Italy than any other country they visited.

Overview of Lake Como:

Lake Como is located in the northernmost part of Italy’s Lombardy region, on the border of Switzerland.

Lake Como on Map Italy

I think words of description of Lake Como and the resorts built on its shore are unnecessary. The whole scene speaks volumes of the beauty of Lake Como and its tourism value.

Look at the brightly painted houses and villas that are built literally touching the lake bund similar to the scenario of Venice.

Como Lake

That is a view of Lake Como from a villa named Carlotta.

On the northern shores of Lake Como stands the majestic Swiss Alps.

The Lake Como’s entire 150 (approx) sq.km area is fed by the glaciers of the Alps. This is a huge lake really! Even its depth of 660 feet is scary.

Lake Como has been on the tourism map of Italians since the times of the colorful ancient Roman rulers. Why should they be spared? Who can move his eyes off the lake and the surrounding snow-clad mountains?

One of the noted tourists to Lake Como is Mark Twain who raved about the resort town of Lake Como in his work “The Innocents Abroad”, a travelogue.

Lake Como Travel guide: Places of Interest Around Lake Como:

The towns and cities that surround Lake Como are:

  • Bellagio
  • Como
  • Brunate
  • Bellano
  • Colico
  • Musso
  • Dongo
  • Cernobbio
  • Varenna

Don’t just casually read the names of these towns and communes in Lombardy region. Every one of them is picture-perfect offering you a serene atmosphere and laid back life. The Italians that permanently reside in and around Lake Como are the luckiest people on Earth. There cannot a second opinion about that.

Water sports in Lake Como:

Lake Como’s sprawling size gives room for many water sports that include:

  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Kitesurfing

Shopping Guide: Shopping in Como city

The promenade of Lake Como is dotted with colorful shops and cafes.

I will take you to the cafes later but first, let us know what you can buy in Lake Como. Look for large jars of pure honey collected from the honey farms of Lake Como and its nearby farms.

The famous Italian goat cheese is sold in all sizes and shapes.

In fact, organized tours to the farms of Lake Como allow you to buy directly farm-fresh goods.

You are in Italy, man; it is the world’s fashion center for trendy designer clothes, handbags, perfumes, and leather footwear. Whatever you buy from Lake Como is genuine only.

Lakeside villas-Lake Como:

The villas built on the banks of Lake Como and overlooking the alps are owned by the rich and famous of Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. The villas serve as vacation homes for their owners.

Here are the names of some of the famous villas with exquisite gardens:

  • Villa la Cassinelli

This is the most pointed-out villa built on the banks of Lake Como. Look at the video of Villa Casinella below. It will make you gasp audibly.

  • Villa Carlotta
  • The Villa del Balbianello
  • Villa Melzi d’Eril

Lake Como

Oh, what a way to live!

  • The Villa d’Este,
  • Villa del Balbianello
  • Villa Serbelloni,

Do you know that world celebrities Madonna and Sylvester Stallone have their own sprawling villas facing Lake Como?

Ferry rides on Lake Como

A very popular thing to do in Lake Como is to hop on a ferry that will take you for a 30 minute-ride during which you can see all the natural islands on Lake Como.

lake front

Other interests in Lake Como:

  • Cathedrals
  • Silk Museum (I wonder how silk became famous in this part of Italy)
  • Funicular train ride to Brunate town

This is fun-filled ride with breathtaking views of the alps and Lake Como.

How to Reach Lake Como:

Italy surprisingly well connected with the rail networks. There are trains to every nook and corner of Italy.

You can go to Lake Como by train from the nearest big city Milan. Moreover, you can also reach the other picturesque towns by train near Lake Como such as:

  • Varenna
  • Bellagio
  • Como
  • Menaggio

Lake Como demands more than a day from you as a tourist. Hence, plan a weekend trip at least to Lake Como.

Travel Guide  to stay in and around Lake Como:

Lake Como, a highly visited tourist destination in Italy. It is also an expensive town even when compared to the big city Milan. The distance from Milan to Lake Como is around 90 km only.

Most tourists directed to hotels in and resorts in Menaggio from where Lake Como is just 30 kilometers away.

Como town is certainly expensive; if you can afford it, it is the most coveted place to stay and enjoy Lake Como.

The towns of Bellagio and Verenna are also good towns to choose your hotel.

Guide to Eating in Lake Como

There is nothing fancy for the gastronomes in Lake Como. It is Italian cuisine all the way such as pasta salads, pizza, lasania, cheese, risotto, and pastries.

Of course, do not forget to taste a few original Italian wines, especially the white ones.

Forget about Venice, Rome, Florence or Naples. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, choose Lake Como and you have seen the rest of Italy.

It’s a promise.

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