7 Top Tourist Attractions in and Around Milan

by Jane Sophia

Look at your sightseeing options when you are in Milan, Italy as a tourist that loves to gobble up with your eyes as many beautiful places as possible in very little time. Historic museums that you will frankly admire, awesome and imposing churches, the finest of Roman architecture, and the best of Italian cuisine, all these will make your Milan stay memorable.

Switzerland is just across the border of Northern Italy, close to Milan, a true Italian city that oozes the great Roman culture in every corner of the city.

France too is not very far away. Eastern France’s best city Lyon is close to Milan. The German and Austrian borders too line the borders of Northern Italy.

Milan and Its Neighborhood Sightseeing as Day Trips.

So, if you are headquartered in Milan, these are the attractions that you can see and enjoy a day trip. Day trips are very convenient since you don’t have to stay overnight at the places of sightseeing. You can stay unpacked till you leave the city without bothering about packing every day or two as you travel the length and breadth of Northern Italy after selecting your hotel in Milan. In addition, the electric nightlife in Milan would want you back every night after your shorts sojourns to places of tourist importance.

  1. Day Trip to Turin From Milan

Turin would be the first day trip for you from Milan. I must admit the distance is a bit far (142 km) to make it as a day trip but if you leave early, say by 6.30 AM, you will have ample time to go to Turin, enjoy your sightseeing and return to Milan by 6.00 PM. This short video clip will show you the various faces of Turin, Italy surround y the great Alps on one side.

Turin is the capital city of the Piedmont region of Italy and is located on the left banks of the River Po.

Turin city is laden with exquisite buildings of Roman architecture. The locals love to linger in old cafes situated in historic buildings. Don’t forget to buy a few souvenirs in Porta Palazzo street market. Stroll leisurely in Piazza Castello square and Piazza San Carlo square. The squares are lined with cafes, art galleries, churches, gardens, theaters, restaurants, and museums.

Other places of sightseeing in Turin:

  • Mole Antonelliana, a monument of importance
  • Royal Palace of Turin
  • Basilica di Superga
  • Museo Egizio Museum


  1. Cinque Terre Famous Milan Attraction

Ah, the famous Italian attraction, the Cinque Terre is just an hour’s drive away from Milan. I am short of proper adjectives to express the breathtaking beauty of these 5 small villages that form the Cinque Terre. Probably, the image will make your mouth agape.

Cinque Terre, Milan

The sea that you see is the Ligurian Sea that is famously known as the Italian Rivera. The houses, restaurants, bread and breakfast inns, all are located on the hills and cliffs, offering gorgeous views. Cinque Terre is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Italy. The mountainous landscape overlooking the blue Ligurian Sea has beautiful walking trails. Even for a day trip, you can take a hike or two after enjoying excellent Italian seafood in any of the quaint eateries in the five villages namely:

  • Riomaggiore
  • Corniglia
  • Manarola
  • Monterosso
  • Vernazza

All the enchanting Italian villages are located on various parts of the cliffs.

The beaches abutting these 5 villages would invite you with open waves and a negligible number of onlookers. Cinque Terre is an ideal day trip place from Milan,

  1. Genoa

Genova, Milan

It’s a port city written all over with fishing and tourism being the backbone of the charming little city in Italy that you can visit from Milan and go back on the same day. In fact, the Milan-Genoa day trip is the best sightseeing option if you are lodging in Milan. Italy is full of museums located in just about every big and small city and hence, Genoa is also famous for great museums (White Palace) and art galleries (Palazzo Reale).

Other things to see in Genoa.

  • Ligurian Archeological Museum
  • Home of Christopher Columbus (yes, the legendary explorer and seafarer)
  • Corso Italia promenade

To taste the local Genoa food, try the real and original pesto and focaccia. For home takeaways, buy one or two bricks of the famous Italian cheddar cheese

  1. Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, Milan

Whoops! What a beauty. I don’t think I will return back to Milan after seeing this sea of lake that occupies Lombardy and Piedmont regions in Italy and Ticino region in Southern Switzerland.

I will simply ignore the fact that it is my day trip from Milan and stay overnight in any of the lake-view cottages. The striking scenic place, the fact that you are already in Switzerland, a memorable ferry ride on the water body that occupies two of the most tourist-friendly countries, all of them would make you boast of your visit in social media extensively. Driving the distance of 90 km from Milan, the Lake Maggiore would make your day trip from Milan very memorable.

Places of sightseeing importance in Lake Maggiore:

  • Villa Taranto garden
  • Borromean Islands
  • Isola Madre Island
  1. Lugano

Lugano, Milan

The lake you see on the image is Lake Lugano after which the Italian city is named. Or is it vice-versa? I don’t know. Nevertheless, this stunning looking place is worthy of making a day trip from Milan that is 90 km away. The blue lake Lugano has two companions, both on its right and left. They are Lake Como and lake Lago Maggiore.

To visit the beautiful sightseeing destination, you would be entering the dreamy Southern Switzerland where the majority of the residents speak Italian. As a day tripper from Milan, your guide (if you have one) will first take you through the Piazza della Riforma, an important and busy square laden with gardens and bistros. After having a cup of Italy’s famous Cappuccino, you will then be taken to the lakeside. Your final sightseeing attraction in Lake Lugano is a ride on a funicular rail up on the Monte San Salvatore, the scenic mountain range on the Alps.

Monte San Salvatore, Milan

The video below will give you better ideas of the funicular rail journey on the Monte San Salvatore.

  1. Lake Como

Lake Como

What a sprawling water body abutting many small Italian towns! For a day trip from Milan, you only need to cover a distance of 85 km. It may take about two hours but don’t you think this stunning beauty is worth the time spent? Great, green mountains, the lovely blue water of the lake would mean a very pleasant weather-right? That’s why thousands of tourists including celebrities directly go to the Lake Como and spend a weekend in one of the finest lakeside resorts. I heard some of the big rich people dock their own yachts so that they can visit the Lake Como anytime they wish.

  1. Bergamo Typical Roman City Like Milan


Bergamo is a typical old Roman city with cobbled pavements and it is only 90 km from Milan thus enticing the tourists from Milan to plan a day a trip. It is one more, small city on the Alps that has so many churches and basilicas (Santa Maria Maggiore) that depict the Roman architecture during the Renaissance. Having visited Milan, you should plan a day trip to Bergamo that would enchant with you with terrific architecture and the scenic Alps. In order to tour the city without spending much time, it is advised to take a ride on the Città Alta funicular rail.

You will be able to view the whole city and its majestic buildings.

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