8 Striking Vacation Hotspots in the World

by Jane Sophia
Vacation Hotspots

How do you think people chose their Vacation Hotspots ? Do they seriously read travel magazines-both online and offline? Do they heed their recommendations? Or, do they simply rely on their research?

I would say all the three methods of choosing a Vacation Hotspots are applied. If people don’t have any preconceived ideas that would usually make their decision making easy, they would simply type, “World ’s best vacation hotspots ” in Google and narrow down their choice to three or four dream places first. Then, based on the cost involved, availability of last-minute flight tickets and hotel rooms, they will finalize their most toured holiday destination.

Vacation Hotspots Maldives

I too gave the same simple task to the reliable Google. It kept me busy for a few days since the list was pretty long in its search results. Here it is my list finally titled, “8 striking vacation hotspots in the world”. The list is arranged in random order only.

Of all the world’s beautiful places to see, I found out the islands are the most preferred Vacation Hotspots among the majority of the travelers. Cities were not the favorites for many. Next to island vacation getaways, theme parks were preferred especially by family travelers. Places were adventure activities are abundant, ranked third among the categories of tourist interests.

1. Maldives- Best Vacation Hotspots

Maldives- Best Vacation Hotspots

I must admit the Maldives was placed on top of the Vacation Hotspots list compiled and published by more than 10 travel sites. I don’t want to push it down my list. Maldives Islands attract literally millions of tourists, especially from Europe and the U.S. Tourists are lured by breathtaking beaches, great seafood, varieties of water sports, luxury beachfront resorts and overwater villas, and exotic avifauna. Tourists are thrilled to do island hopping in the Maldives’ 1000 plus islands and islets.

2. Most Visited Vacation Hotspots: Japan

Every non-Japanese is awestruck by the travelogues of friends who could not stop yapping about their good times in Japan. Japan’s incredible technological advancements that are applied in every walk of day to day life, simply sweep you off your feet. Above all other attractions in Japan, the volcanic Mount Fuji is the most visited tourist hotspot in Japan.

Vacation Hotspots Japan

I gathered that the Japanese cuisine is not liked by the majority of the western tourists. Asians are comfortable with the food in Japan.

3. Wholesome Vacation Hotspots: Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Vacation Hot spots Disney World

This world’s most visited tourist place by family travelers simply cannot be beaten by any other theme parks in the world and that includes Disney Lands in other parts of the world. The biggest plus point in the Orlando Disney World is, it’s a wholesome holiday hotspot with the complete works such as extraordinary staying options, cuisines from just about every part of the world, incredible entertainment for the entire family, connectivity, weather, and numerous money saving deals in rides and accommodations.

4. Iguazu Falls, South America.

I don’t think a waterfall was captured as dramatic as this in a video camera. See the video clip and tell me your opinion.

These magnificent waterfalls are shared by two South American countries namely Brazil and Argentina, similar to the Niagara Falls that is shared by the U.S. and Canada. The Iguazu Falls are fed by the Iguazu River. One of the falls is called the ‘Devil’s Throat’. It is the tallest of the other falls in the system and the water drop here is from 250 feet. Do you know that there are 270 odd individual falls combine this world largest collection of waterfalls at one place?

5. Best Vacation Hotspots: Amazon Rainforest, South America

Amazon Rainforest, South America

The popularity of this holiday hotspot cannot be measured by the number of unique tourists but by the number visitors every year. Yes, more repeat visits to the legendary Amazon Rainforests are recorded. The most visited entry point to the Amazon is in Peru because of the added attraction of the Andes Mountains. Do you know that the Amazon Rainforests are spread over as many as nine South American countries? It is one of the best Vacation Hotspots in the world that cannot be completely seen even after a dozen visits wherein each visit lasted a week or so.

6. Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, China.

It is one of the most beautiful Vacation Hotspots in the whole world. Not inclined to concord with my opinion? Look at the video below; you are more likely to agree with me.

Once you reach the Sichuan province in China, you would be impatient to start your journey into some of the striking sceneries in the world that include a great network of valleys such as the Shuzheng Valley, Rize Valley, Nuorilang Waterfall, the Zharu Monastery, and the most beautiful and extremely colorful Five Flower Lake.

Unfortunately, this extraordinary vacation hotspot is visited mostly by the Chinese, Malays, Koreans, and Japanese. I wonder why the Europeans or Americans are not choosing this striking place as their favorite Vacation Hotspots!

7. Wonderful Vacation Hotspots: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Vacation Hot spots The Great Barrier Reef

That’s it, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. The size of this living thing (2300 km long) makes it visible from the outer space. The whole eco-system is home to many thousand reefs and hundreds of coral islands and the most colorful species of a range of marine creatures including molluscus.

The Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful vacation hotspots in Australia. You can go there any time of the year to appreciate something or the other.

8. Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

The Great Ocean Road connects two cities of Victoria namely Torquay and Allansford, covering a distance of 244 km, all along various terrains and the sea giving you company all along your drive. Wow! That must be an exiting drive through this scenic beach road of the world. The legendary 12 Apostles are located on this drive. Bookmark these beautiful Vacation Hotspots.

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