Travel Guide: Naples, the Italian City with Too Much History

by Jane Sophia

Naples: The City of Art and Pizza

Naples is the third-largest city in Italy and its close proximity to Pompeii and Herculaneum makes it the perfect gateway city. Don’t dismiss it for its reputation for muggings and petty crime and choose to travel with caution instead.

The city has a distinctive flavour and it’s shabby and yet brilliantly lively at the same time. Naples makes a great travel destination for pretty much everybody, history buffs and foodies alike. Its sun-kissed coastline, rich history and fabulous food and wine leaves no one underwhelmed. Just the fact that it’s the birthplace of pizza should convince you not to give it a miss. The city must be savoured at a slow pace, much like the general attitude of Italy. So, don’t plan too many things for a short stay.


Where to Stay in Naples

Naples has a whole lot of options for hotels ranging from high end to budget accommodations. If you want to save your bucks, the city offers many other alternatives that can be even more cost effective than a budget hotel:

  • Hostel: They are great for youngsters and solo travellers to meet other people.
  • Pensione: They are old-school family run accomodations similar to B&Bs.
  • Convent or Monastery: Have a unique stay in historic buildings and save a penny at the same time.
  • Agriturismo: Rent a room in a farmhouse with the option of fresh, home cooked food.


How to Get Around

The traffic in Naples is notorious and get ready to dodge mopeds speeding by on cobble stoned streets. Taxis are usually expensive so walk as much as you can if you’re on a tight budget. Getting around is easy using public transport and one-day passes can also be availed.

Naples City Guide

Naples is a city steeped in rich history and no travel guide can be complete without mentioning Duomo, a spectacular Gothic Cathedral. Art and architecture enthusiasts must also head to the National Museum of Capodimonte featuring Baroque and Renaissance artists and the Archaeological Museum of Naples housing Greek and Roman artifacts.

Don’t forget to visit Cappella Sansevero full of Baroque sculptures and the Diocesan Museum, either. Plunge into history at castles like Castel dell’Ovo, Castle Sant’Elmo, Castel Nuovo, Castel Capuano and Palazzo donn’Anna.

Visualize gladiators fighting in the Flavian Amphitheater and find subterranean wonders at the Naples underground tour. Attend an opera at the world’s oldest opera house, Teatro di San Carlo and catch a film at the Open-air Cinema Festival.


Eat & Drink

The local food is delectable at prices you can’t beat. Pizza first invented in Naples and over the years, the Neapolitans developed pizza making into a fine art.

Find pizza heaven on Via dei Tribunali, a street where the best pizzerias are located. Fritti, pastas and seafood in the city are also above par. Pastries in Naples are world famous and remember to taste the sfogliatelle before you leave. Hit up an aperitivo bar between 7-9 pm and enjoy pre-dinner light drinks like campari or aperol while nibbling on appetizers.


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