Top Ten Cruises 2020 Destinations in the World

by Jane Sophia
Cruises 2020

Dreaming of a fabulous sea getaway in 2020? Plot your path from these ten destinations worldwide and make your cruises 2020 holiday extraordinary one.

Do people choose to go on a cruise holiday during winter? In spite of the cold weather almost throughout the world and in the majority of the countries during the winter season, the seas and oceans remain fairly warm and it is excellent weather to go cruising on a luxury ship liner.

I believe you will enjoy the sun more during the snow season if you go on a barge. There are exclusive barge cruise packages on small rivers across the world. You will be able to explore unheard of small towns and exotic capitals if you go on a river cruise in small yachts and a 10-passenger barge.

Let us go over the list of highly chosen cruises 2020 destinations in the world. Whether you hop on an ultra-luxury ship or a small river cruise barge, whether you plan your cruise holiday during summer, fall or winter of 2020, the following cruises 2020 destinations are considered hot and expected to offer great money-saving deals.

Best Ten Cruises 2020 Destinations in the World

I foresee even hotels and resorts in all these cruises 2020 destination to compete with each other by offering discounts and freebies to lure the prospective cruise-happy holidaymakers.

  1. Popular Cruises 2020 Destinations: Galapagos Island

Popular Cruises 2020 Destinations Galapagos Island

Throughout 2019, I came across Galapagos as the highly visited cruise vacation destination and the trend is expected to increase in the year Cruises 2020 too.

Time and again, Galapagos Islands that are located off Ecuador, were the most preferred island escape over Bora Bora and Maldives. Even the evergreen island paradises Bali and Hawaii took a beating from the Galapagos.

There are 18 islands in total that comprise the Galapagos archipelago. They are located too far off from mainland Ecuador to which the Galapagos belong. Roughly 1000 km needs to be crossed on the Eastern Pacific Ocean to land in any one of the islands of Galapagos.

Galapagos Islands attract thousands of tourists mainly for the extraordinary wildlife of which, many are endemic to Galapagos.

Blue-footed Booby

Galapagos Islands are volcanic and covered with great craters and lush tropical Rainforests.

It is advisable to do your research about which is the best cruise liner to offer an all-inclusive cruise package to Galapagos because I foresee a big rush among the holidaymakers to travel to Galapagos in cruises 2020.

  1. River Cruises 2020 Destinations: Yangon, Myanmar

Formerly known as Burma, this tiny neighbor of India and China somehow gained recognition and started showing a thick spot on the tourism radar.

Myanmar’s coast is on tow seas namely

  • Bay of Bengal
  • Andaman Sea

Additionally, the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar conducive for cruising on a five-star ship.

Myanmar, picking up as an excellent cruise destination because you can sail into Myanmar and also go river cruising in that small country.

Rural Myanmar unfolds dramatically when you cruise in the Irrawaddy River. Moreover, you can go on a sea voyage from Myanmar to Thailand also which shares its borders with Myanmar.

The proximity of Thailand and the Andaman Islands entice cruise buffs to choose Myanmar as their next year’s vacation.

  1. Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa’s South East coast needs no introduction to compulsive holidaymakers. Those who value South Africa as one of the best countries in the world to travel, rate Cape Town as the best destination to cruise any time irrespective of the season.

Be it cruises 2020 or any year after, Cape Town is the country to tour. You can choose to fly into Cape Town or cruise and dock at Port of Cape Town, the leading port that receives big as well as small ships.

Cape Town

  1. Most Beautiful Cruises 2020 Destinations: Villefranche, France

Most Beautiful Cruises 2020 Destinations Villefranche, France

The name “Villefranche” is new to you-right? Well, I expect thousands of people to say “yes”.

Villefranche is a natural cruise destination because of its big port that can receive even large ships that require a good depth in the sea.

The Villefranche is located in the Eastern part of France near Nice, a big French city. Just 4 km separates them. The Mediterranean coastal city in France is sharing its borders with Italy.

Villefranche is popular for its beautiful churches and chapels, beautiful beaches, the lovely mountains at the backdrop of the port, and authentic French rural cuisine.

  1. Lovely 2020 Cruise Destination: Monaco

The Monaco has been occupying its own prominent place in the list of lovely cruise destinations in the world.


Monaco is a separate country bordering France and sits on the Mediterranean Sea, just about 20 km north of the Nice city, France.

You should know France’s Rivera (French Rivera) on France’s eastern coast is loaded with incredibly luxurious resorts and is rated as the world’s leading resort area.

Well, Monaco, as well as the Villefranche, are both decorate the French Rivera.

Monaco’s gorgeous beaches attract tourists from France and Italy in shiploads.

Have you heard about the famous casinos of Monte Carlo? They are all in Monaco as Monte Carlo is its leading big city.

Do you know?

Monaco’s population stands at 40k and one-third of them are billionaires.

Plan your next cruise vacation to Monaco that you can visit by cruising on a private yacht from Italy and Greece.

  1. Romantic 2020 Cruise Destination- Budapest

Budapest the capital of Hungary is a very peaceful country in Europe. The Budapest is a romantic city with stunning architecture, long avenues, museums, and historic monuments.

In addition, The Capital city Budapest known for its natural geysers.

Above all, the tranquil Danube River flows through the country which itself offers river cruise packages that dock at 5 different European countries.

Hungary is a landlocked country surrounded by several European countries that include:

  • Austria
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Romania
  • Ukraine

Hungary Map

Danube River cruise that either passes through Budapest or originate from, is supposed to be the most romantic and quaint cruise in the world as it touches all the above-mentioned countries’ rural towns.

  1. Dream 2020 Cruise Destination Cairns


The Cairns, a city on Australia’s Pacific Coast is a dream destination for Cruise liners. When prospective cruise package buyers see the name “Cairns” on the tour itinerary, they are drawn like a zombie and go about booking their cabin in the cruise ship.

Cairns is said to be the gateway to the Great Barrier of Australia and Queensland’s breathtaking landscape.

Some of the top things that attract tourists to visit Cairns:

  • Wonderful marine life
  • Australia’s aborigines
  • Daintree National Park
  • Esplanade in Cairns
  • Breathtaking skyrail train ride to Kuranda

  1. Luxury Cruise Destination- Croatia:

The Croatia best visited by cruising on a luxury ship than flying in.

Croatian islands are the second most favorite cruise destination for the tourists, the first being the Greek islands.

Of the 1244 islands of Croatia, just 47 only inhabited. The most visited island of Croatia is Hvar Island.

Cruises 2020 Destinations Hvar Island

Hvar Island

Croatia is located facing the Adriatic Sea. In its west is Italy. On the other sides of Croatia are several European countries that include:

  • Serbia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Montenegro

This is a big advantage for travelers as they have a chance to set their feet on several countries too.

As a traveler to the mainland of Croatia, you are advised not to miss seeing Dubrovnik, a sprawling city in South Croatia dotted with centuries-old churches and palaces.



Do you know the home of the popular dog breed Dalmatians is a native of Croatia?

In the year 2020, top cruise ship operators foresee Croatia to receive more than 25% of the 2019 tourists that stand at over 20 million!

As mentioned above, don’t fly to Croatia but join an all-inclusive cruise tour and sail into either one of Croatia’s two large ports namely the Dubrovnik or Rijeka.

See Dubrovnik in two days and then go an island-hopping ferry tour.

  1. Most Beautiful but less Crowded Cruise Destination St. Martin:

St. Martin and the Saint Maarten Island is a Caribbean Island that has Philipsburg as its capital. It is one of the most beautiful but less crowded islands on the Caribbean Sea.

While Saint Maarten is that part of the island that belongs to the Dutch, the Saint Martin part is a French domain.

So, you are actually visiting two countries when you disembark in Philipsburg city.

Cruises 2020 Destinations Philipsburg

To attract the tourists and retain them as long as possible, all the bars and cafes are located on a scenic beach road that offers a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea.

Add St. Martin in your wish list of the countries to visit in 2020. Mark my words; it is going to hit the headlines soon as one of the highly recommended cruise destinations next year.

The majority of the big names in the cruise liner industry are operating cruise ships to Sint Maarten Island.

  1. The Hot Travel Destination Bahamas:

Bahamas Islands

The evergreen and ever enchanting Bahamas Islands are going to top the hot travel trends list of the year 2020.

Well, I must admit the Bahamas always finds a place in the top cruise destinations list every year. So, treat this mention as a reminder to you to make your dream trip to the Bahamas at least this year.

Read all about touring Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Your cruise ship’s primary port of call will be Nassau.

Be prepared to land on several small islands of the Lucayan Archipelago to which the Bahamas belong.

Here are some of the gorgeous islands near the Bahamas that you must visit during your visit to the Caribbean.

  • Long Island
  • Cat Island
  • Andros Island
  • San Salvador Island
  • Rum Cay
  • Berry Island

Once you tick off the Bahamas in your list of best cruise destinations to travel, you will look for no other place for your annual vacation. It will be the Caribbean and the Caribbean Islands alone.

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