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10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy

by Jane Sophia
Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy

I am never tired of writing about hundreds of holiday destinations in Italy. The more I pore over the map of Italy, the more new, unexplored, and unwritten places of extreme attractions I come up with.  In this blog post, you will come to know 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy, that you have most likely unheard of.

However, your ignorance doesn’t take away the perfect charm of those coastal cities.

You must be aware of 4 different seas that surround Italy.

  • Adriatic Sea in the northeast
  • Ionian Sea in the southeast
  • Ligurian Sea in the northwest
  • Tyrrhenian Sea in the southwest

Other water bodies include:

  • The Gulf of Venice in the northeast
  • Gulf of Taranto in the south
  • Messina Strait in the southwest
  • Malta Channel in the south (below Sicily Island)

However, Italy is not an island but only a peninsula.

With so many seas, gulfs, channel, and strait, there are bound to be numerous coastal Towns in Italy that are waiting to be explored by travelers.

I foresee, you will fall in love with them instantly. For example, weren’t you impressed with the title image of thus post?

It is a photograph of the Rimini’s waterfront.

I will take it up first.

10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Italy

  1. Rimini


You can easily locate Rimini on the northeast coast, facing the Adriatic Sea.

Rimini is flanked by Ancona, another coastal Town you will get to know in this post, and San Marino, an independent country, comprising just 61 sq. km area. It is ranked 5th among the smallest countries in the world.

Now that you know about the location of Rimini, let me tell you how to reach it.

Reaching Rimini:

Your first question is answered below.

Yes, there is an international airport called Rimini Miramare Airport It has an alias that goes by the name, “Fedirico Fellini Airport”.

The airport receives flights even from Moscow, as well as Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, etc. Totally, 20 European cities take passengers on their flights to Rimini.

The other means of Transport include trains, buses, and boat too.

Rome is at 400 km southeast of Rimini. Bologna is the closest big city at 115 km northwest,

Train journeys from Rome, Milan, and Venice offer scenic rides.

Finally, from Venice, you can come to Rimini by a ferry. The 270 km is covered in only 3 hours! The voyage from the Gulf of Venice to the Adriatic Sea port will be picturesque.

Places to see in Rimini:

This small coastal Town in Italy has several historic landmarks that include:

  • Porta Montanara

This is the stone gateway to the city built by the ancient Romans.

  • Rumini Beach

Rimini Beach

The picture suggests this is an important beach that is well visited. Similar beaches were developed into big seafront resorts.

  • Harbor

The port has been really busy since the Roman regime. It is a popular tourist spot. There is a mini amusement park with a giant Ferris wheel.

As the days are hot, a late evening visit is recommended.

  • Rimini Fiera

It is where frequent exhibitions are held. It is also the centre for cultural festivals.

  • Fellini Museum

You need a weekend to see all of Rimini’s attractions.

  1. Atrani

Do you recognize Atrani’s location? It lies on the Amalfi Coast, buddy! Though its neighbours are popular, more crowded, and more expensive, Atrani, one of the quiet coastal Towns in Italy, is rather silent but offers all the stunning views of other Amalfi Coast destinations that include Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello.


How to reach Atrani?

If you are in Rome, fly up to Naples. From there, hire a taxi or board a bus to Atrani, 60 km south of Naples.

From Salerno, one of the famous towns on the Amalfi Coast, the distance to Atrani is only 25 km.

Now, do you realize, Atrani, though not very popular, is right amidst the beautiful cities of the Amalfi Coast?

Accommodation, and food, are rather cheap here. If you are wise, you would make Atrani your base, and roam the Amalfi Coast, either by road or by sea.

Ferries are available from Atrani to Positano, Sorrento, Naples, Pontone, and Ravello.

Ferry fares are comparatively cheaper.

The town’s houses overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea. The atmosphere is very, very Italian.

Therefore, Atrani is a very good base to cover the entire Amalfi Coast attractions.

  1. Ancona

Incidentally, this coastal Town in Italy is the capital of the province of Ancona.

It sits on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. From Romini, Ancona is 20 km south.

It suggests the road trip from Rimini along the Adriatic Coast will be picturesque.

How do you go to Ancona from Rome?

You can fly to Marche Airport from Rome. The distance is 280 km.

If you are touring Milan, you can catch a train to Ancona. The ride will be of 3 hours duration.

The frequency of the train service is exceptional every 2 hours!

Similarly, you can reach Ancona by train from Bologna, Florence, and Rome.

Finally, you can choose a ferry ride from Rimini. The sea passage takes one and a half hours.

Attractions to see in Ancona:

  • Monte Conero

The picture says it all. It is a promontory, jutting into the Adriatic Sea.

  • San Ciriaco Cathedral

It was built in the honor of Saint Cyriacus. More than the shrine, a statue of a lion is the foremost attraction.

It is made of red colored marble. We are all aware of the popularity of marble stones in Italy.

  • Piazza Plebiscito

You can find these public squares in almost every Italian city.

However, Ancona has not one but 4 piazzas! It speaks about the importance of its tourist potential.

They are named as:

  • Piazza Roma
  • Piazza Cavour
  • Piazza della Republica

Piazza Plebiscito was the first to have come up in the center of Ancona, in the 15th century.

  • Ancona Harbor

What a beautiful port! Expand the image to appreciate the design. It is incredible.

You will be surprised to see the massive movements of small to big vessels. The port receives quite several luxury yachts, and cruise ships, apart from merchant navy vessels.

  • Arch of Trajan

Trajan was a Roman emperor.The arch itself was built during his reign,

This is an immaculate monument made of marble, and it is one of the important attractions in Ancona, a historic coastal Town in Italy.

It had withstood the vagaries of 19 centuries. Yes, it was built in 115 AD.

  • Lazzaretto of Ancona

This mammoth and creatively designed building is truly a pentagon. (I mean its shape).

Being one of the utmost attractions in Italy, the Lazzaretto is located on a manmade island, just off the Ancona harbor.

Three bridges were built over the years, connecting the island, and the Ancona town.

Incidentally, even the artificial island is also pentagonal.

It is truly one of the finest buildings, built in modern Italy.

There are many more attractive churches, buildings, and museums. If you are a fan of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture, you would spend even a week in Ancona.

  1. Torre Dell’Orso

Wake up! We are venturing into a luxury resort town in modern Italy. This coastal Town in Italy is part of the Puglia region, almost at the tip of southeast Italy.

From Ancona, Torre dell’Orso is 650 km down south.

The gateway to Torre dell’Orso is the city of Lecce. From here, our destination is only 26 km east, towards the coast of two seas namely the Adriatic Sea, and the Ionian Sea.

However, the resort is built on the Adriatic shore.

The backdrop of the beach is provided by a lovely pine forest.

The beach is crowded and looks beautiful. Did you notice the water is so clear, and the waves are swimmers’ friendly?

Puglia also known as Apulia, is a peninsula in Italy’s southern region.

This is the map of Italy, showing the Puglia region in red color.

You can reach Torre dell’Orso by bus or car from the city of Lecce.

  1. Santa Severa

This coastal Town in Italy is close to the country’s capital Rome. Santa Savera is sitting on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Due to its proximity to the Vatican, and quaint atmosphere, even, the Pope likes to have a holiday here.

Reaching Santa Savera from Rome.

Rome is the obvious gateway to Santa Savera. A train goes to this coastal town from Rome in just 40 minutes. The distance covered is 50 km.

This is the cheapest, and also the fastest, way to go to the destination facing the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Places of tourist interest in Santa Savera, the quiet little coastal Town in Italy.

  • Castle of Santa Savera

This magnificent structure catches everyone’s attention. It belongs to the bygone era of the erstwhile Roman regime. The 14th century is the exact period of construction.

It is built right on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • Day trips to Rome

You know very well, that Rome is quite expensive. In addition, you need a minimum of 10 days to see all of Rome, and the Vatican.

If you keep your headquarters in Santa Savera, you can make several day and evening trips to Rome to save money on accommodation and food.

The Santa Savera beach will take your breath away, and make you stick to your decision to stay here and go to Rome.

  1. Porto Cesareo

We again go to Puglia region in Italy. Porto Cesareo is only a commune that translates into a small coastal Town in Italy.

It is located on the southeast tip of Italy. Similar to Torre dell’Orso, Porto Cesario is considered a resort town, facing the Ionian Sea.

From Lecce, the provincial capital, Porto Cesario is only 26 km away.

As a coastal Town, this destination is quiet without the noise of boisterous tourists, thus making it an ideal beach escape spot.

The center of the town is where the tower of Cesario is located.

The beaches are sandy, and long. The water is clear and inviting swimmers, standup paddlers, and sport fishing enthusiasts.

The harbour is designed creatively to accommodate more number of boats, and ferries. I think, the design facilitates easy docking, and departing.

There are several pieces of floating lands known as islets. On one of them,

I saw a resort with attractive landscape. This resort is so scenic that it seems it can boast of 100% occupancy throughout the year.

Porto Cesareo on southeast Italy on the Ionian coast is a perfect coastal Town for holidaymakers.

  1. Camogli

What a great location for a beach holiday destination! Italy has such countless places of stunning beauty.

As I mentioned earlier, Italy is flanked by 4 great seas, and several more water bodies.

An obscure fishing village today, will transform into a bustling tourist coastal Town in Italy.

As a matter of fact, Camogi was also a tiny fishing village, on the coast of Ligurian Sea.

Location of Camogli:

One of the most visited coastal Towns in Italy, Camogli is 145 km north of Pisa.

If you look at the map of Italy, you can see Camogi is near the Gulf of Genoa, and also a romantic destination along the Italian Riviera.

Incidentally, Genova city itself is located only 26 km west of Camogli, right on the curve of the Gulf of Genova.

Hence, reaching Camogli coastal Town is easy from either Genova, or Pisa, or from Florence.

That’s Italy for you, the world’s most beautiful country with diverse geography.

The view is absolutely jaw dropping. Those living in thos house on a hill, overlooking the Gulf of Genova must be one of the most enviable people in the world.

I would say, the location of Camogli, beats Venice.

Attractions to see in Camogli.

  • San Fruttuoso Abbey

This abbey reminds me similar to the remote monasteries in Greece, and Bhutan.

I think its location between Portofino, and Camogli is accessible only by a boat.

Yes, there is no road access unless you call a wooded trail as a road. That trail, rather steep, leads you to the San Fruttuoso Abbey.

  • Christ of The Abyss

Its replica is now installed in the San Fruttuoso Abbey.

The original bronze statue sits safely on the sea floor. Scuba divers, and snorkelers are allowed to get into the sea to see and touch the holy Christ.

  • Dragonara Castle

Built for defensive purposes, the castle built right on the beach facing the Gulf of Genova is a big attraction.

Boat tours around the gulf will go near the castle.

  1. Lido

Lido is an island of Venice City. It is only 14 km away from Venice. The travel by boat to Lido Island takes just 15 minutes.


Lido is floating in a lagoon, a part of the Adriatic Sea.

The island is considered a summer escape destination. There are hotels to stay on the island.

Lido is a coastal Town; you can call it a beach resort right next to Venice but without the crowd of Venice.

Lido Island is equally expensive as its parent Venice. However, the beach is just too good to ignore when you are touring Venice.

The attractions include:

  • San Nicolo Monastery

Whoever constructed the monastery needs to be appreciated for having chosen one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

  • Bagni Alberoni Sri-it is a strange name for a beach. The ‘sri’ at the end of the name is inexplicable in an Italian name.
  • Pachul=ka Beach
  • Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta

This is a 700-meter-long street. It leads you into Lido Island from the lagoon where disembarked from your gondola from Venice.

It is the main shopping, and dining area on Lido Island.

  • Blue moon beach

Even if you don’t want to stay on Lido Island, please consider taking a day trip from Venice. I am sure, you will like it more than Venice with its stinking canals.

  1. Talamone

Please enlarge the image to appreciate the aerial view of Talamone, the wonderful coastal Town on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Reaching Talamone

Reaching Talamone is easy. It is located 160 km north of Rome. The train journey is anywhere between an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours, and fifteen minutes.

From Florence also, you can board a train to Talamone.

The whole town is situated on a promontory. You can visualize how scenic it will be, from anywhere in Talamone.

Generally, the Tusacany region is geographically beautiful.

Places to see in Talamone:

  • Maremma Nature Reserve
  • The medieval walls built for defence
  • The port

Talamone oozes tranquility. That’s why, many wealthy people of Florence have their holiday homes in Talamone.

Talamone is one of the biggest draws of beach buffs.

  • Grosetto-the breathtaking coastal city in Tuscany
  1. Cefalu

Cefalu is an underrated coastal Town in Italy. I think the indifference is justified because, after all, Cefalu is located in Sicily, one of the best islands in Italy, where the limelight on the islands is stolen by big cities that include Palermo, and Messina.

This Tyrrhenian Sea-surrounded island of Sicily is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for the Italians, and the French.

Cefalu is located closer to Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

Getting to Cefalu:

Getting to Sicily is easy as it is very well connected by flights, and ferries.

When you land in Palermo, you can immediately hire a taxi to Cefalu.

The driving distance is 70 km. Look at the route map below.

You will be driving all along the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea with several highway attractions, and observation platforms.

This coastal Town in Italy has its own share of attractions such as cathedrals, churches, pristine beaches, historical constructions, and viewpoints overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There is a piazza in Cefalu where you can spend several hours, just watching people.

How do you rate these ten beautiful coastal Towns in Italy? What is your top pick?


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