How attractive is Byron Bay, Australia?

by Jane Sophia
How attractive is Byron Bay, Australia

Isn’t the Byron Bay, in Australia, terribly alluring? This is obviously an aerial shot.

The advantage of shooting a picture from a drone or from a cliff is covering a large area. Even one photo is sufficient for us to get our wheels of our suitcase moving-eh?

Look at how just a bay, facing the horizon, can grow into a superb holiday destination!

Location of Byron Bay

You can locate our destination on the extreme top left of the map of Australia’s New South Wales state. It is located in the northeast of New South Wales.,

It is facing the Pacific Ocean. The nearest town is known as Byron Bay, just 3 km from the beach.

 Reaching Byron Bay:

All the major cities in Australia including, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Gold Coast, serve flights to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. From the airport, you drive up to the Pacific Ocean in about half an hour.

Gold Coast, a stunningly beautiful city by the Pacific Ocean, is the closest big city to Byron Bay.

The approximate 90 km distance can be covered by road trip in a little more than an hour.

Look blow at the distance of our subject destination from a few big Australian cities.

  • Canberra 1030 km
  • Brisbane 165 km
  • Sydney 765 km

So, reaching the destination is quite easy because of good connectivity by air, and road.

How many days you require to enjoy thus Australian coast?

I believe you need to allocate a full week, based on my research on its attractions, things to do, and the food front.

Connoisseurs are known to flock the restaurants lining the beaches.

Since the place is good to go throughout the year, you can consider splitting up your visit into a few weekends, provided you are living on the east coast of the land Kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas.Beach

How is the climate of Byron Bay?

I would say, the climate is one of the friendliest among coastal cities, and towns in the world.

Look at the average maximum temperature, even in summer. It is only 23.5 C

What is the best time of year to visit Byron Bay, in spite of its pleasant climate?

March, and April generally are least visited. I would include the months of October, and November too.

Lesser crowds mean, your hotel bill will not dent your wallet much.

Best Things to do in Byron Bay

  1. Visiting the beaches

As many as 23 beaches beg you to step on them. You can either have the satisfaction of going to all the beaches, or, just visit the most popular ones.

The top beaches to go and spend your evening are:

  • Main Beach
  • Tallow Beach
  • Clarkes Beach
  • Belongil Beach
  • Byron Beach
  • Wategos Beach

This is by far the most beautiful of its siblings. In addition, the tourists, and local visitors can indulge in several water-based adventure sports.

Wave surfing is actively pursued by the majority of people, including, grown up children.

  1. Ride on a Horse

Similar to many beaches around the world, horseback riding is available here too.

The domesticated horses are trained not to gallop, but go on a gentle walk.

  1. Wave Surfing

This holiday destination in northeast Australia is a perennial surfing hot spot. The waves can get really big at times.

  1. Walking trail

It is also called, “Cape Byron”. The main beach has an old lighthouse.

A 3.4 km walking trail along the beach, and past the lighthouse, is one of the things to do in Cape Byron.

The trail passes by an observation point called, “Cook Lookout”.

  1. Cape Byron Marine Park

I think this is a vantage photographic spot in Cape Byron Marine Park that is developed out of a mammoth 54k + acres!

Whale watching is the familiar pastime here. I suppose, scuba divers can report a diverse range of underwater creatures.

I think there is not much scope for snorkelers, as there are waves all through the day (night too).

Other prominent landmarks along the trail include the beautiful Watgos Beach, and Palm Valley.

  1. Skydive Adventure

This adventure is bot for all; only daredevils can experience this, once on a lifetime adventure.

You will be taken to the sky, and allow you to dive from 15,000 feet! You will fall freely (free fall) for up to one minute, before you open your parachute, and start gliding like an eagle with the bird’s eye view of the Pacific Ocean, and the Cape of Byron.


Even if you are an experienced parachuter, you will be bound with an instructor.

He will have the controls of the parachute.

Your free-fall adventure will be videographed so that you can prove your courage to your friends.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

This time, when you go up in the air, you will not fall down. You will be safely standing with the fellow riders in the hot air balloon.

For the next one hour, you will be pointed out at numerous tourist landmarks in and around Bay.

  1. Snorkelling

Snorkelers cannot be disappointed. There is an exclusive part of the beach known as Julian Rocks Nature Reserve.

The advantage for snorkelers and even for scuba diving beginners here is, the water lacks depth.

Shallow water is ideal for snorkelling. The rarest Leopard Sharks can be seen swimming friendly with Manta Rays, Dolphins, and Grey Nurse Sharks.

You should join an organized snorkelling tour on board a vessel called, “Out of the Blue”. Your entire snorkelling from start to finish will be of two hours duration.

The exact spot for diving in the water will be off two small, uninhabited islands, which are just 2.5 km from it.

  1. Aboriginal Encounter

Australia is known for exclusive settlements of aborigines, the native Aussies.

From the city, a tour of the Bundhalung aborigines is offered.

Such encounters with the natives will be interesting, and educative.

  1. Farmland, and Meadows

Byron Bay is not only famous for the sea, water sports, and seafood. You are encouraged to visit the verdant meadows off the mountains, and the farmers’ settlements.

The so-called hinterland is very picturesque, and pleasant.

Lush forests, and breathtaking waterfalls, show the tropical face of this coastal holiday destination.

The waterfalls you just watched are known as, “Minyan Falls”.

  1. Visit a Couple of Byron Bay Markets.

These markets are not just for shopping farm products, dress materials, handmade jewellery, and antiques.

It is a centre for fun. You can get your face, and arms painted. Children are lured to hop on to horsebacks for a ride around the sprawling market.

Taste farmers’ freshly baked breads, and pastries, buy fruit jams, and marmalades.

Byron Bay farmers’ and flea markets are excellent to visit with your family.

  1. Wildlife watching

Again, this wildlife safari is available as an organized and guided tour.

You will be taken to a rainforest, and a eucalyptus grove. There are some animals that live in these areas.

You can expect the Aussie favourites koala, and kangaroo. If you are lucky, you can spot the popular Australian budgies.

Other animals to watch out for include the wallaby, and dark bats.

  1. Paddling in Burnswick River

The river winds through some thick jungles filled with myriad birds, and reptiles.

You get on board and stand up. Use a long paddle to slowly surge forward, listening to the sound of water and the forest.

Pray for luck, and hope to spot some big birds that include Ospreys, and eagles.

At the end of your standup paddling stint, it is normal to feel like a Tarzan.

I think one week for Byron Bay is fully justified.


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