Five Natural Wonders to Explore Around Cairns, Australia

by Jane Sophia
Cairns, Australia

If you love to travel and to discover new places around the world, Cairns will certainly pique your interest. Situated in Australia, this destination routinely impresses tourists with its natural beauty and will certainly provide you with a memorable holiday experience. In order to truly experience what Cairns is most known for, check out our list of gorgeous natural sites to visit while there.

The Great Barrier Reef. Start with the most popular tourist attraction of them all – the Great Barrier Reef. This is considered as one of Australia’s greatest natural treasures, and once you get the glimpse of the 2,300 kilometers reef, you will easily understand why. You can opt for activities such as snorkeling cruises, or simply go on a scenic flight, which will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view.

Cairns Esplanade

Cairns Esplanade. Encompassing tropical parks and giving you the possibility to enjoy the most mesmerizing sunset, Cairns Esplanade is a must-see when you are visiting this area. With abundant birdlife and impressive scenery, you will certainly fall in love with this part of Cairns as soon as you arrive. Tourists usually choose to find a car rental in Cairns in order to easily reach this area in the most accessible way.

The Botanic Gardens. Boasting probably the biggest and most unique collection of tropical plants in all Australia, Cairns’ botanical gardens draw hundreds of tourists every day. Since it has been laid out in 1886, this botanical area has managed to become one of the most appealing attractions for tourists. You will be able to see more than four thousand plant species and discover interesting tropical habitats from all over the world, including rainforest and jungle plants. From the Botanic Gardens, you can rapidly stroll around the Rainforest Boardwalk as well.


Kuranda. Being easy to reach from Cairns, requiring a day trip by car, Kuranda is situated on Atherton Tableland’ hills and has a lush rainforest that provides the most amazing natural views. With waterfalls, ravines, and some great local markets, you will not have the chance to get bored when visiting Kuranda. Make sure to check the Rainforestation Nature Park as well as the birdworld and butterfly sanctuary while there.

Barron Falls. Found around the Cairns’ coastal plains, the Barron Falls will offer you a fascinating display of water falling across over 120 meters of rocks. To get the best view of the waterfalls, you will need to book a plane tour – this will also give you the chance to view the beautiful rainforest from above.

These are the first five natural wonders you certainly want to discover when first visiting Cairns, Australia. This location has many beautiful things to offer, but the ones mentioned above reach the top of the list. If you rent a vehicle to easily get around, you will definitely have the time to explore all of these areas in a single trip. So make the most out of our holiday and don’t miss out on the best of what Cairns has to offer!

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