3 Secluded Treehouse Lodges in Scotland

by Jane Sophia
Ackergill Tower treehouse

I was particularly eloquent on offbeat lodging places in Scotland where we had planned to a holiday but sadly, I could not find any support from my family members. By offbeat staying options, I meant overwater bungalows, open-to-sky tents, and treehouse. The last mentioned lodging option excited me beyond expression. I never stayed atop a tree and I want to experience it very badly. However, ‘NO’ came a firm reply from my spouse.

Actually, we have booked our flight tickets to Scotland and I researched and compiled a handful of Scottish treehouses that appealed to my aesthetics. As I don’t want to throw away my findings of those treehouses in Scotland, I thought I could blog about them so that some other adventurous travelers can use the information.

So, here they are, beautiful treehouses in Scotland.

  1. Treehouse, Ackergill Tower, Caithness, Scotland

How about staying on a 150-year-old sycamore tree? Are you scared to stay on top of such an old tree? Don’t you know the oldies support stronger than the youth?


It looks like a huge house indeed that comes with five-star luxuries. Yeah, it is pricey folks at £195 per night but I would say it is worth trying. I would recommend it to honeymoon couples as it can assure them the privacy that none other hotel room can offer. Oh, I hope the guests won’t mind a pair of eyes of an inquisitive bird occasionally. The treehouse at Ackergill Tower, Caithness, Scotland is the most appropriate romantic getaway.


Ackergill tower treehouse is said to be the largest in Europe. The amenities include a fairly large bed, bathroom, fridge, and microwave oven. From the deck of the treehouse, you get a 180-degree view.

How to get to Caithness?

Wick, Caithness is 4 and a half hours driving distance away from Edinburgh. There are flights from London to Inverness. The flying time is 90 minutes only. From Inverness airport, Caithness is reached by road in two hours.


  1. The Treehouse at Loch Goil, Argyll, Scotland

treehouse in scotland


This cute little treehouse at Argyl, Scotland looks quite lonely out there but that is exactly what a couple wants-right? Secluded and quiet are the qualities of a lodging house that true holiday-goers would look for.

This treehut is built on a tree on the shores of a waterbody with a backdrop of a hill; oh, what an idyllic setting!

How to reach Argyl

It is 200 km west of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. From London, you have to go by flight only. The flight duration will be less than two hours.

  1.  Craighead Tree Howf, Perthshire, Scotland.

Craighead Tree Howf, tree house


What you can see from this little treetop hut is the green Ochil Hills. This treelodge is all rustic beauty and located in a calm surrounding. The treehouse lodge is fitted with a king-size bed and a stove fueled by wood. The guests are surprised when they see neatly arranged kitchen needs that include pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery.

Other amenities of this treehouse in Scotland.

  • Firepit
  • Facility to do BBQ
  • Fridge (shared) ( I wonder who else shares it)

You have to shell out £175 per night that is inclusive of VAT. There is a not user-friendly condition; you have to stay a minimum of two nights. Not fair-eh?

There are a couple of more treehouse lodges in Scotland but I shortlisted these three.

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