5 Best Canopy Walk in Australia, All You Need to Know

by Jane Sophia
Canopy Walk in Australia, Tasmania

So, what exactly a canopy walk means?

I think the picture below gives you the full answer to your curiosity.

Kendeda Canopy Walk

How A Canopy Walk Came Into Being?

You walk through a forest, especially a green one that is thick and oddly humid instead of making you feel cool under the canopy. After all, the sunlight is shielded by the dense foliage.

As you walk through the trees, you spot beautiful birds darting across, attracting your attention with their sweet chirps. Your gaze follows them and sees where they peck their fruits and insects on the treetops. Definitely, You are delighted to see birds peeping out of holes in the trees. You even spot a bird’s nest on a tree branch, high above.

Canopy Walk in Australia 4

You wonder how a bird’s nest look alike and wonder if they house the bird’s eggs or live chicks. And if You wish you can walk above the trees and have an aerial view of the forest.

It’s some nature lover’s imagination that paved way for the canopy walk these days. They are part of eco-tourism.

An adventure sport is part of a country’s tourism. Tree-top walkways attract even children aside from scientists, ornithologists, and botanists.

The canopy walk evolved now into tree house where one can stay overnight comfortably and get up very early in the morning to watch the movements of a forest.

Canopy walk are in various countries and each one gives the pedestrian a different experience.

Some of the places in the world where you can literally walk from tree to tree without hopping like a monkey are:

  • Singapore
  • African countries like Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda
  • India
  • Costa Rica
  • Brunei

Let us walk over five exiting canopy walkways in various parts of Australia.

  • Canopy Walk: Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, Victoria, Australia

Victoria is an Aussie state and a big one with a large population.

I am sure tourists to Australia don’t venture into Otway Rainforest. I mean the majority of the tourists only who land either in Sydney or Melbourne, go sightseeing in a whirlwind fashion and return home to boast they have seen entire Australia.

They are certainly not aware what they missed by not going to Otway Fly and walk high above the giant trees on the Otway Fly Treetop Walk.

Aside from the canopy walk, there is also the famous Otway Fly Zip Line Tour in the majestic Otway Rainforest.

Otway Fly Canopy Walk in Victoria, Australia, enables you to walk for 600 meters on the elevated bridge. As you walk on the trees, there are viewing towers and suspended branches that offer literally a bird’s eye view of the forest.

Treetop canopy Walk

The Otway Fly is open for public from 9 am to 5.30 pm. However, don’t assume you can enjoy the canopy walk by reaching the Otway Fly by 5.15 pm imagining there is still fifteen minutes left. Since you require a minimum of an hour on the canopy walkway, the last entry to the Otway Fly tree-walk is at 4.30pm.

Since you are devoting an exclusive time to go to Otway Fly Rainforest, you can as well visit the nearby attractions that are:

  • Apollo Bay
  • Beech Forest
  • Triplet Falls Canopy Walk in Australia, Triplet Falls
  • Tanybryn Canopy Walk in Australia,Tanybryn
  • Donna Buang Rainforest Gallery
  • Live Wire Park

Location of the Otway Fly Rainforest.

It is 200 km from Melbourne and 70 km from Apollo Bay.

  • Canopy Walk: Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk, New South Wales, AustrCanopy Walk:alia

If you walk the full 500 meter on the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk, it gives you goosebumps. As you look down, the ground stares at you from 100 feet below.

There is a watchtower too that enables you to see the Tasman Sea. Looking at a sea from a tower is a thrilling experience anytime, especially when the sky opens up. A splendid time to spend on the Illawarra Fly canopy walk!

  • Mamu Tropical Skywalk, Queensland, Australia

The Mamu Tropical Skywalk is located 90 km from the city of Cairns near Innisfail town.

It’s a 350-meter canopy walk over the O’Reilly’s Rainforest in Lamington National Park, Queensland. The treetop walkway is at an elevation of about 50 feet from the ground. If your heart is not filled up with the tree walk, you can climb atop a watch tower and enjoy a bird’s eye view from 120 feet height.

  • Giants Canopy Walk, Western Australia


The Giants Canopy Walk is located near a town called Denmark Shire, near Walpole, in southern Western Australia.

If you are not familiar with the names of the above-mentioned location; how about Albany? It is 55 km away. The big city Perth is far off, at 420 km away.

The breathtaking tree walk is 600 meters long and is a part of the attractions in Walpole-Nornalup National Park that endowed with rich natural beauty such as tranquil forests, towering granite peaks, and a calm river.

Wheel-chaired people and babies on strollers allowed on the Giants Canopy Walkway, high above the red tingle forest.

The Giants Canopy Walk in Australia opens the gate at 9 am and sells the last ticket at 4.15 pm.

  •  Tahune AirWalk, Geeveston, Australia

 Australia _1

I like the phrase, “airwalk”. The nearest town to Tahune AirWalk is Geeveston, Tasmania and it is located at 29 km away. The well-known city Hobart is 62 km away.

The airwalk is on a steel suspended bridge above the trees of Tahune Forest situated on the banks of the Huon River that flows in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia.

The ground is 100 feet below the steely walkway. Visitors would point out at the lovely sight of the meeting of the two rivers-Huon and Picton. A confluence of two water bodies is fantastic to look at from a height.

The Tahune canopy walk is disabled-persons friendly. The time taken to walk on the 620 meters elevated and suspended bridge would be about an hour.

Take your children on a canopy walk; it is a big learning experience for them and to you too.

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