11 of World’s Cheapest International Holiday Destinations

by Jane Sophia
International Holiday Destinations Quito

Sightseeing now a days means traveling to an International Holiday Destinations. Exploring one’s own country during the school summer vacation is not in vogue anymore; it is a thing of the past. Children cannot face their friends again if they don’t boast about their visit abroad during the summer holidays. They somehow convince their parents to take them at least to the nearest country for vacation even if it means traveling not more than a few hours from their hometown.

This demand for international holiday destinations put the parents under immense financial pressure. So, they too have done their online research and come out with a list of international holiday places that are incredibly cheap to board and lodge.

Knowing such foreign destinations have started attracting low-budget family travelers, lodgings and bread & breakfast rooms and inns have come up in these affordable international holiday destinations.

Based on the research and compilation of the parents, here are the cheapest holiday destinations abroad that still make your holiday memorable and ‘boastable’ too.

Before I wrote this travel guide, I glanced through the list and found that the majority of the cheap foreign vacation places are located in Asia. This doesn’t mean Asian countries offer little for tourists. In fact, I would say the Asian countries offer breathtaking holiday destinations of diverse geographical landscapes that can be only ranked next to Europe or Africa.

In this list below, some countries feature more than once. India is one such example that beckons travelers promising affordable stay, local transportation, and food.

This lengthy list of cheap international holiday destinations offer:

  • Sunny beaches
  • Fantastic hill stations
  • World wonders
  • The most stunning waterfalls
  • A wide range of religious places of importance
  • Breathtaking train journeys
  • Deep Rainforests and dry, deciduous forests
  • An abundance of wildlife sanctuaries
  • Mouthwatering cheap street food

And more.

You name it and you get it without you worrying about the expenses.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Manila, Philippines

International Holiday Destinations Manila, PhilippinesThis Southeast Asian country may not be too popular among American tourists but the Asians love this enchanting country comprising of over 7000 islands and islets which alone can be said to attract island lovers and beach buffs.

Manila as the capital of Philippines is liked for its beachfront promenade and great seafood.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Vientiane, Laos

International Holiday Destinations Vientiane

A predominantly Buddhist country, Laos is an excellent and cheap holiday destination. Surprisingly, this little Asian country is a fine blend of Buddhist culture and French lifestyle. Even some of the buildings in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, portray French architecture.

Vientiane city is a beautiful international city with shady avenues, Buddhist temples and cheerful looking restaurants. If Bangkok is still beyond your budget (actually very cheap compared with many international holiday places), you can consider Vientiane as its alternative.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Quito, Ecuador

International Holiday Destinations Quito, EcuadorQuito is situated high up on the Andes. The elevation is 9350 feet! It must be the tallest capital in the world. Though the world famous Amazon Rainforest spreads into this South American country that attracts thousands of world tourists, surprisingly, it is affordable for you and me. If only you take your children to this cheap foreign country, they can become the center of attraction in their school and in your neighborhood.

Ecuador located on South America’s west coast is a breathtakingly attractive country that comprises of Amazon jungle, Galápagos Islands (famed of several endemic wildlife), Andean highlands, 16th-century churches that include elaborately ornate Compañia de Jesús Jesuit church.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Mumbai, India

International Holiday Destinations Mumbai, IndiaYes, I mean it, in spite of being the commercial capital of India. Mumbai is for all classes of people. The accommodation can be a little expensive but that is compensated by the low price of the street but tasty food and the local transportation facility provided by an elaborate network of railways, metros, buses, and three-wheelers called ‘auto’.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Belgrade, Serbia

International Holiday Destinations Belgrade, Serbia

Are you surprised to find a European country among the list of cheap holiday destinations? Most of the East European cities and town are affordable by a decent standard of living. This romantic European city attracts Europeans with:

  • The Beogradska Tvrđava, a majestic citadel at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers.
  • The river Danube, itself is a perennial tourist attraction
  • Buildings depicting the Byzantine period.
  • Kalemegdan, a lovely park.


  • International Holiday Destinations: Krakow, Poland

International Holiday Destinations Krakow, PolandPoland is another East European country and is suitable for budget-conscious international travelers. If you visit Poland, you will have leftover money with which you can go to nearby East European countries such as Serbia and Romania.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Hoi An, Vietnam

International Holiday Destinations Hoi An, VietnamI know you would be waiting to find Vietnam in this list of cheap international vacation places. The lodging is definitely affordable in hotels and hostels and the price of Vietnamese food is certainly cheap especially for the Americans who just cannot resist visiting Vietnam. You know why!

  • New Delhi, India

International Holiday Destinations New Delhi, IndiaThough it is the capital of India, New Delhi can be visited, stayed and toured by very low-budgeted international travelers especially from the neighboring countries of Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, and Korea. Even an American or European would say New Delhi is cheap for tourists.

  • International Holiday Destinations: Yangon, Burma

 Yangon, Burma

Ah, Burma! It is Myanmar now. A small country but still an international destination for most of the Asians too. The cost of touring Myanmar is affordable.

  • Sofia, Bulgaria

 Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It is a perfect romantic city because of the existence of mixed cultures such as Soviet, Greek, Roman, and Ottoman. These nations have occupied Bulgaria in the past.

  •  Colombo, Sri Lanka


Ah, this little gem of an island in the Indian Ocean is a very tourist-friendly nation. It toured by the people from cold countries because of a tropical sunny climate. In Sri Lanka, practically just everything is cheap.

Citizens living in these countries can visit the countries listed here with their families. Once they return from their holidays, they can leave their vote for their country of visit as one of the cheapest international holiday destinations in the world.

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