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Manila Travel Guide: How to Do Manila in Two Days

Written by Jane Sophia

Manila, Pearl of the Orient. All you can do in two days.

Every traveler has a fetish to travel to such a place which is a bit unconventional. To be frank, there are many such places in the heart of our universe which are accessible very easily, but still are very less visited places. Manila is among those places which is a place so beautiful, that it is worth visiting at least once either with family and friends or for a solo trip. This travel guide will help you know the place in a better way.

Probably the largest out of around seven thousand or more islands that make Philippines, Manila is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is the reason why it is also known as the pearl of the Orient.

There are certain places in Philippines which are a must visit and you need to be there when you are in the capital of Philippines.


Things you can do in Manila:

Manila is one of the busiest places in Philippines. It has a diversified population and culture. Here, you get the Spanish feel in the whole architecture of the city. Starting from carriages to modern architecture and amazing night life, you will find everything in this city.


Travel Guide When in Manila:

  • Intarmuros: This is one of the most important historical sites preserved in Manila and is a must visit for all the tourists. It depicts the history of Philippines. From here, you can go to the Rizal Park.
  • Fort Santiago: This, basically forming a guard to the entrance of the Pasig River, is a citadel which was built years ago and is an excellent example of Spanish architecture. Inside the fort you will find the Rizal Shrine where the national hero Rizal was incarcerated.
  • San Agustin’s Church: the reason why this church is popular because it was the only construction that was left after the obliteration of Intramuros in WWII. It is the primogenital church in Philippines with beautiful architecture to be witnessed carefully.


Apart from these, you can go to places like the National Museum of Philippines, Rizal Park, BahayTsinoy to know more about the history of Philippines. You can visit the Manila Ocean Park if you want to go for a simple family outing. Many youngsters are really excited to know about the night life in Manila. Well, let me tell you more about this city has a very vibrant night life and you will find a lot of pubs and bars where you can go out chilling with your friends.


You might often hear people saying that Manila is very crowded and polluted and is not an apt place to visit. Let me tell you, it has a lot to offer to its travelers. From watching the sunset over the Manila bay to visiting an active volcano, from trying the Filipino cuisine to discovering five hundred year old artwork and artefacts, Manila is perfect for people of every age and tourists with any budget. So next time you plan to visit Philippines, do take a trip to Manila for a day or two and experience a trip worth remembering all your life.

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