Colombia Travel Guide: World Happiest Country

by Jane Sophia

Situated in the northern tip of South America, blessed with the unspoiled Caribbean Coast, home to the Amazon Forest and crowned by the Andes Mountains, Colombia is often referred to us as the happiest country in the world. This is probably the reason that many people travel to Colombia to find out the reason of their happiness. They do discover why people in Colombia are filled with such a positive feeling for their country. Let us look at the reasons why Colombia has been declared as the happiest country in the world.


Stay in heaven! Feel like Heaven!

Who would not be happy to stay in a place surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other! You can explore the amazon forests up to the Andes. Feel the rain in the dense jungles and snow fight in the highest snowy peak of the country, walk through the grasslands and trek through the desert at the same time. This makes way for an incredible weather in the whole country. The experience a tropical climate more or less everywhere which keeps its people happy.


Everyone is up for a cup of coffee!

Everyone knows how amazing Colombian coffee is. Freshly ground coffee is pretty popular and is a must-try if you travel to Colombia. To go with it, you have the finger-licking Colombian cuisine, with beans, rice, figs, and puddings, which together is the definition of happiness.

Colombia Holidays are holidays for real:

Every Sunday or national holiday spent very religiously doing all fun stuff like cycling, playing, walking, running and so on. The streets become playgrounds, the roads become cycling routes and people are busy having fun all day long.


Good Looks? Good looks!

This place has one of the best-looking crowds ever. Be it, men or women, even ordinary people can make you turn your heads or collide with objects when they walk on the roads. They are beautiful, charming, and well behaved. You will find a very friendly approach to everyone who travels to Colombia.


Take it easy…

One good thing about Colombians is that they believe in working as well as enjoying their lives. To avoid becoming machines, they probably have the world’s second-largest number of vacations in a year. They love traveling, spending time with family, or watching football for that reason. Well, not to forget, they are crazy about Football or futbol as they call it. They are never behind to cheer for their country and are proud to be a part of it.


Colombia Festive mood!

These people have a diverse country with a diverse culture, which they happily celebrate. This is probably one of the reasons why Colombia has lots of festivals all over the year. Be it the salsa festival, flower parade or the world’s biggest carnival or theater festival, they organize all of them and participate in each one.

Therefore, if you really want to experience such happiness, though, for a few days, you can visit Colombia.

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