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8 Incredibly Scenic Places in UK to Visit

by Jane Sophia
Scenic Places in UK

For the Asians and Africans, the U.K. means London and London only. They may possess a bit of geographical knowledge about the entire United Kingdom and neighboring Ireland but when it comes to choosing holiday destinations, they don’t delve much beyond London. The reason for the unpopularity of other beautiful and incredibly scenic places in UK to see is their unpopularity only; what else?

All the big and well-known travel bloggers also barely expose the scintillating vacation destinations spread over the U.K.

Well, I am not a big travel blogger but in this blog post, I will cover the most scenic and gorgeous places to see in various parts of the U.K.

You will find dramatic landscapes unfurling before you, very attractive and very green hilly terrain, calm beaches, hidden but beautiful waterfalls, sprawling blue lakes, acres and acres of agricultural lands, the serene countryside of Britain, lovely forests, tall cliffs, and many more picture perfect scenic hiking trails.

Here The Great List of 8 Incredibly Scenic Places in UK:

1. Coombe Valley, Cornwall

Scenic Places in UK-Coombe Valley

It’s English written all over the place-eh? The roadside barn amidst meadows all around is what you can expect to see in Coombe Valley, Cornwall, U.K.

Have you ever gone beyond London, especially to the south of Great Britain? It is where the Cornwall County is, the scenic county in England.

Cornwall is full of great beaches, which are incredibly scenic places in UK with quaint quayside villages, and tall cliffs overlooking the sea, wildlife sanctuaries, and exciting walking trails.

2. North Downs Way, Surrey and Kent

The beautiful walking trail running to 250 km plus is a favorite among compulsive hikers and walkers’ club. Though I wonder whether anyone takes the pain to walk the entire 250 km, I trust at least 25% of the distance is covered by the majority of the hikers.

This scenic hiking trail begins from Farnham in Surrey to Dover in Kent.

Some of the famous trails include:

  • ‘Pilgrim’s way’-reaching up to the temple of Thomas Becket located at Canterbury in Kent.

Scenic Places in UK Pilgrims way

  • Stour Valley trail- giving company to the hikers is the Stour River.

3. Scenic Places in UK: Norfolk Coast, Norfolk

Scenic Places in UK Norfolk

Norfolk coast beaches are incredibly scenic places in UK. Lovely sight of the Norfolk Coast with beautiful beaches that are less crowded. I used to wonder why the Englanders look for beaches in other parts of the world when they have beaches that evince envy from others.

The Norfolk coast attracts migratory birds during winter. If they seek greener and warmer pastures to reach England in colder months, I dread to think of their starting point. Surely, they should come from the Arctic region.

Some of the migratory birds that you can spot in Norfolk Coast are:

  • Pink-footed geese

Pink-footed geese

  • Northern Lapwing

Northern Lapwing(beautiful)

  • Spotted Woodpecker
  • Avocet

Avocet(Look at its unique beak, long, sharp and curved upwards)

4. Cairngorms Mountains, Scotland

Cairngorms Mountains

The Cairngorms Mountain ranges are incredibly scenic places in UK as popular holiday destination for the snowy mountains and the silence beyond imagination.

We all know that generally, the Englanders don’t like cold weather much. However, there must be exceptions.

Cairngorms Mountains in Scotland is the most favored winter getaways in England.

These incredibly scenic places in UK are also great place for bird watching. Just look below as a sample and you will want to know more.

marbled bird

That marbled bird looks like a member of a pigeon family to ignorant people. The cute bird is called ‘Rock Ptarmigan’. Ah, typical English name but odd for a bird.

I guess you want to know more birds that show up in the Cairngorms Mountains. I oblige you.

  • Curlew

Curlew  (OMG! What a lengthy beak! I wonder how it sleeps.)

  • Red Grouse

Red Grouse

5. Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall

Scenic Places in UK Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall

The 240 feet waterfall’s name is Welsh and hence the difficulty in pronouncing on your own without the help of Wikipedia.

This plunge type waterfall is located about 20 km from Oswestry, a Welsh town with a relaxed atmosphere, which is one of the incredibly scenic places in UK.

6. Scenic Places in UK: John Muir Way, Scotland

Scenic Places in UK John Muir Way

England’s one of the most frequented hiking trails, it is a pretty long one running to 200+ km coast to coast in Scotland. Bicycle buffs also use this scenic trail but only up to a certain distance. They don’t cover all the 200+ km.

It might look a smooth terrain from the picture but actually, as you walk through, there are rugged roads that are not suitable for cycling.

7. Scenic Places in UK: Windermere, Lake District

Windermere Scenic Places in UK

Located in a place that is ideally named Lake District, the 19 km long Windermere Lake is a naturally formed lake some 13k years ago. The mountainous backdrop adds a bit of dreamy atmosphere to the Windermere Lake. The lake was fed by melted glaciers.

Spending quality time leisure on the scenic lake’s banks is very refreshing. Alternatively, you can enjoy a maximum of three hours cruise on the lake on a semi-luxury ferry.

8. London Eye Ferris Wheel

This is an experience that cannot be neglected at any cost when you are in London. If you want to capture the city’s beauty during the night, you must take a ride on this Ferris Wheel, wait for your glass-capsule to go to the top at a height of 135 meters. You will gasp audibly when you see London from a 360-degree angle and that too a bird’s-eye view.

You must be already visualizing the experience-eh?

I know this cannot be classified as one of the incredibly scenic places in UK but I just could not resist the temptation to cover it in this article.

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