7 Scenic Tea Estates in Assam in 2020

by Jane Sophia
scenic tea estates in Assam

Visit the most scenic tea estates in Assam as a virtual tourist through this well-visited travel blog.

Tea tourism as foreseen is catching up fast among Indian tourists who thus far were indifferent to this charming segment of a holiday. I trust India is one of the best countries in the world for tea tourism as tea is meticulously cultivated in several states of India.

Advantages of visiting Tea Estates in Assam

  • Visiting tea gardens can be pleasing to the eyes.
  • Interacting with the actual workers of tea gardens can be an interesting experience.
  • You can opt to stay in the guesthouse of the tea estate you are visiting and enjoy scenic views and excellent home-cooked food.
  • Taste tea as and when they are manufactured
  • Buy pure and high-quality Indian tea right from the tea manufacturers.

Tea estates in Assam


Unlike other tea farms in India that are located on the cool hilly areas of the Himalayas and the Western Ghats, tea gardens are located on the plains too in Assam apart from the hills surrounding the northeastern state of India.

Some of the tea estates in Assam are the first tea gardens of India established during the British Raj.

The wildlife of Assam throws a different picture. It will be refreshing to see the wild one-horned rhinos in their won habitat.

Now, let us name a few of the scenic tea estates in Assam, India. Tea farms are located in various districts of Assam that include:








Karbi range of mountains



  • Ghograjan Tea Estate One of the Scenic Tea Estates in Assam

Women plucking tea leaves

Ghograjan tea estate is located in a picturesque location, on the shores of Gharga River, in Dibrugarh, Assam.

It is a fairly large tea farm in Assam spreading across nearly 350 acres and its branded CTC tea leaves have established a reputation of high-quality Assam Tea. Ghograjan Tea Farm has been cultivating and manufacturing tea since 1930.

  • Manohari Tea Estate One of the Beautiful Tea Estates in Assam

Please note that the entire area of a tea estate may not be planted with tea but may comprise trees of high wood value.

Of Manohari tea farm’s 1800 odd acres, only about 1000 acres are cultivated with tea. As mentioned before, most of the tea estates in India were founded by the Britishers during their reign in India.

Manohari tea estate is located in Assam’s Dibrugarh district. It produces and markets an expensive tea variety and I believe it is mostly exported.

  • Harmutti Tea Estates, Scenic Tea Estates in Assam

This Assam tea estate has been in existence since 1870. That makes its age approximately 150 years!

Any tea manufacturer who has been in the tea plantation and tea processing business for such a long time, must have earned quite a reputation without which he could not survive this long-eh?

Harmutti Tea Farm is located in Lakhimpur, on the banks of Dikrong river. Another Indian state Arunachal Pradesh is bordering this tea estate in Assam.

River Subansiri is also contributing towards the fertility of Harmutti tea estate in Assam.

If you happen to visit this Assam tea estate, you can also go to the Bordoibam Bilmukh bird sanctuary nearby. The distance between the two is only 55 km. You can spot eagles and Adjutant Storks that are home to the cold Siberia.

Other avifauna of this bird sanctuary in Assam are:

  • Black-headed Gull
  • Bronze-winged Jacana
  • Indian river tern

Harmutti Tea Estates in Assam itself is set up in a very green, picturesque location with two rivers and several lakes surrounding the area.

  • Nanoi Tea Estates, Assam

This tea estate in Assam probably has the most scenic location of Karbi range of hills, in Nagaon, Assam. Situated at a height of about 750 meters, the Nanoi tea estate too was founded during the British rule of India.

  • Mangalam Tea Estate, Assam

You might have heard about a famous brand of tea in India. It is Jay Shree Tea. This Assam tea is manufactured at the Mangalam Tea Gardens located in Sibsagar, Assam.

  • Teloijan Tea Estate Assam

This Assam tea estate is located in Dibrugarh district, where many tea farms are seen.

  • Halmari tea estate, Assam

7 Scenic Tea Estates in AssamThis Tea Estates in Assam is another tea farm that is located in Dibrugarh, district, Assam. All the brands of tea that are cultivated in Dibrugarh are the finest of Assamese tea and they are largely exported.

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Interesting information. I had seen tea estate near Manas National Park, beyond Barpeta town. I don’t know if it is included by a different name here. May not be as scenic.


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