Best Reason to Travel Alone

by Jane Sophia
Travel Alone

Create a memorable trip for yourself, try going solo

Solo travel is truly a wonderful experience but, few ever get to experience it as they think it might be lonely. The lucky few who have experienced this would gladly say that they have the best of a company in themselves when traveling solo. Perhaps, there are a lucky few who even discover new aspects about themselves they have never known so far. Once you get the hang of things solo travel is always more rewarding and carries tons of excitement with it. Either way you get to enjoy and not have to worry about another person’s likes and dislikes accompanying you if you opt to travel alone.

Increasing travel alone programs

This is no passing fancy and is a trend that has caught on strongly all over the world. In fact, there are a number of travel houses that have created programs catering to people who travel alone and consider it an important part of their flourishing travel trade. For some, the thought might be a little daunting, but take courage and you’ll see a lot of merit in it.

After all, the majority of us don’t have tons of cash and we do have dreams of traveling far on a budget. When faced with limited money traveling alone is a great idea where you can maximize the mileage on every piece of currency you have.

Only think about yourself, Travel Alone

Think of the bucket lists you have the places you wanted to travel right from the beginning but something holds us back for we have no one to share those dreams with.

Everyone has their individual travel interests, budget, schedules, and waiting for the right person to join in on the trip either for gourmet dining in Lyon, or to the Niagara Falls is a waste. When you travel alone, all you have to think about is what you want, the places you wish to travel, the different cuisines you want to try, and the crazy activities you want to indulge in. It’s all about you.

There’s no one to stop you

If you have the experience of touring with a group you’ll probably recognize the hassle of picking the dates. That’s not all! What does everyone else want to do? Who will plan the itinerary? What are the cuisines they will try? Do I have to share my room? When you are traveling with a group you will spend half your energy only on thinking about everybody else’s preferences.

Group traveling means you can’t be selfish enough to think only about your likes and dislikes. Travel alone and have the most liberating experience of your life. Indulge in whatever brings you happiness; eat your heart out, sleep all day if you want to. After all, there’s nobody else to stop you from doing what you want to.

Only thing that most people fear solo traveling is that they might feel lonely. Yes, you might sometimes, but not if you make the right choices. Go to a bar and interact with people, or dine in the small street shops where you’ll find ample people who would be interested to converse.

Go Solo! Travel Alone!

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