Everything You Need to Know How to Use Smartphone While Traveling

by Jane Sophia
Traveling wit smartphone

Travel smart- and know how to handle Smartphone issues deftly

Anyone and everyone who is in the habit of traveling frequently will be well versed with the hassle of using smartphones on tours. The minute you cross the border of your country and head overseas with your Smartphone you’ll face conflicting advice, expensive roaming agreements, nonworking gear, and technical jargon.

Discussing iPhone unlock codes and GSM frequency bands with a cell phone vendor in a filthy Cambodian town isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. Reaching the hip Hawaiian Islands and spending hours on end looking for a suitable mobile operator isn’t exactly what you planned your vacation for.

Traveling with compatible devices

Whenever we travel to a new destination in a new country we want our phones to work properly. There are a few ways in which you can get your Smartphone working while you are on the road. Only a few simple tips can save you from spending a lot of time, money and most importantly frustration.

Before anything else, you need to ensure that your mobile device will physically work. Different cell companies and countries use different frequencies and technologies. Your mobile device needs to be compatible with both to work properly.

GSM is used throughout the world, whereas the CDMA network is less common. Sprint and Verizon are amongst the few places in the US that support CDMA.

If you are a CDMA user it’s highly unlikely that your phone will work internationally. GSM users there’s no need to sprint happily, for you still have to check if your phone is compatible with the frequencies in the destinations you are visiting. For sending or receiving texts, calls and functional 3G data look in the specifications for ‘quad-band’. This specifications page will give you all the details about the frequencies.

There’s no need to worry for most phones manufactured these days, work in 80% of the countries around the world.

Avoid taking roaming services

If you’re considering roaming to be your safest option while traveling you will be disappointed to know that you’re wrong. For cellular plans in internationally costs much higher and you will have to pay 10X the rate while using data, sending a text or making a phone call.

Though not every company robs its customers, it is not unusual to return from a short international trip after receiving a bill of a few thousand dollars. Yes, that’s how most companies gouge their customers while they are traveling in new countries.

How about you don’t fall for these traps? Wi-Fi is available all over the world, and most accommodations have free Wi-Fi network for their guests. Replace texting with Whatsapp and instead of making normal calls use Google Voice or Skype.

Instead of going for roaming services on your present Smartphone, rent a phone. You can rent phones easily at airports and it’s the best option if your mobile device is not compatible with the technology or frequencies. Even if you are going to a specific country for a long trip, renting is a better option than buying a new cell phone.

Visiting a new country obviously puts a few hurdles in the way if you want your phone to work, not if you follow these simple tips.

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