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Best Hotel Rewards Program to Save Money

by Jane Sophia
Best Hotel Rewards Program to Save Money

Hotel rewards are not new to us. We know there is always a loyalty that we earn when we stay in a hotel during holidays but we somehow don’t claim them to save substantial money.

The reason behind this is we don’t stay in the same hotel chain spread across various countries. Every time we plan our travel, the first thing after booking cheap flight tickets is we search for hotels based on:

  • Our budget
  • Facilities and amenities that the hotel offers
  • Location (near to all the famous sightseeing places, or a metro station, or near an airport or railway station)

I admit it is the correct way to plan our accommodation but at the same time, if we look to redeem the hotel rewards that we earned during our previous vacation, we may save quite a sum. In addition, we get to stay in a hotel that provided amenities like last time.

What are all the types of  hotel rewards that a hotel chain offers?

The loyalty varies and so too the points we earn. As a matter of fact, the loyalty points increase with every stay in the same hotel group. This is similar to flying miles given to us by flying with the same airline.

The hotel rewards program may include:

  • Accommodation price discount
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Extra free night
  • Free stay for children
  • During Stay,  Free champagne bottle as a farewell gift
  • Free airport or railway station transfer
  • Discounts in car rentals
  • Discounts in gym and spa facilities

Here is a list of hotels that are known to offer alluring rewards for being loyal customers.

  1. Radisson Hotel

Radisson hotel group requires no introduction to frequent travelers and habitual holidaymakers. We only do not know in how many cities their hotels are located.

The Radisson has a presence in more than 1000 cities in the world that include even Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

Radisson hotels rewards may also apply to earning flying miles and by eating in restaurants that they have tie-up with apartment eating in the hotel’s premises.

You may stay in a friend’s place or even in other hotels that cost much less but you still can earn loyalty points by eating in their restaurants.

Well, isn’t it a great hotel reward?

  1. Hyatt Hotels

It also has a presence in all the major cities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. I know there is a Hyatt in Chennai too.

Apart from their own hotels, they have partnerships with some other hotels. Overall, in 1000 properties in the world, you can stay and earn membership rewards with which you can redeem for cash as well as in kind.

When you book your hotel room online, you may choose something that you can afford but once you check-in and pay, you may get a free upgrade to a better room or can opt to stay one more night free of cost because of your loyalty to them. Please note that you would have redeemed a part of your rewards points earned.

  1. Hilton Hotels rewards program

Hilton Hotel is one of the finest chains of hotels in the world. It is the choice of celebrities and corporate clubs.

In addition to their own premises at various places, they have partnered with various brands of hotels, clubs, and resorts. These tied-up hospitalities deliver all the luxuries and amenities that an original Hilton hotel provides.

This is a smart way to build brand awareness by both the Hilton and its associates. Moreover, it helps the Hilton Hotel chain to widely increase its network.

As loyal customers, we also stand to gain immensely by earning loyalty points and redeeming them for cash savings and using additional amenities.

  1. Wyndham Hotels

They have a widespread presence in all the continents except Australia. With an agreement with Days Inn and Ramada hotel chain, they are able to offer loyalty points to its customer in as many as 9000 outlets across the world.

You must remember to keep track of hotel rewards earned and redeem them before the expiry date. Yes, all the hotel rewards, airlines miles have a deadline to use.

These popular hotel brands have entered into partnerships with VISA and MASTER cards. If you buy one of such cards, every time you use the card to buy anything online or offline, you are rewarded loyalty points.

Such types of tie-ups also exist with the world’s famous airlines that operate flights to a high number of destinations.

Regular holidaymakers and business travelers earn the highest number of hotel rewards and loyalty points.


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